You’ve heard of writing a letter to your younger self, what about hearing a conversation between a younger and older entrepreneur.

Many who have growing businesses have  a different perspective than they did when they were first launching their business.

I think it may go something like this: For an easier read, let’s just call the more Seasoned Entrepreneur the S.E. and the newbie the N.E.


N. E. “This has got to be the best idea ever, but what if it isn’t?”

S.E. ” It doesn’t have to be the best idea, it has to be the right idea at the right time, and if it isn’t, you’ll know!”

N.E.  “There’s so much to learn and all I want to do is just get this business to make money!”

S.E. “That’s the purpose of having a business, but if you learn the essentials well enough, you will make more money.”

N.E. “I’m so overwhelmed, I can’t even decide what is essential.”

S.E. ” I felt the same way. I thought I would just take it one step at a time, but there were so many steps it was hard to know in what order to do them.”

N.E. ” I’ve read a  ton of books, listened to a million podcasts and am so pumped being an entrepreneur.”

S.E. ” I did much the same. The feeling is great except there are always those areas the books and podcasts don’t seem to cover?”

N.E. ” Well, I am pretty sure I left no stone unturned. I learned how to market, advertise, connect with my customers, set competitive prices, make my product stand out in a crowd.”

S.E. “So how are things going? Making the money you hoped to? Still excited about your decision to make this your full time job?”

N.E. “Well, there is nothing I want more to do.”

S.E. “Commitment is critical but you didn’t answer my questions.”

N.E.  “Well, things are going a bit slower than I was hoping. I thought I would have customers waiting in line. Everybody I talked to seemed so excited about what I had to offer. I probably just need to give it more time.”

S.E. “Customers are attracted by value not prices and they most definitely will never be waiting in line. There is a lot of competition and giving it more time will hardly guarantee success.”

N.E. ” But, I did everything I was told to do. I should be rockin’ this!”

S.E. ” Doing everything you were told to do is admirable, but what if you weren’t told the most important things? Do you know why customers are hesitant to purchase, or what to do when they can’t make a decision? What about when to make changes to your product or services or if  you should offer a specific service or a package? Do you know why your customers are not choosing what you have or how to make them loyal to your brand?”

N.E. ” I thought I did!”

S.E. “It’s easy to feel like you have a handle on it only to discover you’re working really hard and not getting the benefit you deserve.”

N.E. ” I put so much time and energy into my business. I just need someone to buy my stuff!!”

S.E. “You will be. You just need the right kind of direction, support and strategies.”

N.E. ” More podcasts, books and conferences? ”

S.E. ” Nope, I found something that works much better, quicker and more effectively…Get a coach!”

N.E. “Why would a coach make a difference? I need to make money not spend more!”

S.E. “Precisely!  A coach adds a personal element into your training. A good coach knows how to create a good path to success from all those confusing steps and although you might be a marketing ninja, if you’re not getting enough customers, your marketing is not working. A good coach can offer a insights into what specific marketing techniques and strategies will work for your particular business.

N.E. “Getting a coach to help my business sounds lame. I’m a smart person. I should be able to do this by myself. It’s not rocket science!”

S.E. “No, It’s business science and you should find someone who has the skills, experience and talent to help you learn the same.”

N.E. “Why, What difference will it really make?”

S.E. “Well, everyone who wants to be at the top of the game, learns from the experts; athletes have coaches, creatives have coaches, even coaches have coaches. [Tweet “You can be average, but if you want to be exceptional, a coach can help you reach that goal.””]

N.E. “Makes sense!”

S.E. “And will make you money!”


I have run a business without having a coach and run one with the help of a coach. Comparing the two is like running a marathon without much training and running one after working with a team of dedicated experts.

You might get to the finish line either way, but certainly the team of experts will help you reach your goals faster, more efficiently and with better rewards,

Take it from a coach who learned from a coach…There’s a big difference.

So, if you are a Y.E. whose business is not really growing or even a S. E. who is not satisfied with how your business is growing, Let’s chat.

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