The Worst That Can Happen

There is a new trend to select a “word of the year” for personal motivation, I however, think the phrase, ” What’s the worst that can happen?” might be mine. It’s been a pretty stressful ten days but looking back, the worst that can happen, didn’t, yet, and even if it does I think my perspective is a bit different, considering.

Let me explain, A little more than a week ago, I was traveling back from an appointment and stopped at a local post office, a woman in front of me was trying to juggle a large package, several smaller ones and all while holding the hand of a small child. I ran up to get the door for her, holding my keys in my hand, just as I stretched open the door, her little boy turned around to reach up towards his mom, hit the keys in my hand, which promptly fell and got stuck in a grate right outside the post office.

Everyone inside the office was busy and there was a long line. I tried to figure out a way to pull the keys out but it seemed my remote was somehow wedged between the bars of the grate.

Her little boy started whining, she was visibly upset and mortified and we both realized the keys were not going to come out. In my mind, I thought, ” My husband has keys I can copy and I’ll just call him and wait until he can come and get me.” ( He works about an hour away from where I was). But, then I realized he was in a meeting several hours away until the end of the day, and my car was locked and I had no keys to get in anyway. “I’ll just call the dealer where I bought the car and see if they can help,” I mused. Ah, yes, the phone, the phone was also in my car.( but of course).

I had a phone consult scheduled for later in the day which I was going to most likely not make and even if I wanted to reschedule it, I had no phone to call and do that. I was also scheduled to do a phone interview for a radio show and realized that was going down the tubes as well. I asked the lady if I could possibly borrow her phone and while she was more than willing, I couldn’t seem to get her phone(slowly dying) to keep mobile data on so I could search the internet and get the phone numbers I needed to call. I started to think my efforts to help the woman were being sabotaged, when a postal employee came out to say he had called the police. Thirty minutes later, they had my keys out of the grate and I was on my way home just in time to make that phone consult. HELP ARRIVED!

So, perhaps you noticed quite a break between the last blog post and this one. Turns out I updated my website a few days ago and everything promptly froze. My landing pages were gone and the arduous process of trying to get things up and running again started. My web developer would probably have had this fixed in a heartbeat but of course, he was out of the country visiting family! Feeling that a black cloud was making its beeline towards me, I searched forums, talked with other developers, my hosting administrator and about every other person I could think of. We finally determined it was a plug in that would not handle the new update. When I contacted the developers of the plug in, I was told they knew it was a glitch and were trying to get it fixed asap but it might be a few days.

A few days? Sales were halted. People were not getting responses to scheduling and contacting me and then because it appeared there was malware on my site, Google alerted me. (No malware, just glitches in the plug-in). I couldn’t even get into my site so my back-ups couldn’t be uploaded. The worst that could happen was that the site would simply disappear and at that point, filled with exasperation trying to understand FTP, SQL and a million other anachronisms techies throw around to make the rest of us look insignificant, I wondered if maybe someone was trying to tell me something.

“Well, the worst that can happen is my site will just disappear and I will have to start all over again,” I told myself. It definitely felt like the worst was happening.

This morning, the developers of the plug in, sent me an update, somehow magically repaired it and…here I am! There are still problems but at least HELP HAD ARRIVED!

Through all this, I spent so much time trying to get keys, retrieve that gift and fix the website that Christmas cookies didn’t get baked nor cards get sent so I decided maybe I could start to catch up on those things, except I awoke yesterday with a migraine that grew into the worst headache of my life along with chills,an upset stomach and other fine things I am sure you don’t want to know.

The worst that can happen is maybe it will be store bought cookies and Happy New Year cards.

The worst often feels like the worst just before help arrives.

So, do you ever fear the worst that can happen in your career or business is starting to rear its ugly head? I know. Sometimes even your best of intentions can simply create more chaos. The worst that can happen, won’t, if you let HELP ARRIVE.

Schedule a complimentary call and tell me your worst career or business issue. Turns out, I have experience with those types of things, trust me.

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Stuck in The Slump?

You need only to glance around to know what time of the year it is. Somewhere between “too much to do” and “not enough time to do it” started a few weeks ago. One major holiday nearly followed by another and a year winding down way too quickly.

It’s easy this time of year to get into “The Slump”. You know, that feeling that being productive is wasted on too many inattentive eyes and ears with too many other things to think about.

There are often two ways people approach this time of year: they either ramp up their efforts to improve productivity or they become resigned to coasting for the next few weeks and blame it on the season.


Allowing yourself to become victim of “The Slump” can be the most unproductive and ineffective response you will have all year. Why? Because people who truly want to be successful in the coming year are already developing a plan to make that happen. If you decide to simply lay back and coast until this year is through, you will have to dig yourself out of a deeper hole come next year just to get started.

Getting into “The Slump” as the year winds down often means you resign yourself to not completing what you set out to do in 2016 and although you promise things will be different next year, you now have another several weeks of no real action plan and no movement forward.

Blame the season for the reason but many times “The Slump” is really just an excuse to not have to get started in the first place.

Maybe your slump started earlier in the year and the holidays just help you justify it with more appeal.

Perhaps you have allowed “The Slump” to be your excuse not just during this time of year but anytime you set a goal but don’t develop any action plan to see it through.  Most of the time when people get into “The Slump” they already have a bushel full of reasons why this is not the best time to move on with their goals.

It’s often easy to use all types of excuses for “The Slump”. Telling yourself it’s too late in the year,it’s too busy of a time to make efforts worth it, there are too many distractions to be successful, any excuse to slide through the next few weeks often is just a pattern of more of the same.

Are you fueling your slump by adding excuse after excuse and getting stuck in the cycle of sameness no matter what time of year it is? Then, maybe it really is time to STOP the madness and do something entirely unexpected this time of year. Maybe it’s time to get busy starting a goal you set and never achieved in 2016.

Here are FIVE ways to dig yourself out of The Slump before this year ends.

  1. Identify the goal you haven’t reached.
  2. Identify the first step you need to take.( Sometimes it means just throwing out the goodies that tempt you, going to the gym, scheduling the appointment you have been avoiding, calling a coach for assistance getting your business started, listing your expenses and income and starting a budget)
  3. Budget at least 60 minutes each week to work on your goal (spend time buying healthy food,start walking at lunch time, meet with a mentor, read, take a class, sign up for some online training).
  4. Ask a friend, mentor or family member to hold you accountable to putting your time and energy into your commitment. Check in with them regularly from now until the end of the year.
  5. Get a 2017 calendar and pick a date when you want to reach your goal.

Small steps but you’re already further than you would be if you did nothing and the best part, when 2017 rolls around in a few weeks, well you’re not crawling out of a slump and trying to start again, you’ve already got a handle on a plan.


Want to launch a business in the new year or just start a new career? I offer a complimentary 30 minute consult if you want to ask some questions, get suggestions or just want to run an idea by me. There’s NO COST so don’t continue in a slump, let’s create a plan for the most successful year ever!!


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How About A Slice of Mediocrity?


Slice of mediocrity


“Would you like a slice of Mediocrity, because most people spend their lives happy with that?”

Well of course you wouldn’t, but that is just what I was asked by an established business owner after I had just started my first business. My father recommended I ask him to lunch because he was sure I could learn much from him.

I really didn’t want to ask him to lunch because I thought that was awkward and I really didn’t think he could help me in my business anyway, since he was working in a business vastly different from the one I was starting. It just seemed like a waste of time to me.

But, my father insisted and offered to set up the lunch, and wanting to please my dad, I went, reluctantly.

Well, I  will never forget that question because as a newbie, I wanted to make my business the best it could be and hearing him say that really peaked my interest.

He explained how many people “settle” for wherever they end up just because it’s convenient and after we settle once, it’s much easier to do the same again and again.”

“Mediocrity doesn’t kill the soul instantly. It just lets it die a slow death.”  he offered.

“People tend to get comfortable with mediocrity because it pays the bills and gets them through life, but those who want to do so much more with life, never settle for a slice of mediocrity, when they can order up whatever they want.”

Turns out even today, HE WAS RIGHT!
Many people settle for mediocrity in a career because it pays the bills. Business owners settle for running a mediocre business because it isn’t dead yet and many people settle for a mediocre life because they believe that’s just normal.

Maybe that’s what you have done. Settling for less than you deserve because you believe you can’t get what you really do want is accepting a slice of mediocrity.

How many times have you said, “Thank-you” to a career, job, relationship. life situation or even business that you didn’t want because you didn’t say, “No, I prefer the Slice of Life I really can enjoy!” ?

That lunch date changed my perspective forever. Every time a major decision whether in business or life had to be made, I heard him say, ” Would you like a slice of Mediocrity?” and it often helped me decide which direction I really wanted to go in.

Yes, Sometimes it meant choosing a more strategic path, putting in some extra effort or even saying “No” to something that looked appealing on the surface but had no real substance below, but I can assure you I have never regretted choosing the Slice of Life I really wanted.

I want the same for you. I want you to get the slice of life you really want.  It’s possible, no matter where you are now, because life is created fresh daily. The thing is most people fill up on mediocrity first because it’s convenient, easy and accessible.

But, I know, you can change that selection. I really want to make this year, the year you go after the Slice of Life You Really Want.

I promise to do EVERYTHING I can to help you achieve that goal.

I hope you’ll let me serve you YOUR BEST SLICE OF LIFE.

better life pie


If you’re tired of more of the same, maybe it’s time to walk on the “wild side” and get beyond your safety net and do the things your heart has been trying to get you to do.

If one of those things is to start your own business or create a second income stream, let’s talk about how to do that before you regret the things you haven’t done. Come on over and sign up for a Complimentary Consult. Why you miss out on the things life offers that are FREE?

Start your No Regrets Life now.

This post first appeared on December 13, 2015
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What Waiting Really Costs You



I hate to be the bearer of news that might frighten you, but if you are like most people. you are most likely not even remotely thinking of Christmas until at least after Thanksgiving, even though as I am typing this blog post, you have less than 50 days (Yikes!) to decorate, purchase and wrap gifts, bake, and plan your holiday get-togethers.

Okay, that is only the beginning of the news that might get your heart in a tizzy.

Ever wait to purchase something (toys, tickets to an event, that outfit you had your eye on) only to discover you lost out because you waited too long?

Some people tend to do that with a lot of plans they have for their lives as well, costing them missing out  experiences because they just waited too long.

Waiting seems to be the tactic many people resort to whenever they can’t or won’t make a decision.

You know the drill. You have an idea. You think perhaps it has some merit, but there is so much to do in the meantime that you put it on the back burner and you wait. Maybe this is you. Maybe you have had so many plans and dreams on the back burner for so long, you don’t even know how to begin to resurrect them.

Some people have been waiting all their lives to earn a degree, switch careers, start a business, write a book, launch an idea and the truth is they have paid a bigger cost than they may have realized by waiting.

Perhaps waiting has cost you a chance to work in a career you only dreamed of, or has cost you an opportunity someone who wasn’t waiting, seized. Waiting often costs us in terms of happiness, contentment, peace of mind and satisfaction of a job well done.  Waiting often robs us of years of joy because we simply believe the opportunity will always be there and the resources will eventually turn up.

In the meantime, life and time move on.

I even had one client whose dream died with her. Check out this post if you want to learn more about her story.

The point is waiting is not just postponing what you want, it often is denying yourself what you want by deferring to some cosmic point and time when it just feels “right”.

Trust me when I say that if you are waiting to launch your dream career or business, it will never feel “right”. You will always have fears, doubts, anxieties and numerous obstacles in your way, because, well, because life is messy and things happen and waiting often changes nothing but how much time is left to live out your purpose and reach your goals.

So, let’s take some inventory about what you did over the past year to get a little closer to your dream.

Did you take some steps to reach your goals or did you talk yourself out of investing time and money by waiting to “see what would happen”?

How much closer to what you want are you than you were a year, 6 months or even three weeks ago?

You see, one thing waiting really costs is your resolve.

Waiting steals your momentum and exchanges it for uncertainty. Waiting becomes your new normal and taking action becomes scarier and less appealing with each minute.

I’m working with some clients on a telecourse called “Fix it…First Aid for Your Struggling Business.” and you know what each one shared when I asked why they waited to fix their business? Nearly everyone said they were hoping in time, things would turn around.”

Waiting for things to turn around often costs people revenue, health, clearer perspectives and sometimes relationships.

What do you really want to accomplish in the coming year. Let’s face it, this one is winding down and will be over in just a few weeks. I know you can’t think about 2017 now, but do you want to spend another year waiting to move ahead?

Haven’t you already spent enough time waiting? How much more is waiting going to steal from your future?

I’d love to get you started in a business that you are no longer waiting to launch. Check out the programs at BE YOUR OWN BO$$ and ENCORE ENTREPRENEUR or just schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT and let’s create a plan that stops you from spinning your wheels just waiting.

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The Sweet Spot of Success


Unless you live under a rock, you know who Oprah Winfrey, Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Hyatt are. They are all the best at what they do. But, they didn’t get to that sweet spot without help. Everyone of them had a coach who helped them reach their potential…EVERY ONE!

Sure, there are successful people who have never had any type of coach, but to really be the best at what you do often requires specific tactics, strategies,and exercises that help you hone your skills.

Maybe you have a musically inclined child. What’s the best way to help them become a skilled musician? Get them a music instructor! Want to be on track to make the best investments for your future? A financial coach can help you make practical and prudent decisions. Have a new dog you’re trying to teach appropriate behavior to? Yes, an investment in a dog trainer can help our furry friend be at his best.

If you are planning a career move especially a move that is going to be as an entrepreneur, having a coach can be the smartest thing you will ever do. Trust me, as a business owner for over 25 years, I found a coach who helped me achieve my goals every step of the way. When I was looking to write my first book, I worked with a coach. When I began my speaking career, I worked with another coach and when I switched career fields, you guessed it, I found a great business coach to make sure I was going to experience the best success I could.

Owning a business is both challenging and rewarding but it can become a total nightmare if it is not growing the way you hope it would. Too many people think they can just read some info, watch a few videos and hang out a shingle.The truth is with a coach, you can jump start your success and eliminate some of the obstacles most business owners face.

Here are 5 ways a coach can help you develop your sweet spot of success:

  1. A coach can offer ways to help you achieve appropriate work/life balance
  2. A coach can help you eliminate the barriers that prevent your business from growing.
  3. A coach can teach you how to maximize your profit.
  4. A coach can create accountability for action (This often is the hardest thing for people to achieve on their own).
  5. A coach can help you get the results you want

No matter what you invest in your business from business cards to advertising, web design to a spectacular waiting room, skilled personnel to the latest resources, If you don’t invest in YOUR growth as an entrepreneur, your business won’t grow as well.

A coach helps us be the best we can be.

I am a better writer, speaker and coach today because someone helped me be my best and I want to do the same for you.

If you are ready to start a business or have a business and want it to be the best it can be, I’d love to work with you.

I know the difference between a business that exists and one that thrives.

It’s not magic. It’s learning how to create your sweet spot of success.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a COMPLIMENTARY CALL. Let’s find out if we would make a good team.

Maybe you have been waiting to get to that sweet spot in your business.

Where would Oprah, Michael or Serena be if they had waited?

Where could you be in a few weeks or months if you don’t?

Kathy Brunner is a certified career and business coach who works with people who want to move from day jobs to dream jobs as entrepreneurs. Come visit her at 
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How to Leave a Legacy

Many of my clients are entering the sunset of their lives. They have been in careers for years, raised families and completed many goals. But, it never fails to amaze me how many of them really want to leave not just a mark but a true legacy on the future.

They realize material possessions can lose worth or lack appeal to those they leave behind but that contributing something unique and personal is priceless.

Sometimes the thought of being able to leave a legacy often feels like it should be reserved for the rich and famous, but I can assure you anyone can leave a legacy that lasts for generations.

What is a true legacy and how do you really leave one for generations?

A legacy is defined as something handed down, contributed to, passed along or dedicated for a future generation.


Most people plan to leave possessions via a will or other legal document for their loved ones but I am talking about something that creates more pervasive influence. Here are 5 ways to leave a legacy beyond just material possessions:

  1. WRITE A BOOK.  It doesn’t have to be a best-seller. Writing a book is often one of the items on people’s bucket lists but rather than wait until you get all your characters lined up for your novel or get the time to really sit down and write that non-fiction take action book you always dreamed of, why not consider putting together decades of family information to pass down to posterity or even recipes to keep the family enjoying for years to come. One of my clients writes a words of wisdom/memoir for each family member celebrating a big event (graduation, wedding, new baby).
  2.  START A NON-PROFIT. This also does not need to be an international venture or world changing product. You may have always had a heart for a particular cause and starting a little organization that directs proceeds to supporting that cause can be a way your family can continue to preserve your memory and continue your values beyond your wildest expectations.
  3. CREATE A SIDE BUSINESS. Been crafting forever? Why not try your hand at consigning some products to sell? People always asking for your advice? Maybe there is a coaching opportunity in your future that can expand your reach. When the husband of one of my friend’s passed, two family members continued his small photography business, adding their expertise in advertising and design. Six years later the business is thriving as much as ever and still bears his name.
  4. TEACH A PERSONAL SKILL. Sure, your family can go online and learn to do carpentry,weaving,gardening or wine making but wouldn’t it mean so much more if you could teach them directly? Why not capture your expertise through various media (recordings, video etc) to share with your posterity.
  5. BE PROACTIVE. Many people always talk about what they will do whenever they have more time or money but truthfully, few people ever seem to move beyond the talk stage and take action on issues that matter. Be the person that takes action to change the course of history, even if it is your own little course of history. Don’t just talk about saving more money, taking more trips, volunteering, being a better friend, getting out of debt, raising the morality bar, stopping discrimination. Leave tracks behind that demonstrate what you did whether you created a budget, attended a march, took someone to chemo treatments, made time for travel, refused to participate just because everyone else does, all demonstrate actions not words.

If you want to leave a legacy you need to stop talking and start acting.

So, how will you leave your legacy? Remember it does not have to be something magnanimous or spectacular but rather something that specifically says,” I left this for you because it mattered to me.”

Interested in writing that book? Jeff Goins has an amazing course out ( I know, I took it!) called TRIBE WRITERS. If you ever wanted to WRITE ANY KIND OF BOOK, the course will give you all the tools you need if that’s the way you’ll leave your legacy. CHECK IT OUT HERE 

Thinking about finally starting that business? LET’s TALK about how to make it a practical and profitable legacy.



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Damage Control for Your Business



No, I’m not planning to talk about the recent political fallout. I’m talking about the type of Damage Control needed when a business looks more like a sinking ship.

Please don’t get me wrong. Nobody plans a wreck. No one wants to cause damage but sometimes it happens and when it does if you don’t control the bleeding there can be a fatality and a business with potential will die.

I love to work with clients helping them grow thriving businesses. Moving someone from an ordinary day job where they feel frustrated into earning an unlimited income where they call the shots is a thrill not only for the client but also for me.

But, nothing can compare to helping someone with a  mediocre, stagnant business learn the strategies to move it into a successful growing business. Unfortunately I sometimes see business owners who wait until it’s almost too late to breathe some life into their business. They have spent far too much time telling themselves their business could heal itself but every month they see the bottom line and know they really aren’t getting any further ahead.

Damage is done and now it’s time for damage control and unless it begins the business won’t survive.

So how do you know if your business needs some damage control? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to determine if your business is healthy and growing or really starting to sink:

  1. Do you lack a steady stream of clients who seek you out?
  2. Have you failed to see a consistent increase in your income stream since your business began?
  3. Are you unsure how and where to market your business?
  4. Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not really getting your business off the ground?
  5. Do you sometimes feel like you should just “close up shop” and get a “real” job instead of trying to be a business owner?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then your business might need some damage control.

In a few days, I am launching an 8 week Telecourse designed to help struggling business owners identify their biggest problem, learn how to locate committed clients, find the best way to market to grow income fastest for their business and discover the strategies to grow their business better.

In addition to the 8 WEEKLY (60 minute) course, each participant will receive 2 individual coaching calls to work on specific issues within their business.

Participation is limited due to the intensity of this training.

Too busy to attend the course? It will be taped and you can listen at your convenience.

If you have been hoping your business would “fix itself”, I can promise you that is never going to happen.

I’d love to help you get the damage control you need to turn your business around.

It’s up to you but this offer goes away in a few days and for those that sit back and think, ” Maybe I will do something in a few months or next year,” Remember, It doesn’t take long for that ship to sink.

You have to plan to clean up an accident, it doesn’t resolve itself.

Got questions about the course? Feel free to shoot me an email.

But, be quick…On Monday October 17 the course is starting and if you are still thinking about it, you’ll have to do the damage control on your own.

Get all the Details about FIX IT…First Aid for a Struggling Business




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When Your Selling isn’t Gelling



You’re really NOT in a productive business if you are not selling anything. Even a not for profit, must “sell” it’s benefits to contributors in order to fund raise. For any business, whether with a product or service, to be successful it must make sales and when that selling isn’t gelling, there is a problem.

Sometimes the problem is obvious; maybe the business owner really isn’t visible, available or promoting a business that is easy to access, maybe the business is in the wrong market, maybe the business has not done the due diligence it needs in order to enter a competitive market.

But, often the problem is much less obvious and what looks like a business that should be thriving is actually a business barely surviving.

When you have taken great pains to begin your business and have worked to develop it internally and externally and yet see little return month after month, something HAS to be done.

Maybe you have a business that was successful up to a point and then seemed to take a tumble and can’t get back on its feet.

Maybe you have run out of ideas about how to get your business earning income.

Maybe you have tried a variety of suggestions but your business still doesn’t seem to be picking up any steam and you just aren’t seeing the sales you hoped for.

Sometimes, it takes a major overhaul and sometimes just a few tweaks but for many business owners, already too close to the issue, it’s difficult to know exactly what to do first or what not to do at all.

On October 17, I am launching an 8 week Telecourse called “FIX IT…First Aid for the Struggling Business”.

Each week will feature a one hour online class and specific exercises and strategies for business owners to help get their business back in the black.

The 8 week program includes two personal coaching calls to each participant to help pinpoint the biggest areas of concern. Participants unable to attend the live presentation will receive a recording of each week’s telecourse and a weekly strategy pack.

If you have selling that isn’t gelling or is you simply want to grow your business with success versus luck, this 8 week program is for you!

Don’t waste anymore time thinking your business will just fix itself.

Sign up now as participation is limited and let’s get YOUR selling, gelling before 2017 starts!

Click on the icon below for details.


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When Your Struggling Business Needs A Fix



Remember when you were a small child and a toy broke? What did you often do? You most likely brought the toy to someone and asked, “Can you fix this?”  You needed first aid for your toy. Or,when either your feelings or your body had an injury, maybe you typically wanted a person you trusted to, “Make it better”.

No one wants to experience hurt or pain. No one wants to feel dejected,frustrated,used up or worthless. People don’t want to have to function with something that is broken, stagnant or ineffective and yet, I see people trying to run businesses like that every day.

I will be totally honest with you. People don’t seek out help unless they need it, but many try to self medicate to the point of only taking it longer and longer to truly achieve a successful outcome or at best a short term fix. Business owners do much the same.

Running a business is a skill, an art, a more complex venture than many people realize. It was more than I realized. When I first began a coaching business, I made mistakes. They weren’t fatal mistakes but they certainly could have been had I not received the help I needed to “make it better” and “fix it”.

Even the best entrepreneurs don’t have all the answers. Coaching was a bit new to me over a decade ago. Being a business owner wasn’t. So, even if you have owned and run one business successfully it doesn’t always mean the next business will follow suit.

Knowing this, I realized there are unique aspects to every business and yet there is a foundation each must have to have any kind of success.

Think of it this way: Eating healthy is preventative. It often prevents you from having to “fix” health issues down the road. Taking time to care for your furnace before winter starts is preventative, assuring you will most likely be able to count on having heat when you need it. Transparency in a relationship is preventative. When someone can be trusted there is a far less likelihood of the relationship crumbling.

But maybe it is too late to be preventative. Some conditions require consistent medication or intervention. Some relationships need formal counselling and sometimes the furnace needs replaced or repaired.

You already know if your business needs prevention or repair. If you are struggling to earn an income, get clients, ramp up your business so it is not a glorified hobby or simple a slow side stream of income, you need something more. If you are doing everything you can think of to get your business into the hands of those who need it but it is still not growing, something is not working and needs fixed.

People who work with me want to help their business grow and prosper. They want to add value and remove barriers. They want a higher level of income and most definitely want to not be stressing out about where their business is headed and if they are going to be able to pay next month’s bills. Some simply want to not have to work so hard to continue to just be mediocre.

If that is you. Yes, I can help your business from sliding down the spirally slope of irrelevant and non prosperous. I can help you repair what damage is done and show you how to prevent it from happening again.

I learned from some of the best coaches and instructors on the planet and I can assure you, no matter what I thought I knew, there was still a learning curve I needed to climb to  make my business better, to make my business strong and to prevent my business from just existing but not making any real income.

I know what you want for your business. You want someone to help it be better. Let’s do this. In mid October, I am launching an intensive “Fix the Business” program. If you ever wanted to fix your business so it could be Better and Booming, this is YOUR chance.

Check out the details here!

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When The Seat of Your Pants Is Ineffective


chinese_boy_with_open-crotch_pants_and_diaperWe can learn a lot of things by the seat of our pants. If you sit around a with a group of people playing bridge and start to play, you might be able to pick up the game after awhile or maybe you want to try to learn to ice skate. You can put on a pair of skates and hold on to a friend and gradually get the hang of ice skating so you can let go and enjoy ( or land on the seat of your pants!)

But would you go to a dentist who learned how to fill teeth by the seat of his pants or trust a surgeon to remove your appendix who learned how by the seat of his pants? How comfortable would you be trusting your children to someone who never earned a degree in education but was learning how to teach by the seat of their pants? What about trusting your wedding photos to be taken by someone who just held a camera in their hands a few weeks before your big day.

When it comes to requiring special services or products, people want the best. They seek out those who others recommend or whose experience indicates they are well seasoned at their game.

When anyone tries to start a business, there is a learning curve but often the biggest reason businesses fail or become glorified hobbies is because the entrepreneur is still trying to do things by the seat of his or her pants.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The owners of many businesses have worn many hats especially at the inception of the business when it is perhaps too prohibitive to hire additional people but once the business is up and running, a smart entrepreneur recognizes when assistance is needed and seeks it out. Sometimes it is in the form of turning to a colleague or taking specialized classes. Sometimes it is in the form of working with a coach to help a business move in the right direction.

There are just some things that never get off the ground when you are trying to do them by the seat of your pants. If you are struggling to get your business off the ground, have you learned how to really reach your niche market or do you keep throwing things against the wall and hope you will figure it out? Are you really offering your market what they want or what you want? Do you know how to ramp up your business to be more unique than your competition or are you frantically trying to figure out what will get more clients in the door?

Do you look at social media as something you have to do or have you learned how to really reach your tribe in the best way? Is your income stream growing consistently or are you desperately trying to get your next client?

Some things are just too important to trust instinct, good luck and ‘on the job’ learning to.

If you are a business owner and your business is NOT growing like you dreamed or hoped it would be, maybe you just need to grow it with the help of a coach instead of the seat of your pants.

I help lots of average or stagnant business owners become happy, thriving and successful entrepreneurs and I can do that for you as well. But, don’t take my word for it. See what several happy entrepreneurs have had to say.

So, when you’re done “working your ass off” let’s help the seat of your pants take a rest and learn how to really become a business super star. Schedule your complimentary call and I will help you see how to take your business to a whole new level.

It’s time. Let’s talk.

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