Being a business coach, I experience a thrill with every success my clients achieve, Some of them are just trying to create a second income stream and it’s exciting to be able to add a few thousand dollars monthly to their purse.

Others are hoping to build a strong business in order to leave their current working position. When they realize they can replace their salary and walk away from a job they did not enjoy, as one client shared with me, ” I feel like I have just one the lottery!”

Regardless of what their income goals are, my goal is to help them achieve it. I want nothing more than to help them create the kind of income they crave.

I learned a long time ago, that millionaires are inherently made before they are financially made. I remember attending a workshop where the speaker asked if anyone would be willing to sell their limbs for a million dollars.

He didn’t have any takers. He also asked if anyone would be willing to give up a cherished relationship for a million bucks. Again, there were some murmurs but no takers.

Finally he asked if anyone would exchange their ability to talk, see or hear for a million dollars and although a person or two shot their hands up, they soon put it down when he continued, “…so if someone gives you a million dollars you have to be willing to never hear your loved one’s voice, or take part in any verbal communication or see the seasons again.”

That experience reminded me that no matter how much money we make, we can never have enough to replace our priceless senses, our most endearing relationships, our health, our security or our ability to talk, walk or think.

So what I meant by millionaires are inherently made before they are financially made means, if you don’t realize many things in your life as priceless, you will never really feel wealthy no matter how much money you make

Unless you see the intangibles and non-negotiables you have in your life as priceless, you will never really appreciate what you make financially. Our perception of wealth changes radically when we realize what our money could not replace.

Money is a commodity, but your eyesight, ability to talk, loving relationship with someone and good health is not. Our lives can change on a dime if a loved one is no longer in our lives, if our health deteriorates or if we lose our sight or any of our other senses.

Money buys freedom to make choices but it never buys guarantees.

A man who has millions in the bank is no more immune to a life threatening disease than a homeless man. Someone with a financially secure future has no guarantee they will live long enough to enjoy it.

While I love to watch the lifestyle clients change when they change how they earn their income, I also remind them what they have created helps them choose who they work with and when and how they work. It gives them freedom to have flexibility.

In early 2018, respondents to a census bureau poll indicated most people think true wealth is somewhere around $2.4 million or about 30 times what the average net worth of U.S. households were then.

If you make $10/hr, someone making $60/hr. seems to be far wealthier, but that is purely a perception. A million dollars is different when comparing it to $100, $1000 or a 5 million.

Good health, solid thriving relationships, and being at peace with oneself cannot be measured by dollars in a trust fund, a bank account or even in a wallet.

Most of us have already won a lottery without truly realizing it.
We may not have won it financially but if you live in the United States, you live in one of the most affluent countries in the world.

If you have a car to drive and a home to call your own, you are doing far better than a large portion of the globe. In 2011, Pew Research revealed that more than half of those classified as poor in the United States would actually be seen as middle class when compared with the rest of the world.

This doesn’t mean there are no struggles or setbacks, inequality or undesired circumstances. Being satisfied is also a perception. We are programmed to want more, better, faster and want it now.

There is nothing wrong with that. But, I think every entrepreneur must realize if they sacrifice something money could not buy to make more money, they hardly feel rich.

You may want to make more money to have more things, but I encourage my clients to make the money they need to have more freedom, have more options and be able to make more choices.

When they can do that, they realize they truly have become wealthy because they are not exchanging what they are invested in for what they invested.

Congratulations, if you realize what you have money can’t replace. You have just won the lottery! Now, if you’d like to match that kind of wealth with some money, let’s connect.

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