Admit It..It’s time to Lose Your Virginity


You’ve been thinking about it for some time. Wondering if you finally should take the plunge. Is it the right one? You feel like maybe this is it, so what is stopping you?

Well, it might be time to lose your sexual virginity but the kind of virginity I’m talking about often doesn’t happen spontaneously in the heat of the moment.

I’m talking about the I want to do something different with my life,” virginity or the“ I have an idea but I just don’t have time to get it started,” virginity, or maybe your “This job sucks but where else am I going to make this kind of money?” virginity, even the, “I’m too old, too scared, too set in my ways,” virginity or my personal favorite, “I always wanted to____” virginity.

We are all novices at anything we try the first time. The thing is, there is always going to be one First Time and if you never let yourself experience it you won’t ever know if it was something meant for you or not.

Losing your virginity is scary, exciting, sometimes awkward and most definitely life-changing. Losing your virginity means you will encounter some very bumpy experiences and some of the best of your life. Losing your virginity means taking a bold step into the unknown and sometimes not being able to turn back and losing your virginity means accepting a different level of responsibility and ownership for your actions.

Wondering what it would be like is no substitute for actually experiencing it. At some point you need to stop reading and hearing about the things you dream of trying and start to really experience them.

You can’t truly create a major change by being on the virtutal end of the experience. You are going to have to lose your virginity, lose your fear and lose your inhibitions to really determine if the grass is greener and the experience all you hoped it would be.

Wishing you were your own boss while staying in a dead end job will turn into professional suicide in the long run.

Hoping to learn a new skill won’t advance your expertise unless you actually begin to develop the skill set.

Complaining about your circumstances is like throwing water on a fire while hoping it will re-ignite. You are just sabbotaging yourself using your precious time on more hot air than active pursuits to change your direction.

Dreaming about what you can do with a great idea will not make you master of your destiny. Lots of people have ideas. Successful people start ideas. You can take action or keep dreaming but the outcomes will be very different.

Telling yourself you are too old or too afraid to try something you have always wanted to try is an excuse you invented decades ago to have an alibi on hand whenever you did not want to use the word, “regret”.

Stop with all this nonsense.

Saying, “I always wanted to___” without ever even trying is like promising yourself you will start your diet “tomorrow” every morning of your life.

Losing your virginity is not experienced virtually.

Start your second career while working at your “just a job”.

Invest time or money in learning a new skill or in how to grow your business idea.

Take up a hobby, learn a sport or engage in some activities you have always told yourself, “Someday I will____”

Remember age is a number not a defining destination.

Start the wheels turning for completing the out of the box experience you always said you wish you could do.

Life is short.

Eliminate your fear of the unknown, performance anxiety, nagging second thoughts and worries about what others will think. What matters is what it means to YOU!

If you want to know what doing something you are truly passionate about is like, if you want to make the decisions instead of having them always made for you, if you want to lead instead of always being the follower, if you want to move beyond your circumstances, if you want to try something new, you will have to lose your virginity and DO SOMETHING you haven’t done before.

Everything is not regrettable except doing things we wish we would have done.

Stop regretting what you can do something about.

Isn’t it about time you became a first timer at making the rest of your life the best of your life?

Kathy Brunner is an author, speaker and branding specialist who helps people make their passion happen. LEARN MORE about how she can help you re-invent your life. Sign up for the FREE NEWSLETTER, to help you get started on your way.THIS

This article first appeared in MEDIUM

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Getting Paid to Die Slowly

People are paid for all kinds of reasons but choosing to earn money for a job that is killing you seems just ludicrous, yet people do it all the time.

I often meet people who have accepting a paycheck working in an area that is slowly killing them, professionally and physically. They are miserable with what they have to do to earn that paycheck and more miserable dealing with all the physical ailments they have faced as a result of their job.

Sounds crazy, right? I know. But, people are always telling me they have to earn their living somehow. I actually talked with a guy several weeks ago who told me he did not think he could find work which would pay him the salary he earns now anywhere else, despite the fact that he already was taking medication for a heart condition, prescription drugs to help him sleep and was working nearly 60 hours a week just to earn the income.

Come on, people. Everyone needs to make money but no one should settle for selling his/her soul to do so, much less your body, heart and spirit.

I know you have bills to pay and commitments to keep but honestly choosing to remain in a job that is costing you your physical, emotional and mental health is suicide.

Maybe you haven’t even realized what working in this environment has already done but here are 6 ways to tell if your job comes with a professional hitman

  1. You start to dread your work as each hour gets closer to having you show up. Work that causes you to become anxious, miserable or despondent can have a long term negative effect on your physical well being.
  2. You feel as though you are invisible at work. You are seldom praised, rewarded, given encouragement or support in the work you do.
  3. You compromise your own values and beliefs in order to do your work.This type of behavior can cause both your mental and emotional state to become irrational or disheartened.
  4. You feel trapped in your career circumstance. You cannot find a clear way out of your current situation to be able to move to more satisfying work. Anytime you feel trapped their is always anxiety and upheaval.
  5. Vacations, holidays and time off really don’t refresh you. Constantly feeling under professional pressure is a time bomb that will sooner or later explode.
  6. “Someday” is a mantra. You tell yourself someday you won’t have to work so hard, so long, for such poor wages, or for such an undeserving boss. If you have been saying, “someday” for more than a year, you already have some detrimental cards in your hand you have to discard if you ever want to think about winning the game.

So, do any of these sound like you? Are you dreading Monday by mid-day Sunday or worse by Saturday morning? Have you found yourself less healthy because of what your job requires? Do you avoid talking to anyone about your job, or worse complain about it all the time?

Have you compromised your family or friend time because of your job?

Is the joy of what you wanted to do with your life smothered because of the burden of what you have to do to survive?

Do you often feel disillusioned, unappreciated, unfulfilled or just plain miserable working?

Remaining in a negative circumstance for any significant length of time can dramatically take a toll of people.

Research has also shown that job insecurity, long hours, heavy demands at work and other stresses can also cut down on a worker’s life expectancy by taking a heavy toll on a worker’s health. The Washington Post

Money may be necessary to survive but if what you’re doing is slowly killing you it seems to be a cruel reward.

Most people think time will change their circumstance but without a plan, time often does little more than add to the moments they perish at their work.

If you are not enjoying your work. If you feel stuck in a rut and know your job is causing you to sacrifice more than your time for the money, let’s talk.

I help people move from day jobs to Dream Work every day. I know how to develop a strategy that can save you from a slow and miserable professional death.

If you don’t take advantage of a 45 minute Complimentary Call to see if we can come up with some ways to change your work life, then maybe I am wrong and you like the slow torture of making a living doing what you hate.

Everybody’s got a goal. Professional death shouldn’t be one of them.



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Ready to Get Naked?

Maybe when you were a little dude or dudette you were afraid of your own shadow, but isn’t it time you learned how to move beyond feat to create your best life now?

My job is to coach people on how to earn a living doing what they love to do.

Some people find learning how to toot their own horn to be a bit like swimming naked. They want to try it and even might just let out a little bit of a whistle but like disrobing half way, they end up never really getting down to the full monty.

Sure self promotion can seem like swimming naked. You can feel vulnerable and awkward or unashamed and relaxed.

It all depends on how it’s done.

Promoting yourself is essential if you want your business to thrive.

Passing out a few business cards at a conference or offering a comment now and then on social medial hardly is going to make you memorable.

I have coached so many people with businesses which had so much potential but were stuck making little to no profit because people simply did not know the right way to market their services or products.

Spending money or time on the wrong kind of marketing or in the wrong social media venue for your business is like swimming naked in shark filled waters or in places where complete nudity is strictly forbidden

There is a right way to market each business and a wasted way.

When I talk with clients who feel awkward about self promotion, I realize it is because society has made us ashamed to flaunt are skills and talents and yet that is exactly what having a thriving business needs.

There is an art to self promotion and it must be learned or your business will stay obscure and ordinary.

Self promotion should not be uncomfortable or unnatural. It should not be difficult or insincere.

Your business is YOUR skin. You HAVE to be comfortable in it.

People don’t care how many degrees you have or how many certifications are hanging on your wall. They care that you are good at what you do and they can expect results from you.

BUT…They need to know about the results and about what you can deliver.

AND…They need to know it in a way that does not sound embarrassed or insecure.

I might not choose to swim naked just any old place but certainly the freedom of being au naturale can be invigorating in the right venue.

What about you? Do you need to learn how to market your services in the best place and in the best way?

What good is a great business if it just exists and doesn’t grow?

You didn’t start your business just to survive, did you? That’s a lot like trying to swim in a teaspoon.

No matter what type of business you have, I can help you make it thrive.

Let me show you how to get “naked” in the big waters.

Looking to move from Day Job to Dream Work?


It will be worth it. I PROMISE!

Sign up for a free no-obligation consult today.

This article first appeared on MEDIUM

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Missed the Boat or Still Waiting for It to Come In?

At some point in your life, you might realize you have missed a chance you think won’t return.

When you’ve missed the boat it can smack you between the eyes and be a wake up call or it can simply leave you watching from the shore waving bye to a dream that is not going to happen.

At one point, I had a miss the boat moment too. You can read more about it HERE.


  1. Hesitate Waiting for the Right Moment to Get On. Here’s a tip: If the crowd is moving in a certain direction and you want to see what is going on, you have to move too or risk getting trampled on and not seeing it at all.
  2. Read the Wrong Timetable. You think the boat will leave when all the stars align in your life,only to find that you have misread the schedule and won’t be making the trip afterall. Waiting to get on a boat that has already departed is foolish.
  3. Get On the Wrong Ship. Oh, you’re on a boat but it isn’t going to the place you want to be because you weren’t diligent about looking at the ports of call and just assumed you could magically arrange a detour at the right time. This is not the boat you were hoping to take.
  4. Are Trying to Get on at the Wrong Location: the airport, train station, bus stop or subway is not going where you want to go. You can’t sail on a boat unless you’re on the water no matter how badly you want to.

Sure, these are just examples of  why something you wanted did not happen, but they are applicable to many life experiences whether in relationships, careers or personal goals.

Trying to make something work from the wrong perspective is futile.

Did you wait too long to commit to the career of your dreams?

Have you tried to force a business that isn’t going anywhere to improve?

Are you giving a situation everything you have got only to find out that this is not what you really want in the long run?



Waiting for results can be as frustrating as missing an opportunity the first place.

Maybe Your Business Ship Has Not Come In Because:

  1. It Never Really Left Shore. So many people are waiting for something to return that they never launched in the first place. I can’t tell you the people who really have a glorified hobby rather than a business but still think their ship will come in with a bountiful treasure.
  2. It’s Off Course. No ship is going to dock that is stranded without a clear plan on how to move into a secure place.
  3. The Wrong People are Steering It. If you don’t have the right people in place to make your business work successfully, your ship is just going in a circle rather than towards a destination.
  4. You have Ship Malfunctions. You don’t know how to find your clients. You’re stuck trying to compete with your competition. Your delivery model is inefficient. You’re spending money on the wrong things.
  5. You Don’t Know When It’s Time To Return. So many people keep throwing things into their business when they really need to return to shore and disembark, refuel, realign and then determine when to set out on course again.

People who have an idea want to grow it successfully. Those that have started to see it bloom want to make sure nothing will interfere with its growth.

You don’t start a business to have it fail and yet many people try to keep a struggling business afloat with little more than a wish and a prayer.


You don’t save a sinking ship with a teacup.

If you know you have missed the boat about your business or perhaps it’s looking like your ship is never going to come in, make a decision today to finally get on course.

FIX IT…FIrst Aid for a STRUGGLING BUSINESS starts in a week. 


It’s up to you. The waters can be treacherous, the journey intense. You can save yourself or choose to drown.

But, you know what you need to do.

Here’s a lifeline. Let’s Get You On Course and Enjoying the Ride!

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When Your Selling Isn’t Gelling!


You’re really NOT in a productive business if you are not selling anything. Even a not for profit, must “sell” it’s benefits to contributors in order to fund raise.

For any business, whether with a product or service, to be successful it must make sales and when that selling isn’t gelling, there is a problem.

Sometimes the problem is obvious; maybe the business owner really isn’t promoting a business that is easy to access, maybe the business owner is in the wrong market or has not done the due diligence needed in order to enter a competitive market.

But often the problem is much less obvious and a business that should be thriving is barely surviving.

When you have taken great pains to begin your business and have worked to develop it internally and externally and yet see little return month after month, something HAS to be done.

You didn’t become a business owner to lose sleep OR money!

Maybe you have a business that was successful up to a point and then seemed to take a tumble and now can’t get back on its feet.

Maybe you have run out of ideas about how to get your business earning income.

Maybe you can’t seem to get the clients you know your business could serve perfectly.

Maybe you have tried a variety of suggestions but your business still doesn’t seem to be picking up any steam and you just aren’t seeing the profit you hoped for.

Maybe Your Selling’s Just Not Gelling!

Sometimes, it takes a major overhaul and sometimes just a few tweaks but for many business owners, already too close to the issue, it’s difficult to know:

  1. What to do first
  2. What not to touch at all

That’s why FIX IT…First Aid for Your Business was created.

Each week will feature an online class and specific exercises and strategies for business owners to help get their business back in the black.

A business is not a glorified hobby or an accidental piece of good luck.

Good businesses do not just survive. They Thrive!

If you have selling that isn’t gelling or is you simply want to grow your business with success versus luck, this 6 week program is for you!

Don’t waste anymore time thinking your business will just fix itself.

Remember when you had a problem and you wanted someone to just “Fix It” and make it all better?

That’s what this program can do for your business and in SIX WEEKS!

Check out what some of my clients who have taken the course have to say.

FIX IT…Before your dream business becomes your biggest nightmare.

Kathy is a coach for new and seasoned entrepreneurs and people looking to move from a day job to their Dream Work as a business owner. Want to chat with her about your business? Schedule a Complimentary Consult today.

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Ever think you are or want to be INVISIBLE?

Although I may not look invisible,I really feel like I have been swimming underwater lately. If you follow me on, you will know why.

Short summary: Rescue dog I got a year ago developed a very rare cancer tumor on his skull. After two weeks of a needle aspiration which identified cancer, then a bone biopsy which identified which kind and a C.T. scan which determined it was inoperable, we ended up putting him down on a beautiful May afternoon,(a year to the day we rescued him) outside on the porch where I often do much of my work. (I’m there right now!)

The past two weeks I have felt disconnected and semi-responsive. I know I wasn’t myself as my daily routines seemed to have melted away.

In the midst of it all, I celebrated a birthday and rescued a new pup.

It’s easy to feel less than comfortable when a crisis hits. If you are like most people you like routines and predictability.

I do too.

But, routines and predictability are only good when they don’t cause you to spin your wheels further into the mud and much of inaction and disconnect.

Routines that help us thrive are successful.

Routines that cause us to drown are not.


I had my time of grieving and feeling displaced and not quite there but little by little, I knew what would help me be able to tread water again.

So that’s why I rescued a new put. Having two dogs is a routine that’s good for me.

It’s not even like the two dogs are best friends or I think they ever will be.

For now, I’m just in it for me.

Sometimes that is what you have to do to get started on the right track. You need to be a bit selfish, a bit self centered and a bit bold.

Selfish to help yourself do what is best for you.

Self-centered to help you take good care of yourself so you can return to the person you really are meant to be.

Bold so you can push beyond the desire to just melt away or sink deeper into the water and move on to where you know you want to go.

It isn’t easy but staying invisible means losing touch and neither I nor you want to do that.


Maybe you have been through the “wringer” lately. Maybe you have not been yourself and you have been distracted by the obstacles life has thrown in your path.

It’s okay. It happens to everyone.

But you can’t stay underwater forever. You can’t run and hide until all is right with the world.

People need you and you need to reconnect with them.

This week, it’s back to coaching and teaching, writing and being a lot more visible.

You know why? You miss a lot when you are invisible. You miss the chaos and the scary but you also miss the joy and the a beauty.

Life is balance.

Flowers and mosquitoes. Birds and snakes. Medicine and Margaritas. Work and Play. Tears and Laughter. Confidence and Fear.

Take time this summer to rise to the surface and take a big breath of something new you want to try.

RELAX, REFRESH, RESURFACE, and REMEMBER…you will never experience everything life has to offer while INVISIBLE.


Want to make this summer the one where you start your second stream of income that could lead to something BIGGER?


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How to Air Traffic Control Your Life

If you know anyone who works in air traffic control, you know their job is critical to helping people who fly aircraft.They are like crossing guards on uber-steroids.Keeping hundreds of planes from moving into oncoming aircraft space can seem mindboggling and somewhat unmanageable and yet, people the world over say that airline travel has become safer with each passing day.

The control panel in the picture can look overwhelming and confusing. Pushing the wrong button can be deadly. That’s where the air traffic controller’s skills can come in.

Sometimes life can look a bit like that.

When you stop and think about it, most people have the privilege of being the air traffic controlers of their life, but often we might not assume that right.

Certainly you can’t control the weather, who you are related to or what the traffic might be, but you can be the air traffic controller for the countless options you have in you life on a daily basis.

You can do that at first by simply deciding what thoughts you will choose to dwell on.You can re-route thoughts that impede your success or even extinguish those which add  negativism into your day.

Sometimes people choose to do this by limiting what type of  social media they permit into their space.They make a conscientious decision not to let their day be influenced by the opinions of others or the barrage of news which often puts a damper on even the most positive person.

When I work with clients who are their own worst enemy, often they have a mindset that sabotages their efforts.One of the first things I do is give them strategies for reducing and even eliminating the mindsets that have so often determined where they end up even with the best of their intentions.

You have to be the air traffic controller of your mind if you don’t want to end up derailed on a regular basis.

It sounds easy, but it really isn’t.

It’s far easier to let the day just unwind and settle for what happens and yet many times we end up in places we never intended to be and in situations we never thought we would be dealing with, because we didn’t choose when we had the chance; we didn’t decide when we were given an option and we didn’t re-route the nay-sayers when they derailed our plans.

Think about how many times you made decisions just to make other people happy.Keeping the peace often becomes an excuse for why people stay in situations where they are truly unhappy.

Whether you are unhappy because you didn’t choose the restaurant you could have eaten at when given a chance or didn’t take the career route you wished for because you felt compelled to follow tradition, you permitted something or someone to get in the way of the journey you wanted to take.

If you want something that matters to you, you have to decide how to make the choices and create the paths to make it happen.

You must decide what you will let into your mindset, who you will permit to direct your destination.You must choose how and even whether you react to a particular barrier.You need to know when to re-route to move around the obstacles or when to turn around and take a different direction.

Life is not just random.You have more control of whether you end up where you want to be or settle for something you never expected than you might think you have.

Lack of planning and making decisions good for you might have cost you ending up in destinations you had no interest in visiting but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Your thoughts are your thoughts.Your choices are your choices and your journey is your journey.To get where you want to be, you have to make sure the person directing your destination has your best interest in mind.

You can’t control some things but you most certainly can control what you think about, what you react to, who you permit into your life and the direction you want your life to go.

Stop putting your journey into someone else’s hands who really cares more about where they are going than whether you reach the destination you hoped for.

When it’s time for a choice, make it. When you know a decision is called for decide.When you don’t like where you are headed, plan a different direction and when you need to remove an obstacle, work towards its elimination.

Pick up the controls and learn how to be the air traffic controller of your life or you can end up the victim of a self sabotaging accident you actually caused.

Kathy is a coach for people who want to move from day jobs and become entrepreneurs.She has helped many people start side incomes and new businesses, finally doing dream work they once only imagined. Have a idea for a business or wonder how she can help you jump start your dream?


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How to Make Money When You Need It

People seldom turn down getting more cash into their hands but there are SIX significant reasons why you should absolutely be thinking about developing a way to earn Money When You Need It.

I’m not talking about mad money or money that’s just fluff.

I’m talking about creating an income stream that allows you to have peace of mind and be able to live at the minimum, a comfortable lifestyle.

I’m also not talking about definitely throwing your day job overboard, although it sure is a plus when you have created the kind of work that allows you to do that if you want to.

I’m talking about creating an income stream you can depend for making Money When You Need It.

Why? Because no one ever says, “I will never need any more money in my life.” and because you can change your future by developing your income stream today.

Why? Because being able to earn Money When You Need It is a lot like preventative financial medicine, without the stress of worrying about market swings or investment strategies.

Here’s Why You Should Create a Way to Get Money When You Need It


1.Employees have never been less certain of continued employment even with a stellar performance review or prestigious title.Companies are bought, sold and dissolved in the blink of an eye. You are expendable. If you are depending on your job as your sole source of income until you no longer work, you need to be making other plans like, yesterday!

2. You may need more money in retirement than you planned for. Medical needs, unexpected auto or home repairs and changes in independence may necessitate additional income on hand.You also might discover you finally have the time to do what you love, so why not make money doing it?

3.Even a perfect marriage hits bumps and some of those bumps might turn into craters or even black holes and when that happens you might be looking at needing a larger income to support yourself or those for whom you are responsible.

4.More jobs are becoming obsolete and those without alternative ways to make income can be left without a viable way to be marketable or even relevant.

5 Even when you love you job, circumstances can make full time employment a hardship. Ask any new parent who needs to leave a child to return to work or someone who needs to provide care for a loved one with medical needs.Being able to earn income without full time employment can make that transition much more palatable and far less stressful.

6.People grow and change.You may discover that the work you once had a passion for is no longer enjoyable.Maybe it is more difficult for you to respond to the physical demand of the job or maybe you have just become bored, stressed or disillusioned by your current work.Without a way to make Money When You Need It, you can only stay where you are whether it is a good fit or not.

So how do you earn Money When You Need It?

You use what you have and GROW WHAT YOU KNOW. 

Most people don’t realize how much income they can make growing a skill, passion, talent or even a cause that pulls at their heartstrings.Most people also don’t realize they don’t need credentials or degrees to build their income stream.

Most people have already convinced themselves they will just “work, retire and live happily ever after”, until one day something they never planned for becomes a sad reality.

Several times a year I offer a 6 week course on Jump Starting a way to create an income stream. I cannot tell you the times I hear people tell me they wish they would’ve taken the course sooner.

The future is unknown. Why let anyone else tell you if, when or how you can earn income?

Life might be nothing short of perfect now, but tomorrow everything could change.

How much less anxiety would you have if you knew you could create Money When You Need It?

Don’t let something you never planned for change everything.

Instead, change everything by planning for something you only dreamed of.

You Can Do This!

Take a look at GROW WHAT YOU KNOW. It’s life changing.

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The Myth of All By Myself

Anyone who has ever parented or worked with a young child knows how adamant he/she can become when they don’t want help to achieve a task. Whether it’s trying to reach a water fountain or learning to tie shoes, that line, “I can do it by myself.” can send even the calmest adult into a tizzy.

It takes a great deal of patience and gentle persuasion to let the youngster believe he is being independent while you try to offer assistance. Sometimes it’s not possible to convince a child to accept help. I can still remember having a 4 year old throw a temper tantrum because I tried to help him get into a T Ball uniform that he insisted he could handle himself. The tantrum was bad enough, then there was the interminable wait while he attempted to put his head into his sleeve.

 Needless to say I had to let him know if he was late, he would not be in the line up ( Okay, yes, it was a made up mom thing) but not wanting to miss the game he finally relented and was willing to accept some help getting dressed.

Sometimes independence is a great characteristic but when it interferes with moving forward, it can be an albatross.

People who survive catastrophic incidents often credit the many people who stepped in to assist them in dealing with their new normal.

Ever try to organize a big event? It’s hard to even fathom how to go about it without the assistance of others to help things run smoothly.

Even when learning how to navigate a new experience, it helps to take along a friend or family member for support.

I am always amazed and amused by adults who want to change careers, move into owning a business or start another income stream who react much like the young child in assuming they can do it all themselves.

The truth is…nobody IS an island. Even the most successful business icons learned from models and mentors. Whenever you are starting a new adventure, it truly does help to have the advice, suggestions and support from those who have traveled that road before.

I have. I knew I had to learn new strategies and techniques and I am totally grateful to those who coached and assisted me. Without them, I may still be floundering trying to get my business head going through those proverbial “sleeves”.

Beginning a new chapter in your life is no easy task. Asking for help is a lot like finally admitting you need glasses. You realize you no longer see things clearly or with the perspective you should. That’s when it’s time to contact someone to assist you in gaining clarity and developing the tools and strategies to move you forward.

I can’t even tell you the times I hear clients say they wish they would have reached out sooner.

So what about you? Are you still struggling to make your side business work or to find a career you really enjoy?

Yes, you might be able to do it by yourself…EVENTUALLY, but you also might find the obstacles you have to overcome, the time you wasted and the mistakes you made set you back considerably. Sometimes clients give up a dream for that very reason.

They can’t achieve it by themselves so they tell themselves it is not meant to happen.

Don’t sabotage yourself and miss getting into the lineup because you insist you know how to do everything all by yourself.

It’s a lonely world out there for those who insist on needing no one.Maybe it’s time to accept the help that can make a difference.

Want to learn how to grow a side income or start the business of your dreams from your skills, passions, hobbies?


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The Entrepreneur’s Toe Pick


If you skate one of the first things you learn is how your skates work. Failing to learn how to use your toe pick correctly can be quite unfortunate.

If you are an Entrepreneur one of the first things you should learn is how and when to use the skills you have effectively. Failing to learn this is also quite unfortuntate.

More than 17 million viewers tuned in to watch the Olympics hearing  the stories of determination and heart of countless athletes.

It’s more than amazing to watch a chance for medals be separated by a hundredth of a second at times.It’s also equally amazing to witness the resilience and spunk of many athletes who are attending their first Olympics despite years of rejection not making the team.

There is one common thread with all the athletes.

They didn’t get there alone.

They all had a network of support and guidance and more importantly they had a coach who helped them develop their skills to face the competition.

If you want to really be a rockstar at what you do one of the best ways to go about making sure that happens is to work with someone who has the experience to help you really maximize your strengths.

Being a Entrepreneur is much like an Olympic event.

You need to perform at your best, you need to be better than the competition, you need to develop the right mindset to achieve what you set out to achieve and you need to be resilient in the face of obstacles.

It might look easy from the outside.Snowboarding and ice skating may look like no big deal initially as well; that is until you realize just how many others have the same goal: to be the absolute best!

Being an Entrepreneur is a skill.It takes practice, a specific mindset, a resilient spirit and well honed skills to create and sustain a successful business.

There are tons of skaters and skiers who never make it into the Olympics, many who never compete,they don’t need a coach because they are happy just enjoying the sport.It’s a hobby; something they enjoy just for the fun of it.

There are also many Entrepreneurs who really never earn a living from their business.They are in it “just for fun”, often even when they don’t really want to be.

Maybe they want to really make their business sizzle and grow but they don’t invest in what can help them do that.

When I was a new Entrepreneur, I chose to work with a coach. It was a game-changer because I learned so many strategies and techniques that helped me move beyond settling for just an average business.

Just like an Olympic athlete learns basic skills and then with the help of a coach learns how to work on perfecting those skills to develop signature moves to compete, working with a coach can create an entirely new level of growth for an Entrepreneur.

Many athletes are happy with pumping iron in the gym or running a local race. I applaud all who take the time to be more than a mere couch potato.

For those who want to move into more intense competition, working with a personal trainer or coach is inevitable.

If you want your business to be more than a hobby and want to be earning the kind of money you need to support your lifestyle from your business, getting a coach is the best investment you can make.

I know. I did and it made all the difference.

So, how are you doing in the Entrepreneur Olympics?

Are you still a by-stander, watching from the sidelines, have you put on your equipment but are not exactly sure what to do next or are you ready to go for Gold and earn what you know you deserve?

Knowing how and when to use your toe pick makes all the difference to a skater.

Knowing how and when to use your business strategies makes all the difference to an Entrepreneur.

Ask any Olympian if they could have competed without a coach.

Either you are serious about creating a thriving business or you’re not.

Either you train to be the best or you choose to be typical.

A coach can make the difference between whether you have a hobby or a serious commitment and whether you are just calling yourself an Entrepreneur or actually are making money being one.

Don’t hope your business is ready to compete on the big stage, KNOW IT IS!

Think it’s time to invest in your dream? Wonder if a coach can make the difference for your business?

Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT and let’s chat and get to know one another.

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