You Didn’t Major in Mediocrity

Ever look at those bright eyed, “I’m off to change the world” graduates and think, “Yeah, right!”

Truth is, most people have an expectation for their lives they expect to grow into.

Think back on your own experiences.What did you want to do or start or be part of?

What movement could you picture yourself being a leader in? What terrible crisis did you want to fix or unjustice did you want to resolve?

We tend to start out with big plans and then life gets in the way.

Instead of living life larger as we age, we become more passive players with narrow dreams.

Sometimes we evern use our age as an excuse for why we never really achieved those “off to change the world” goals.

But, you didn’t major in mediocrity. You didn’t set your standards below everyone’s expectations and I bet you never planned to achieve less than you wanted.

In fact, I bet you have already reached many goals you never even dreamed of. Many people do.

But you know you didn’t ever invite mediocrity into your life. It kind of seeped into the corners when you got busy.Somewhere in your soul there is still so much you want to accomplish but now you wonder if you even have what it takes to make a dent in “changing the world.”

You might be dissatisfied,thinking you could always do so much more in your life. Sometimes you beat yourself up wondering why others seem to rise to an incredible level of production, while you barely rise to get to your daily work.

Maybe you are frustrated with that “oh well, what can I do attitude” but think you have no other choice but to accept it

Yet, you wonder if you’ve accepted mediocrity as your standard.


Here are 5 ways to determine if you have settled for living a mediocre life and not one you really embrace:

  1. You have something you are passionate about but have made every excuse about why you shouldn’t pursue it.
  2. You have stopped spending time with productive people and often feel inferior to others who seem to “have it all together”
  3. You’ve given up on dreams and goals because you believe you are too inadequate to achieve them.
  4. Everyday looks like more of the same and you don’t feel like you have anything to really look forward to.
  5. You are disappointed in where you are but feel like what you want to do is beyond reach.

Mediocrity often occurs because we get lazy with our dreams and goals or we start waiting for another’s approval before we start to try to achieve them.

I know you know you weren’t meant to be mediocre, to live a mediocre life or settle for half finished goals.

You know why I know?  Because we don’t start out wanting to be average. We want to be successful, make meaningful changes in the lives of others and create a legacy.

But, sometimes life just swallows us up and leaves us feeling like it’s too late, we’re too inexperienced, too young, too old or simply too mediocre to make a difference.

This Fall I am launching a program called ON PURPOSE to give you what resources you need to start to take those ideas and start to “change the world.”

It might have been years ago but remember when you wanted to “change the world”?  What did you want to do?

It’s not too late. Infact, this time is perfect.

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