The Encorepreneur is the New Black

Are you an Encorepreneur? Don’t know what an Encorepreneur is or does?

Well, I like to think of Encorepreneurs as individuals who have earned an income in a career or profession for a good part of their lives but are looking to grow an income stream as a business owner, doing something they love.

Many of my clients are Encorepreneurs.

They are in their early 40’s through mid to late 60’s and they have had it with many things.

They have had it with corporations and red tape.

They have had it with redundant paperwork and poor upper management.

They are done taking orders from people who are much less experienced than they are.

They are through sacrificing their time and energy to help someone else grow wealthy.

Some of the Encorepreneurs I coach wanted to earn money on the side or full time.

Some are just discovering passions and skills they can turn into real income.

Some have left the workforce and need or want to return.

Some just want to have another income to rely on when they do retire.

And…Some are looking to finally do what they love with the rest of their life.

Encorepreneurs are saavy, smart, resilient and intuitive.

They have been around the block enough to know there is not a magic bullet to guarantee their next step in life, but they also know where they need help, what they need to have in place and what they still need to learn to build that income stream.

But, it’s easy to feel intimidated, overwhelmed and worried about how to strike out on your own after you have depended on someone handing you a paycheck for so long.

And change is difficult, especially when you are older and feel more secure with routine and predictability.

It’s one thing if you are looking to create a second stream of income just to have some “extras” in your life.

It’s an entirely different story if you are trying to replace your current salary with one doing something you love to do.

I get that it seems scary and there is often a big gap between wanting to try something new and actually taking the steps to do it.

Most people worry they will lose money, not be able to hold down a job and work their side hustle, don’t have time or energy to begin or won’t have the support they need to try to reinvent themselves.

But, once they realize how easily they can capitalize on passions, those fears evaporate and are replaced with renewed energy, ambitious goals and a clarity about what they already have in their arsenal to be successful and enjoy that second half of their life.

Do you know that

Baby boomers are the first generation who routinely change careers after 50.

More people over 50 are starting businesses in the second half of their lives than choosing to work as an employee.

The number of self employed people over 65 and over has doubled in the past 5 years.

You have spent a long time working for “the man”, isn’t it about time you worked for you?

Becoming an Encorepreneur gives you freedom, peace of mind and security remaining in a workforce never will.

If you have a career but want to start “something on the side” to grow income, if you are retired but want or need to earn income, if you are finally ready to be your own boss or even if you just want to turn your hobby or side hustle into something more, you are in excellent company.

The future for Encorepreneurs is promising and most definitely the “New Black”.

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