Honestly, Me Too!

Have you had an experience similar to someone else and as they share their story, you reply, “Me Too!”?

Recently there has been a campaign on a social media site for anyone who has been sexually harassed or assaulted to share their experience by using the hashtag # MeToo.

We can have exclusive relationships but seldom totally exclusive experiences.

In fact I think many people feel victimized by experiences at work that are not even based on harassment or assault.

Do You Feel LIke A Victim At You Job?

A victim feels exploited,powerless,intimidated and often at the mercy of the circumstance.

I see this often with my clients.

Whether working in Corporate, Education, Health Care or even in blue collar work,many have had successful careers that hit a bump.

Some are frustrated with their lack of moving forward, some are burned out,some have become commodities, shuffled around and discarded as a company experiences change, some simply dread doing what they do but have to pay the bills.

Being a victim of your career is like going to work each day with a noose around your neck.

Although perhaps not a crime, many people suffer consequences of work experiences which actually change their lives.

One of my clients uprooted her family and moved four different times in 11 years in order to hang on to a position she enjoyed.After the fourth move, a new CEO arrived and made her life miserable,not the #MeToo kind of assault but one that scarred her nevertheless.Gradually she found herself in a position which constantly felt volatile.She was asked to work on assignments she was not qualified to do, handle situations she did not have experience with and take the fall for mistakes she hadn’t made. She was miserable and a trip to H.R. didn’t really do more than put a bad taste in the CEO’s mouth.

She was let go after a buy out by a larger organization. It was both a blessing and a curse as she works to start her own company now.

Another client I am working with has been miserably cornered into a position with no advancement in sight because of a change in policy at the top.

I know what it is like to be in a “me too” career experience.I left a job I enjoyed because a strong union presence supported a position rather than their members.When I wanted to move into a part time position and a fellow untenured colleague wanted my full time position, we were not permitted to switch even though we were both qualified,simply based on the premise that the union did not support non-tenured individuals in a permanent position.

It should have worked out for both of us, but it didn’t.

Looking back it was a stepping stone for me as I began to work as an entrepreneur.So,yes I can honestly say, “Me too” when I talk about being frustrated at work, but also as an entrepreneur.

I understand the struggles of a start up.I honestly can identify with trying to raise a family, figure out how to make ends meet and wonder where your next client will come from.I have definitely experienced the “me too” even to the point of taking a big financial hit when one of my contracts ended.

I know you are scared about starting something new.I also know you are desperate to move into work that is meaningful and interesting to you.

How do I know? It would be easy to say I have been there and done that, but if you:

  • Have ever wondered if you can move into work you love while staying in a job you don’t 
  • Worry you will ruin yourself financially
  • Keep telling yourself things are going to get better at work
  • Dread Monday mornings
  • Would leave in a heartbeat if you knew things would work out

Well, guess what? “Me Too!”

I have experienced all those feelings.That’s why I can relate to my clients. I HAVE been where you are and I KNOW those feelings well.

I know you wonder how to possibly create a side income stream while trying to juggle all your responsibilities and a job.

I know you are afraid you will tip your family’s finances.

I know you feel overwhelmed and can’t figure out what to do first.

I know you are anxious about what will happen to you at your job while you try to create your business.

I know. “Me Too”.

The best place to start is with someone who HAS had that experience. I can relate because I have been there as well. I also have had an opportunity to work with exceptional coaches, mentors and advocates who have helped me reach the success I have had, so I know the value of having that kind of support.

Don’t think you are alone.More than 57% of American workers are dissatisfied at their jobs and more than 68% want to create their income as an entrepreneur. I would say that’s a lot of “Me Too’s!”

Being an entrepreneur did change my life and I know it can change yours as well.

I’d love to show you how to grow a side business that could become your main source of income. I know that can happen. It did to me too!

Learn how to Be Your Own Bo$$ (Hurry best offer ever ends in a few days)


I offer a 45 minute COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT. What are you waiting for? Just CONTACT ME and I will offer some available times for us to get to know each other better in our “me too” journey!

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You’re Too Old To Do That!


Over 40? You’re probably too old to be a Prima Ballerina or pitch for the MLB.

You won’t be invited to try out for the Rockettes and unless you are a Veteran you are most likely too old to work for the CIA or FBI.

There’s a good possibility that you are too old to start to train for the Olympic Gymnastics team unless you’re planning for the senior team and still ordering the kid’s meal because it’s cheaper and you can justify eating fewer fries, well you’re just TOO OLD TO DO THAT!

But, you are not too old to change careers, start a business, learn a new trade, start a new hobby or create a plan for making the rest of your life the best of your life.

Clients often ask me if they are too old to start a business.

John Pemberton developed the recipe for Coca- Cola at age 55, Colonel Sanders created his recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken at 63 and at age 71, Lucille Green became Visiting Angels oldest Franchisee.

 Think You Are Too Old To Do That?

Being successful is a combination of mindset, determination and good planning. People with experience often have the best chance of having those three criteria.

Being over 40 generally means you have a clearer perspective about what you really want in life.You have most likely faced enough disappointment to have a better sense of what’s important and what really is just another bump in the road.

I think the biggest drawback for people over 40 is thinking too much time has already been wasted.

Are You Too Old To Move On?

Coming out of college in debt, maybe you thought that money would be a great incentive towards enjoying your work.

But, money doesn’t buy happiness and that career you trained for can become a landmine of disillusionment in just a few years.More than 1 in 3 graduates regret the major they chose and  Over 50% of Americans are disengaged at their job. 

But you stay. Because you have responsibilities, bills, dependents and a fear you are too old to do anything else.

You stay at a job you dislike because you believe someday it will be better; when you get promoted,when you make more money, when your boss retires, when the company lands that big client.

In your heart, you know you want to do something else.You have a vision for how you want to earn your living.You know where and how you want to work.You just need it to be the right time and then you will leave.

But the right time never comes. There is always another excuse to stay.

You are afraid you won’t find the time to create the work you love while you work at the job you don’t.You are afraid your idea doesn’t have merit.You are worried you will be taking too big of a risk, worried no one will take you seriously, worried you are too old.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: you get older every minute whether you start now or later.

You’re only too old for something if you wait until you’re too old to discover it, pursue it and enjoy it.(Okay, maybe enjoying the kid’s meal fries is not something anyone is too old for).

Age is a number.Waiting is a decision.

Let me show you how to grow your dream job while still working at your day job.Schedule a complimentary 45 minute consult today. You’re not too old to do that!

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The Most Dangerous Word in the World

You might think of words like love, hate, betrayal, when you think of dangerous words but I have seen first hand how the word, “Someday” can truly the be the most dangerous word in the world.

We have all heard that saying,”Someday is not a day of the week.” but more importantly, someday connotes that there is a wish, a dream, a desire,waiting like an invitation you can’t or won’t open.

What someday really means is that you are “Making a date to wait”.

What are some dates to wait are on your “someday” list?

Maybe it is:

  • Finishing school
  • Trying out a new idea
  • Getting some medical testing
  • Ending a relationship or starting a new one
  • Cleaning out that basement
  • Looking for a better job
  • Getting treatment for an addiction

“Someday” has no beginning it just hangs out there like an unreachable opportunity, waiting and waiting but not really getting you anywhere closer.

“Someday” is dangerous because we don’t have forever and so often we wait until that “someday” when we think the stars will align…and we wait and wait, maybe until we finish a degree, the kids get older, we finally settle down, we move into our own place. Maybe you are waiting until you feel you have more money, more time, more resources,when perfect rolls around.

Here are some BIg Problems with “Someday.”

It is Too Indefinite to be the right time

Too Ambiguous to be the right place

Too Impractical to be the right opportunity

I know everyone has a “someday”. It’s wonderful to dream for the future but when there is no plan to really make that “someday” take place, that dream is futile and the future is not really going to change anything.

I talk with people all the time who are restless, unsatisfied, disappointed, fearful, reluctant and stressed and do you know WHY?

Quite often it is because they have made a date to wait. They sense a need to move forward and DO something but they continue to sabotage themselves by designating their goals to “someday.”

They are not on purpose, about purpose or for a purpose but rather stuck in the oblivion of sensing a need but deciding to address it “someday.”

The only absolute someday we will ALL know is death. That’s a pretty lousy date to be waiting for.

Your “someday” may seem safe but maybe it’s really just another excuse.

Haven’t you really been dating waiting too long?

Stop making a date for wait and Start making a date for GREAT.


If you have always wanted to do more with your life and sense a bigger purpose and future. Please join me for a FREE TELESEMINAR on Thursday September 28 to learn how to create  A Bigger, Bolder, Brighter Purpose NOW instead of “Someday.”

I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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Your Someday Needs to Start NOW

In the 1989 blockbuster, Field of Dreams, Archie Graham says, “We just don’t recognize life’s most significant moments while they’re happening. Back then I thought, “Well, there’ll be other days”. I didn’t realize that that was the only day.”

Certainly we have all had moments when we tell ourselves, “Someday I am going to_____,” or “ Someday there will be time for___.”

For many people, someday is as elusive as holding time in a jar. Just when we think our someday has arrived, we discover we missed the moment.

You know the drill. You have goals and dreams, aspirations and intentions. A circumstance pulls at your heartstrings, an experience inspires new direction, you hear, see or take part in something that rattles a nerve and more than ever you want to roll up your sleeves and get started.

You want to start that project, compose that music, write that book, teach that course. You’ve heard the voices and believe you can really make a difference. You want more than ever to “build it” so they will come, BUT…

You realize you have a job, a mortgage, a family and a couple hundred of other commitments. NOW does not look like the time to commit to anything more. You curb your passion but not without telling yourself that “Someday” you will be there to take up the ownership of building it again.

Field of Dreams was fictitious and yet touched the hearts of anyone who has ever had a dream. It’s second nature to want your life to matter, your actions to create change, your behavior to have purpose.

When we don’t create that change, realize that purpose or sense that we matter, we make excuses,all types of excuses, from telling ourselves we are not smart enough,old enough,young enough to convincing ourselves the time was off, we need to wait until the children are grown,we save enough money, we finish school,retire,get healthy, relocate or take more time to think it through.

Ray tells his wife Annie in the movie, that his father never did anything spontaneous in his entire life and that he is afraid he is becoming his father.

We do much the same. We see dreams die around us daily, but for some reason we continue to exchange our NOW for Someday.

It’s as though we are cursed with a clock that will never be suitable for growing our purpose.

We resign ourselves to what might have been and continue to wait for the next NOW to become a Someday again.

Our purpose can change at different times of our life but to continue to defer a purpose often results in living in monotony, wondering if that truly is all there is.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard people say, “ I just wish I would have done this sooner,” when they talk about finding the purpose they were meant to live out.

Missing a chance to fulfill a purpose often sets up a pattern of delayed joy, peace and satisfaction. Life becomes a treadmill of more of the same and we realize we have shelved dreams, plans,goals and hopes for a someday that really never gets any closer.

Archie is right. Sometimes today is the only day. Your purpose is calling, but you may have turned a blind eye so many times that you can’t even discern what it is.

Have you been waiting on a someday that has no intention of arriving?

Are you stuck between excuses and a lack of direction about what you are really being called to accomplish?

Did you once want to “build it” but never did and now you hardly know how to put anything together again?

How different would life be if you could harness that purpose and “build it”, “grow it”,“share it”,“live it”?

I hope you will join me for a FREE TELESEMINAR on Thursday September 28.

Make Your Someday Start NOW. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

This post was first published on MEDIUM on September 19, 2017

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Why You Suck at Living Your Purpose


Ever wonder why you suck at really living your purpose?

A great many people suck at living their purpose,so you are in good company.

There are many reasons living your purpose escapes you. Here are just a few reasons why you might spend your life pursuing something you view as elusive.

1. You Don’t Think You Are Worth a Unique Purpose (You spend your life second guessing your dream so instead of developing practical applications you develop intentional excuses.)

2. You Give Others Permission to Live Your Life (If you feel like your choices will “rock the boat”, you defer what you want and resign yourself to accepting what others want for you.)

3. You Fear if You Fail at Your Purpose You Won’t Get Another Chance (You set the bar to perfect but resign yourself to inertia rather than taking a chance and making a mistake)

4. You Are Overwhelmed by Your Own Ideas (You have convinced yourself your “Ah HAH moment should be “Oh No!”)

5. The Idea of Having a Unique Purpose Feels Selfish (Spending time cultivating your true purpose feels too indulgent and self serving)

6. You Have Allowed Life To Give You What It Wants Rather Than What You Need(It’s easier to just go with the flow than make waves, even if you are settling for a destination you really aren’t thrilled about achieving.)

The list goes on and on.

We suck at living our purpose because we think doing so is contradictory to what we are supposed to be doing.

We suck at living our purpose because we put self imposed constraints and parameters on how far and wide we allow ourselves to create ripples, especially if those ripples rock stable expectations.

We confuse purpose with the role we are currently in.We tell ourselves our purpose  is to be a good mother, father or friend and have trouble seeing beyond that.

We train ourselves to believe our purpose should arise from our life’s work.

Often we believe we only have a single purpose rather than realizing our purpose can change at different stages of our lives.

And the real tragedy is

Purpose comes in many sizes and shapes. A purpose can affect a nation or a single person.Our purposes are not defined by one specific skill or talent as much as by a driven passion.

Having talked with many people who discovered their purpose,I know once you realize your purpose, you will never go back to a life that omits or minimizes it again.

Some people seach all their lives for a purpose right under their nose.

What about you? Are you committed to a purpose or still trying to run it down?

Did you have a purpose you let slip through your fingers or give up a purpose to appease someone?

Are you stifling your purpose because you imagine it would be monumental to really live it?

On Octobert 9, I will be offering an intensive 6 week program on identifying and living your true purpose. If you ever wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on what you were really supposed to do with your life, this program is for you.


You can’t play a bigger game if you don’t know the stakes or how to position yourself and you’ll never win if you don’t give yourself permission to play.


Kathy Brunner is a certified career and business coach who helps people move from day job to Dream Work. Sign up for a Complimentary 45 minute consult and learn how she can get you to work you love.

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Living in Your Designer Genes

You have designer genes.I am sure of it. Everyone does, but like most people, I really didn’t discover mine in a way I imagined I would.

What are designer genes?

It might be a skill that comes so naturally you barely realize its uniqueness.

It might be an obsessive passion that distracts you or a talent that comes out in every situation.

Or those designer genes might lead you to a much desired goal fulfilling a dream.

Your designer genes can be quiet and subtlety persistent or demanding and constantly nagging for your attention.

I remember how I discovered my designer genes.I thought I would have discovered them as a young graduate about to begin a paid professional career, but it wasn’t then.

It wasn’t when I won a writing contest in college or when my first book was published.It wasn’t even when a best selling author who I had never met wrote the foreword.

It wasn’t when I was invited to speak at national events or when I was interviewed for radio or TV.

Those were special opportunities but not ones that really tapped into my designer genes.

But, many years ago, when my friend dreamed of opening an art gallery and I helped her do just that,something was awakened and now working with a middle aged single mother who has gained enough confidence to leave a miserable job and start her dream business I know I am using my designer genes.

I recognize I have as much of a passion to help others launch a dream as I have for myself.

My designer genes are to help others discover and optimize their designer genes.

Have you determined what your designer genes are? Are they playing a part in your life?

Sometimes our designer genes evolve through a job, sometimes they show up in a hobby or specific interest. Your designer genes might keep pulling you to a specific issue that moves your heart and soul or they might be lurking quietly in an unsuspected activity waiting for you to acknowledge them.

But they are there!

Every person has a specifically “designed” purpose.Often when people are frustrated at their job, unhappy in their relationships or discontented with their current situation it’s because they haven’t really fired up their designer genes and created a plan for optimizing those genes in their lives.

In his article,The psychology about why we want to change the world”, Mark Fishbein quotes from the author Matt Ridley’s book, The Origins of Virtue.“Living things are designed to do things that enhance the chances of their genes or copies of their genes surviving and replicating,” 

You’ll enjoy much more of your entire life when you are in touch with your designer genes and you allow them to bloom.

Have you been thinking that maybe it’s time to really develop an action plan for your life and start getting in touch with what you were meant to truly do?

It might be a career, business, hobby or activity.

It might be a book you are meant to write, a charity you are meant to start, a business you were cut out to develop or even an action you were born to take.

That’s why I have created ON PURPOSE, a 6 part online course coming this Fall. Because until you really use your designer genes,you miss the best of your life.

Have you discovered your designer genes?

Are you using them in a way that fulfills you?

Want to talk more about how to grow your idea into a revenue stream? Sign up for a Complimentary 45 minute Consult.  

Stop waiting. Start creating. It’s Your Call!


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I Wanted to be a Man…and Help Create World Peace!

Ever watch the movie, MR. DEEDS? Adam Sandler who plays Deeds, asks people what they wanted to do with their lives.Many of the people in the  audience shout out what they wanted to be earlier in their life.From veterinarians to fireman, everyone had a thought about what role they wanted to play and one woman even shouted out,” I wanted to be a man!”

Mr. Deeds.

No doubt you’ve often thought about the changes you would make if you could go back and “re-do” certain moments in your life. Everyone seems to have an idea of what they wish they would have done.

Did you want to write a book,open a business, create a charity,develop a cure,maybe just do something you always dreamed of doing?

Did that happen? Did you end up doing just want you always dreamed you would do?

Somewhere in the wheel of life, we often get sidelined. We end up going throught he motions but often we’re not really invested in what we are doing.

Often like  a mouse in a wheel, we realize we aren’t really getting closer to what we want, infact we might be getting further away from what our goals really were going to be.


Often those reasons become our excuses for why we no longer are doing what we really want to do.

Did you want to be a fireman or a stock broker?

Did you dream of creating a movement that would impact future generations?

Did you dream of opening an art studio or did you want to rescue animals?

Did you imagine you would be on the front page of a journal or think you might be the head of a non profit?

Did you simply want to be a better person than the one you have living inside you?

You are not alone and it is not too late.

When you know you are not doing what you feel called to do it is frustrating, monotonous and leaves you constantly searching for more.

Yes, you may have been called to be a parent, a teacher, a dog walker or a student but do you feel like there is still something left to do, something undone besides the role you currently play that needs dicovered, addressed and developed?

And, how do you make the time to really be and do what you want to be and do?

What if you are not sure what your calling is but are pretty certain it is not what you are doing, how do you determine what your purpose really is?

That’s why I am offering a 7 week online course for people who want to get out of the funk they are in and finally create an action plan that gets them living the purpose they were meant for.

It might be too late to be a professional ballerina or the next rock star but it is not too late to live out your true purpose.

Each of us is gifted with a unique skill set. Spending each day not having a chance to use what we are best gifted to do is a prison for our souls.

Maybe you still want world peace? So let’s do something to make that happen!

Want to discover your wicked awesome calling?

and Finally create a plan to do what you were meant to do?



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You Didn’t Major in Mediocrity

Ever look at those bright eyed, “I’m off to change the world” graduates and think, “Yeah, right!”

Truth is, most people have an expectation for their lives they expect to grow into.

Think back on your own experiences.What did you want to do or start or be part of?

What movement could you picture yourself being a leader in? What terrible crisis did you want to fix or unjustice did you want to resolve?

We tend to start out with big plans and then life gets in the way.

Instead of living life larger as we age, we become more passive players with narrow dreams.

Sometimes we evern use our age as an excuse for why we never really achieved those “off to change the world” goals.

But, you didn’t major in mediocrity. You didn’t set your standards below everyone’s expectations and I bet you never planned to achieve less than you wanted.

In fact, I bet you have already reached many goals you never even dreamed of. Many people do.

But you know you didn’t ever invite mediocrity into your life. It kind of seeped into the corners when you got busy.Somewhere in your soul there is still so much you want to accomplish but now you wonder if you even have what it takes to make a dent in “changing the world.”

You might be dissatisfied,thinking you could always do so much more in your life. Sometimes you beat yourself up wondering why others seem to rise to an incredible level of production, while you barely rise to get to your daily work.

Maybe you are frustrated with that “oh well, what can I do attitude” but think you have no other choice but to accept it

Yet, you wonder if you’ve accepted mediocrity as your standard.


Here are 5 ways to determine if you have settled for living a mediocre life and not one you really embrace:

  1. You have something you are passionate about but have made every excuse about why you shouldn’t pursue it.
  2. You have stopped spending time with productive people and often feel inferior to others who seem to “have it all together”
  3. You’ve given up on dreams and goals because you believe you are too inadequate to achieve them.
  4. Everyday looks like more of the same and you don’t feel like you have anything to really look forward to.
  5. You are disappointed in where you are but feel like what you want to do is beyond reach.

Mediocrity often occurs because we get lazy with our dreams and goals or we start waiting for another’s approval before we start to try to achieve them.

I know you know you weren’t meant to be mediocre, to live a mediocre life or settle for half finished goals.

You know why I know?  Because we don’t start out wanting to be average. We want to be successful, make meaningful changes in the lives of others and create a legacy.

But, sometimes life just swallows us up and leaves us feeling like it’s too late, we’re too inexperienced, too young, too old or simply too mediocre to make a difference.

This Fall I am launching a program called ON PURPOSE to give you what resources you need to start to take those ideas and start to “change the world.”

It might have been years ago but remember when you wanted to “change the world”?  What did you want to do?

It’s not too late. Infact, this time is perfect.

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When Knowing is the Entire Battle

Scary little varmint isn’t it? I should know and knowing has been the entire battle.
A little over a month ago, we needed our air conditioner replaced.My husband decided that since the furnace was just as old, he would replace them both.Two men arrived and one worked installing the air conditioning unit outside while the other was up in my attic installing the furnace. When the repairman who was working up in the attic was finishing up,he reported he hears squeaking coming from a corner of the attic.

Now I don’t like ANY types of pests and I have my house treated regularly because I live in the hot, humid South where we refer to roaches as Palmetto bugs and grow them as large as hamsters, so I never want to take any chances.I had an appointment for a treatment a few days later.

Pest control person arrived and I shared about the squeaking and showed him some droppings I had seen below my porch. He tells me it is BAT guano. BATS! Then he proceeds to share that most likely half our neighborhood has a bat somewhere in their attics!

So now I knew what was squeaking in my attic. I also knew I wanted to move from the home I loved!

A few days later my husband was sitting in our family room when he heard quite a racket from what seemed to be up on the roof.He went out onto our porch to see what he could discover and when he came in he told me he saw about 30(YES THIRTY…30)bats exiting the soffit above the roof line for that room.

Now I knew there was not just one bat but pretty much an entire colony using the space above my family room.

I was terrified of bats dropping from my ceiling( they don’t) and called a widl life expert who arrived within 48 hours to tell me he could get rid of the bats but unfortunately not until after August 15th.You see, bats are a protected species.They have their babies between May and July and the babies must be old enough to fly before they are relocated so it is illegal to remove bats before then.(just my luck!)

Now I knew I was going to be terrifed for a few more weeks and I not only had a colony but they were multiplying.

I slept poorly for several nights, constantly thinking a bat was going to fly around my room. I ducked around corners, left bright lights on and refused to sit out on the deck or porch after dusk. I would barely squeeze through any door I opened ( you should try this with an arm load of groceries!) and the worst was my master bathroom. You see my husband was remodeling it and already had taken down some walls and removed some plasterboard so I couldn’t even relax in the shower thinking those bats were going to rain down on me.

Then  a friend reminded me the bats had been there no doubt for awhile. She also reminded me that none descended into my home the entire 5 hours my attic door was open while the man was working on the furnace and she reminded me bats really don’t typically harm people unless they are cornered. ( You best believe I am not going to corner one).

So, yes, I know some things I didn’t before. It has made me constantly look up inside closets, ceilings, porch overhangs, places I have NEVER seen bats, but you know, just in case.

It still freaks me out but I am sleeping better and honestly have not had one bat inside because I also know that’s not where they want to be either. I also know in less than 2 weeks my bats will be gone(but who’s counting several times a day everytime I pass that calendar?)

It’s like that with many things. Once we confirm our ideas, suspicions or thoughts, it changes how we react. Once we know that something is “for sure” we become a bit more obsessed with it. Many times that’s how a movement, foundation, charity or even business gets started.

Often we find our purpose in the things that chronically occupy our thoughts.One of my neighbors had a huge closet full of professional clothing she seldom ever wore. Several years ago she began contributing her clothing to Every Woman Works. Whenever she realized how much that clothing meant to women who were trying their best to turn their lives around, my neighbor started organizing drives each season to collect professional clothing for those in need.Now many of my neighbors have cleaner closets and have given someone else a chance. Because once you know it changes everything.

When my client,Claire Wolfe realized how one little handicapped girl in her neighborhood desperately wanted to take dance lessons, she talked with her daughter’s dance teacher and together they are creating a program for multiply handicapped youngsters to participate in a dance program. Because once Claire knew she knew she had to do something about it.

Once my friend’s fourteen year old son, (Adam Fischer) realized how many pets got left behind with no place to go when a family relocated,he began rounding up his friends and the friends of his parent’s to donate food, blankets and even medicine to shelters that took in these animals.Adam is putting the wheels into motion to create a non-profit as a result.Because Adam was moved by something he learned and knowing about it changed everything.

Once you know. Everything is different. 

Maybe you know something now that is tugging at your heartstrings, constantly taking over your thoughts, causing a battle in your mind wanting something to be done about it.

And now that you know, maybe you are the person who should do it!

This Fall I will be launching a program to help people take the steps to start a purpose they know needs starting. I hope if you realize something now that has made you feel differently and react passionately, you will join me for ON PURPOSE.

How many times have you been thinking about that cause, issue or circumstance that needs addressed because now you KNOW about it and knowing changes everything?

By the way, my bats are being “relocated” after August 15th and no, that is not one of my bats in the picture, had I known it was, I would have relocated myself!

Kathy Brunner is a career coach who specializes in helping people move from day jobs to dream jobs as entrepreneurs. Want to see if she can help you grow your idea into a second stream of income or a new business? Schedule a complimentary consult today!
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When You are On Purpose

When she was just 5, Hannah Taylor observed a homeless man rummaging in the garbage for food.By the time she was 8, Hannah started The Ladybug Foundation which has had an incredible impact on homelessness in Canada.

It’s not important whether you have heard about it. It may be one of many organizations that are quietly making an impact.Sure, most people have heard of Alex’s Lemonade Stand and the Wounded Warrior Project but do you know about organizations like Enchanted Makeovers or The Exodus Road?

Most people hear about the famous celebrities and moguls who have funded foundations and created great change but seldom realize the incredible impact even one person can have when we do something that moves our souls; when we live and are “on purpose.”

I spend a lot of my time consulting with business owners,new entrepreneurs and burned out employees.I often hear over and over again how each one wants to “make a difference”,”do something purposeful”, “create a bigger change.”

The desire to make the world a better place is nearly an innate wish and yet trying to put the pieces together to identify how to create something that can truly make an impact creates a feeling of overwhelm and under resource.

We might have bold, noble and incredible ideas of how we can make a difference but putting the nuts and bolts together to do so often leaves us with little more than ideas swimming in our mind and bits of plans on sticky notes.

When we are on purpose, that small voice becomes louder telling us we really SHOULD DO SOMETHING about whatever it is that moves our soul but we become intimidated by the logistics.It seems mind boggling to know where to start first.

Much like one drop of water seems insignificant when considering a bucket full, we feel inadequate, intimidated and perhaps even foolish in thinking we can have an impact.

I’ve done the same, so I know the drill. You hear or see something that draws you in and speaks to you about how to do your part, make your mark, offer what you have to create change and then a few days or weeks pass and you have left those ideas on your brain’s shelf in hopes they will resurrect themselves with a solution of how to start what you know you want to do.

It’s critical to remember that the size of what we do is not as important as the reason we do it or the heart we do it with.Whether you want to create something that benefits just a handful of people or an entire continent is not as relevant as why you want to be involved.

Think abou it.What would you really do on purpose because it really matters to you;if you knew you would be successful and it would make a powerful impact?

Now, think about this.If it has been “calling” to you to be on purpose does it really matter whether you are guaranteed to achieve great things or simply create a small change?

When we want to start a movement on purpose, our age, skill, education, social status, or resources pale in comparison to our desire.

Most people feel a purpose they are called to address.

Are you on purpose and what are you doing about it?


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