Everyone Goofs even Smart Business Owners




Did you watch the Academy Awards a few nights ago? Everyone is talking about how unfortunate it was to have announced the wrong winner for the Best Picture. It was unfortunate, but certainly not devastating, because everyone goofs sometime.

Of course, no one wants to wear egg on their face in public but I think it is a sign of transparency and just being human when we make a mistake, own up to it, and ask forgiveness if it has offended anyone. In fact, I tend to trust people who are not perfect more than those who pretend to be. WHY?


I work with many new entrepreneurs who are terrified of putting themselves out there because they are so concerned what they have to offer may not be perfect. I say, “Be brave and ship the stuff you have. It should be good quality but it doesn’t have to be perfect.”

Your goal is not to be perfect but rather to be the best you know how to be.

Things will always fluctuate. Some things that worked at one point may have become stagnant or ineffective.There will always be something new that causes us to want to tweak our ideas and that’s a good thing. It means you and I are always on our toes trying to create the best experiences we can for our customers.

I know my customers don’t expect me to be perfect ( and if they do, they probably should not be my customers). I am just like everyone else. I can goof at times too. Recently, I developed a set of audio modules from a live program I did back in November called FIX IT…FIRST AID FOR A STRUGGLING BUSINESS. I offered those modules and handouts from the actual program on my last blog post. THEN…I goofed.

Somehow, the cost did not go through my shopping cart correctly and as a result there was no way for the buyers to get the downloaded product even though they were told they had purchased it. Did I have some frustrated customers? Yes!  Did I goof…well, something somewhere that I am ultimately responsible for did and so Yes!

I apologized to any customers, gave them a bigger discount on their purchase and fixed the details. Now there is a safe, secure checkout experience up and running again.

I did not intentionally cause the goof but I goofed and the world did not end.

So it is with everyone whether owning a business, being a parent, doing life with anyone. We are human.

Mistakes happen. Here are:


  1. You agonize over every detail of your goal but never seem to achieve it.
  2. You want everyone’s permission before you do what you want to do
  3. Waiting for the perfect time has become your mantra
  4. You talk more than you act about your ideas
  5. You play out the worst that can happen in your mind every time you reach an impasse.

Are you a business owner, especially one in a service(non product) business and not getting the clients you need or making the income you want to be making? Do you feel like there’s something wrong in your business or that you goofed up somewhere? Are you stuck wondering why things aren’t working?


THE COST WILL NEVER BE THIS LOW AGAIN…my treat because I goofed.

Everyone Goofs, but not everyone sees it as a fatal mistake.

Smart people FIX IT and move on.

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