Paris was Hemingway’s moveable feast; a place that once you go stays with you the rest of your life.

It’s the time of year everyone seems to hold off on making any major decisions until “next year”.I hear so many people talking about “next year” you would think some magical moment in time is coming that will change everything.

It is but it’s not coming next year. It’s coming now!

Imagine that you could create an income stream that could stay with you wherever you go?

This seems to be the time of year most people, businesses and even educational facilities go into auto-pilot mode.They just exist. No one talks about starting a new research project, hiring new personnel or even beginning a new habit.December is a month of celebrations and also a month of excuses. Why jump into a new lifestyle, a new career, a new goal now, when it seems more appropriate to begin at the beginning of a year?

 Statistics indicate as many of 80% of new resolutions fail by February.Why?I think it is because we have just come off of a month of giving ourselves permission to slack off, be less mindful, stay stagnant, and just enjoy.There’s nothing wrong with that at times, it’s just that after a whole month of “inertia” it’s harder to head into a new year with the energy and enthusiasm to make something work.

When the holidays are over, the tinsel down and the long cold winter just waiting to chill our hearts and souls things can look bleaker than they may be right now.You can plan to start out with resolve but soon find that the trivia of everyday life often creates barriers to success.Before you know it, you don’t have the time, energy or resources for creating a better way to earn your money because next year is starting to look like last year.

But, you can do something now to change that forever.You can start today. You can create your own career “moveable feast” and start making a second income on the side or even develop the business that lets you do what you love from this point on.

Do you love working on cars, painting, writing or cooking? Are you good teaching children, with carpentry or computers? Do you get mesmerized by art, finances, travel or remodeling? Have a passion for health issues, animals, parenting or politics?

Whatever your love, there is someone out there earning money doing it. Why not you?

Why aren’t you creating a career that brings you the income you deserve and gives you the satisfaction you dream of?

Maybe you have decided you will do that “next year”.

Don’t! It’s time to GROW WHAT YOU KNOW and learn how to take a skill, passion, talent or gift and make it your new career moveable feast.When you can create income on your terms, you can stop depending on other people to create the life you want.You can stop worrying about the next downsizing or the after-effects of another merger.

Whether residual or your main income, when you learn to GROW WHAT YOU KNOW, you can develop an income stream as a coach, consultant or instructor regardless of the product or service you offer.

For the holidays, I am offering a deep discount on the course that will change how you earn your income. Why?

Because everyone should have the opportunity to create an income doing what they love if they want to do that.

No gimmicks, false promises or hype. GROW WHAT YOU KNOW, is a career life changer. If you have been waiting to start your dream job. Stop waiting and start creating.

So, tell your “Santa” what you really want this year and let this season start you on the adventure of the “rest of the best of your life.”

And just in case you’re one of those,“ Wait until next year people,” you’ll be paying full price if you wait until after Christmas is over.

Give yourself the gift you always wanted this Christmas…a new way to make a living. (Deep Discounts only through December 25).

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