Yes, you can get things for free, some things; kittens, BOGO’s, junk mail, and sometimes unsolicited advice.

Free is relative. Even if you get some things for free, if they are a nuisance or painful free is not attractive.

But, let’s be honest. Most of the time you DO get what you pay for, especially if you have done your homework. No one is going to give you a home for Free or a Free vacation or Free vehicle without some effort on your part. You might have to fill out a form, take a chance, pay for a ticket, sell the most “whatcha- macallits”.

I like free as much as anyone, but realistically I know I can only expect free to get me so far. There will be some commitment I must make to make anything free really grow into its worth.take a chance

Think about this. Even if you were blessed to have a FREE education and graduated with a degree, you weren’t really able to realize the worth of that degree until you landed a position you believed worth all the time you studied and all the effort you made to create something better for yourself.

It’s the same with what I can do for you. I can work with you for FREE but I cannot get you free. If you are in a job you hate or burned out in a career you should have left long ago, I can help you get to a better place.

I can even start to help for FREE, but you will never break FREE from that soul robbing existence, until you do some work, until you change your mindset, until you find your passion, until you grow your tribe and until you create a plan to leave where you are and create the job you have always dreamed of.

And you will never be free of the monotony of Monday and the depressed mood you get into every Sunday night until you invest in yourself to beat a path to the FREE you know you want.

You see, Free costs…It cost those who fight in wars, it costs those who have addiction, it costs those who are in wicked circumstances and it costs those who want something better.

But [Tweet “the price you pay for Free is often the best priceless you ever spend”]

Why? Because, You can’t be FREE until you are willing to pay the price.

So, I would love to work with you. I would love to help you find your best work, create a career from your passion, show you how to start a business, give you all the tools you will need to find your clients and develop a successful thriving business…AND

You know what? You can get the first 1/2 hr for FREE and because I know I can help you get to where you want to be, I will throw in another 1/2 hr if you contact me before the end of the month and tell me just how FREE YOU WANT TO BE.

Because you matter and what you want matters and I want to help you get it.

Now all you have to do is ask yourself if you are worth it.

I think you are and if you let me show you what we can do together, I will show you Free like you could never imagine.


Can you get something for FREE? Sure…but not the freedom from what you hate doing everyday. That will cost you. It always does.

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