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Okay so you have a JOB and you go there to just pay the bills and maybe have a bit of spending money on the side. You don’t love your JOB and spend most of your time away from it thinking about what you would really love to do to earn a living, but you continually dismiss those thoughts because, well because, you already have a JOB and it’s just too hard to imagine how to start your dream on the side.

Sound familiar? But what it I told you that EVERYDAY hundreds of new entrepreneurs are planning their escape on the side of their JOB.

Now there is nothing wrong in going to a JOB that is not your passion if you are content to be in that position. But it you have another idea about how you want to earn your living, stop making excuses and realize almost every entrepreneur started much the same. Kerry Hannon started her own business while working full time in house for an employer. Best seller writer, Jon Acuff wrote a book about his own experiences working full time while working on his dream position. Bernie Marcus and Author Blank were working for Handy Dan, a home improvement chain and were fired but not in vain, as they took their own business ideas and developed a better product, now known as Home Depot.

Is it hard to work on a career when you’re working for someone else? Absolutely!  Is it time consuming and sleep depriving? Most definitely! Is it a path often replete with obstacles and unexpected twists and turns? You bet!  Is it worth it? You don’t see many entrepreneurs sitting at their businesses wishing they were back working for someone else’s dream do you?

Dream Job

Dream Job (Photo credit: WikipediIa)

There are some major self disciplinary actions you must be able to take to build your career a´la carte. Here are some suggestions for making sure you don’t compromise your DAY JOB while working on your DREAM JOB.

1. When you are on your employers clock, then you work for them. This means you give it your all and don’t cut corners for the man who is helping put money in your pocket to build your dream job.

2. Give up the non-essentials that keep you from working on your dream job on your time so you are well rested for your JOB. This may mean cutting out TV, Hobbies, and even you Social Life so you can launch your dream career without being too tired for your JOB.

3. Don’t bad mouth your JOB or the people who want to work there. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. Even if it is not the ideal place to work, learn from it. Observe what you will do differently with your company and focus on that. So maybe your boss did not have the skills needed to be a great entrepreneur, that’s no reason to bash them.

4. Treat your employer’s company with the same respect you would want your company treated. You STILL work for them, which means you need to show up on time, do your job as though it is the only thing you have to do (because it IS when you are there) and treat the customers with dignity giving them your best. There’s no reason to sabotage your character while someone is paying you to do a JOB.

5. Know when it is time to leave and leave with dignity. You may hate your JOB, dislike the company values and feel like the work is below you or unimportant, but it pays your bills so you can move on and it allows you to eat so you can someday feast. Be the type of employee that leaves the job a better place even if it’s not yours, because…

You will be working frantically in your ‘free’ time to build your dreams and begin the business you want to start and someday you might have people working for you who wish they could do the same. While they are your employees wouldn’t you want them to be loyal, respectful and good workers?  What goes around DOES come around.

If you need to stay at your JOB to build your business you are in a vast pool of many others who have to do what they have to do until they are ready to go out on their own.

It might seem like it will take forever to jump ship, but in reality everyday is a bit closer to the one when you hand in your resignation.

 Ask anyone who has done both.

If you work at your DREAM JOB just 1 hour a day, in a week you will have put in nearly an entire working day working on your dreams.

NOW, who says you can’t have a DREAM JOB and work on your DAY JOB? …maybe only you!

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