Living Life on Your Terms

What does it mean to live life on your terms? A simplistic definition might be to do whatever you want to do but that can’t always be possible.Life has rules, parameters, boundaries and often an unpredictable ebb and flow.

Living life on your terms is more about being yourself in each circumstance.It’s about doing what represents your values, beliefs and nature.It’s about not pretending or imagining yourself to be what others want but rather being comfortable in your own skin.

So How Do You Know You’re Living Life on Your Terms?

Living life on your terms means listening to your gut and not waiting for permission to try something you have always wanted.

Living life on your terms means not resigning yourself to letting others live your life for you.

Living life on your terms means taking ownership of your dreams and goals while not being worried or afraid that those dreams and goals don’t meet the expectations of others.

Have you put the things that bring you joy and contentment on the back burner?

Maybe you have told yourself it’s not the right time, or place or even that YOU are not the right person to enjoy those things.

Perhaps you don’t live life on your terms because you are afraid of what others might think, say, or learn about you.

That’s not living. That’s compromising the only life you will ever get.

If you have been waiting to work at your Dream Work and don’t know how to make it happen,is it because you are afraid, insecure, worried about what others might say or just not sure what to do first?

Maybe you hear music that begs you to dance to a different drum but you can’t seem to get your feet moving.

You know you really want to.You know you really need to.You know you really have to, but you’re just not moving.

You just watch, or worse, you dance the waltz when you really want to tango.

It’s NOT your terms and NOT your dream and now it’s NOT even your dance.

See, It’s just like these birds. One is living life on his terms and the other, well the other is just living. Living is not bad but living life on YOUR terms is often spectacular.

Click on picture to watch

Because, Somedays YOU have to dance. The music sounds just right, it speaks to your soul, you feel the rhythm and you just want to break into what makes you, well, YOU!

Ready to move from your day job to your DREAM WORK. Schedule a Complimentary Consult.I have helped many people do just that and I want you to enjoy your dance before your music stops as well.

Don’t miss the chance to dance when the music speaks to your heart.

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My New Rescue Dog and the Picture in Your MInd

This has been a week of mixed emotions for me.On Monday we said “Good-bye” to the Weimaraner we rescued more than 12 years ago.He truly was an amazing animal and one I bonded with completely.Everything about this week has been bittersweet.

Tomorrow we will arrive to meet our new special boy and take him back to his now furever home.I am anxious, excited and scared.I hope that the picture of what comes next in my mind will come to pass.

That’s what it is like to dream about something and then realize it has the potential to happen.

Now, don’t get me wrong.I’m no Pollyanna.I have another dog at home and know there will be some bumpy times until everyone settles in.Expecting this helps me be realistic but I still have some anxiety about those bumpy moments.I’m in this rescue for the long run and am willing to do what it takes to make that picture in my mind of two happy dogs playing and loving life together happen.

What about that picture in your mind? You have a picture in your mind too; a dream, a vision of what you really want to be doing.I bet you feel mixed emotions about that dream as well.

Maybe it’s still a dream because you are nervous,excited and scared and because you know there would be bumpy times trying to make it happen. Maybe it’s still a dream because as much as you want it to happen you just can’t seem to get started.

So it stays just a picture in your mind.

Every time we want something badly enough and let it stay just a picture in our mind, we lose a little part of our soul. It’s a lot like being hungry but not letting yourself eat anything.

The picture in my mind started several months ago. A starved dog, just skin and bones crossed my pet searches.He was too famished for a vet to even estimate his age. But, I knew this dog was the one for me.

I will travel 1000 miles to get this animal and bring him home.I will be nervous, excited and scared to meet him as I wonder if it will work out.

Let’s face it, we never know whether the picture in our mind will really work out until we try.

And I am not satisfied having my picture be another person’s reality.So I will take a chance.

Maybe it’s time for you to do the same.Stop dreaming about the picture and take a chance living the reality.Take that first step towards something you really want.

Because the picture in your mind becomes someone’s reality every day.

Isn’t it time it became YOURS?

I’ll keep you posted, but for now, here’s a before/after of the picture in my mind.

Tomorrow he becomes my reality.



Ready to get that picture in your mind of the work you love to reality. Schedule a complimentary consult today!

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Making Sure Your Start Up Can Stay Up

Starting a business is much like having a baby.You plan and plan for months, taking care of details, making sure no stone is left unturned as you count down to the big event.Sure sometimes there are a few glitches and things that go wrong but most of the time the planning and procedures you take prior to the big event pay off.

However all that meticulous diligence and attention you gave your business when it started often goes into autopilot.Initiallly your customer base grows, you are getting great reviews and enjoying the fruits of your labor,but just like the terrible twos that seem to change a sweet little bundle of joy into a demanding and obstinate toddler, things in your business start to change.

You might notice your customers are checking in with new competition.Products and programs that once were in demand now have few takers.As you watch your revenue drop, you realize your business just isn’t what it was or could be.

Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on what is wrong.You just know that this isn’t the direction you hoped your business would take In some fields, new regulations change how you can do work.Sometimes you feel overwhelmed trying to know what to work on first.

That’s why you need to attend the FREE TELESEMINAR, Creating a Relevant Business.


In today’s world status quo just doesn’t cut it.That’s just what everyone expects out of a service or product. There’s no “WOW” to status quo and definitely no promise of growth or long term success.

If your business is in status quo stage or hanging on to anything but thriving you need to act NOW.Thinking things will turn themselves around is dangerous and foolish.

There are specific actions you can take to make sure your business remains RELEVANT, RESILIENT and not REDUDANT.

Whether you are thinking about starting a business or already own a business.You won’t keep a start up staying up unless you know how to make your business RELEVANT.

What do I mean relevant?I mean a business that is well aware of exactly what its customers want not just today but next week and even next year,what changes need to take place and has a plan to grow with the times.I mean a business that learns how to anticipate needs before they occur,a business that exceeds expectations, a business that doesn’t just work but that WOWS.

Without a relevant business you will lose ground, lose customers and lose revenue.

So whether you are thinking of starting a business or already have one, join me for a FREE TELESEMINAR on Monday May 15…How to Create a Relevant Business.

I promise you’ll be glad you took the time to make sure your start up can stay up.

You’ll learn the most important things you can do to help your business continue to thrive.


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There are countless new businesses opening daily.I live in Georgia, which was once again ranked the #1 place to start a business in the country(WOOHOO!).But there is no hiding the fact that 96% (YIKES!) of businesses fail within ten years of starting.

Given such grim statistics one would wonder why even bother becoming a business owner!

Yet, owning your own business is a TICKET TO FREEDOM in many ways.You can set your own hours (although you will most likely work more than a typical 40 hr. work week), determine how much income you really want to make and even choose who you want to work with.You certainly don’t have those kinds of choices as an employee.Sure, being your own boss comes with some pretty significant responsibilities but I don’t hear from successful business owners about how they wish they were employees and I know my fellow coaches don’t either.

So why do only a handful of businesses succeed?While there may be statistical data that point to a specific set of critieria.I think the number one way to remain a successful business is to be RELEVANT.

As a business owner you must evaluate how relevant your business is.It’s not just a matter of whether it is making a profit today but how well will it succeed in making a profit next year, three years from now or even ten years from now?

There are some significant questions business owners and potential business owners need to ask themselves on a consistent basis to make sure the business is RELEVANT and SUSTAINABLE. Some of those questions include:

What will it take to stay profitable in ten years?

How will the way I meet consumer’s needs now change in the next year, five or ten years?

What is the first step I need to take in making my sure my business has relevancy?

What is the best way to stay top of mind and develop a strategy for remaining relevant?

What aspects of my business are thwarting its ability to stay relevant and prosperous?

If you are thinking of starting a business or already are a successful business owner, keep in mind that relevance can be lost in a single interaction especially with the way people communicate today.

Do you want to make sure the business you start or have will be AROUND IN TEN YEARS?

If you want to be sure your business has what it takes to be relevant, join me on Monday May 15 at 7:30 p.m. for a FREE TELECONFERENCE


Don’t just start a business. Start a legacy!


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Are You a Settler?

If someone asks what you do, have you ever described yourself as a settler?

In the Pioneer days, settlers took a stand and created a habitat often where there were few other people but we don’t talk much about people being settlers today.

But you might well be a settler.

The type of settler who is not going make history but is going to make excuses.

You know this type of settler.The person who wants to lose weight but never starts a diet or exercise program.The one who really wants to reconcile with members of his own family but fails to ever pick up the phone and make the first call.Have you been telling yourself someone should do something about a particular situation that moves your heart, but you have not taken the first step to be that someone? Do you dislike the work you are doing but have no plan for how to change that?

What have you settled for that you are not proud of?

There are as many reasons for settling as there are things we settle for.

Maybe we don’t think we have the resources to do anything but settle.

Perhaps we want to create change but don’t know how to start.

Maybe we think refusing to settle makes us look selfish.

Often we are simply too lazy to do what it takes to stop being a settler.

I know because I was guilty of settling for things I wasn’t happy with too.

Not settling for something often requires us to get out of our comfort zone and stop taking the easy way out and that can be scary, require energy and be time consuming (It takes time to do a work-out at the gym or volunteer for a cause and a lot of energy to look for different work).

But, when we stop settling for what we most likely never really wanted in the first place,we create a kind of new normal that gives us the power to impact our own lives and the lives of others.

What would it be like if today was the last day you settled for the way you looked or felt, the money you made or the circumstances you are in?

What would it be like to stop settling for what you don’t really want?

Settling is not giving up. You give up when you at least try something. Settling is worse.

Settling is giving in and never trying in the first place.

Settling is allowing defeat to become a comfortable companion.

The only way to stop settling is to stop the madness of doing the same thing over and over. To stop saying “Yes” when you want to say, “No”. To quit the things that don’t resonate with you and to seize the opportunity to take advantage of every opportunity to move in the direction you want to go.

It won’t be easy or occur overnight, because we don’t learn to settle in just an instance but develop this behavior over time.

No one but you can decide today is the day you stop settling and start going after what matters to you.

If you are done settling for a career you don’t enjoy. let’s talk. I can show you how to stop being a settler. Schedule a complimentary consult or settle for missing out again.

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Five Things To Do Just For Yourself

The country artist, Toby Keith sang a little ditty a few years ago which included the words;
“I wanna talk about me
Wanna talk about I
Wanna talk about number one
Oh my me my
What I think, what I like, what I know, what I want, what I see…”

Sounds selfish doesn’t it? But I think frequently we fail to recognize the important things we need to do in our life, just for us.

You can spend all your life taking care of a family, loved ones, colleagues and good friends and yet overlook the critical elements you must address to take care of yourself.

I think there are FIVE things every single person needs to make sure they consistently adress in life. These are things that are non-negotiable and actually will help you become a better person because you have made them a priority.



I recently talked with a client who was so stressed out about her current work situation that she wasn’t sleeping, was losing weight and was becoming more and more withdrawn.I told her to see a physician before we began coaching.She hadn’t been to one in years and was in no shape to start looking for a new career when she could barely get through the day.Never compromise your health because you think you don’t have time, resources or because you don’t “feel that bad”. A yearly check-up literally is a life saver.


Every single person has a talent or gift. You don’t have to plan to write a best seller, but if you enjoy writing, then create some time to write. Maybe you won’t be a world famous musician but that shouldn’t stop you from taking those piano lessons you always wanted. Stop telling yourself it’s a silly activity to enjoy your creative side. I have a grown friend who loves to color and another who has tossed some culinary creations in the garbage but that hasn’t stopped her from trying new ones all the time. You miss much out of life by not consistently participating in the things that make you smile.( Even if they end up in the trash)

Sadly, I frequently coach people who have put a lid on their dreams for decades.They come into coaching with more regrets about what they didn’t do than dreams about what they can.Without a dream, a destination, a goal, we live a hamster in a wheel existence. Your dream doesn’t have to be final. Dreams can change but you should take time to regularly ask yourself if you are moving in the direction of your dreams or letting your circumstances become excuses for why you are not.Do you let your dreams be controlled by others or do you regularly take time to plan the steps to get to where you want to be?


Yeah, I know. Everyone wants more money but few people consistently take inventory in looking into where their money is going. Whether you have $5.00 or $5,000, you will never have more if you don’t know how to handle it. It’s more than what you have left after you pay the bills. You need to regularly look at where your money is going. It’s easy to say, “There is nothing left after I pay everything.” but that is not a strategy. A strategy is a budget, an inventory and a plan. If you don’t know how to get there yourself,Dave Ramsey has some excellent free resources.Money doesn’t buy happiness but the peace of mind having control over your financial resources can be life changing.


People are frequently reluctant to take time for themselves. Parents, especially ones working outside of the home feel guilty taking any time away from their children. Mothers often understand the need to take a respite break and yet are critical of other women who have regularly schedule time just for themselves. You are only human. Everyone needs a break. If you have not consistently scheduled in a long walk, window shopping, lunch with a friend, a golf game or even some mindless time on Pinterest, then you need to recognize you are contributing to your own burnout by letting everyone suck up your time. You are not selfish to need a breather, you are smart for scheduling one.


Sometimes you have to be sweet to people who annoy you, but if you have permitted yourself to tolerate abuse, indifference, neglect or constant criticism from people in your life, you deserve better. Stop spending time with people who choke your every breath. Yes, you might have to work for a crummy boss (but only until you find a better job). You might have to attend a social function with some horrible relatives, but if you let them know the rules you play by, you don’t have to be the carpet. You can learn to stay away from and say “no more” to people who want to control you but only if you make this a priority in your life just for you.

Sometimes we need to do things for ourselves because we can and we should.

It’s like putting on your own oxygen mask before you attend to your child if an airplane is going down. You must learn basic survival skills for yourself in order to be even minimally effective for someone else.

When you learn to regularly take time to evaluate your health, finances,time,relationships dreams and inner muse, You become the YOU you were truly meant to be.

What other areas do you think people need to personally and regularly evaluate?

What areas have you allowed others to control for you?

Kathy is a certified career coach who helps people move from day jobs to Dream Work in new careers or as a business owner. Need to run an idea by her or talk about a career plan?Sign up for a complimentary consult today!
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What About Your Show?

When a baseball player first gets to the major leagues, he is welcomed to the “show”. The phrase,”You’re going to the show” often signifies a move up into a truly professional league, whether baseball, hockey or basketball.

Years of practice, hard work, commitment and discipline finally pay off with an opportunity to show off skills at the highest platform.

Players in all sports dream of the day they get to the “show”.

What about you? What do you imagine your chance at the “show” will be?

Are you hoping to make an impact in your current career but just not sure how you might go about that yet?

Do you see yourself starting a non-profit and creating a change you have always dreamed about?

Or maybe you have a little voice that is constantly telling you to start a business and take the skills you have and create a lifestyle you always dreamed of.

Everyone has an idea of what their “show” might look like.

No player would ever choose to miss an opportunity to play in the show even if they did not feel truly ready.The “show” is the ultimate goal.

Not always true for those looking to live out career dreams however. Often, even people who have spent a great deal of their lives honing skills for their chance at their “show”, hesitate, make excuses or talk themselves out of performing on the biggest stage of their lives.

If you have been thinking about changing a career direction for some time, you have no doubt spent some time imagining what your life would look like and what role you would have in the “show”.That is exactly what happens to every athlete. They take time to envision, create a plan to achieve what they want and then begin the steps to get closer to that major performance. They work with coaches and specialists who help them get to their destination more efficiently.

Maybe you have an idea or dream but you are stuck creating the plan and taking the steps.Trust me, like a dedicated athlete that practices and practices a skill, there are steps to take to help you achieve the exact career goals you imagine.

All it takes is saying, “Yes”…

“Yes, I am ready to start working towards my ultimate goal”

“Yes, I want a specific protocal I can follow to help me be the best I can be at my “show.”

“Yes, I am willing to commit to a plan for success.”

“Yes, I believe I have what it takes to get to the show.”

And of course,when it’s time, “Yes, put me in coach, I want a chance at the show!”

Don’t stop at your dreams or ideas.Imagine if Babe Ruth just thought about playing baseball or Jack Nicklaus never played golf except at Putt-Putt?Imagine if Bill Gates waited until he thought the world was ready and deserving of computers or if Walt Disney let all the naysayers talk him out of his wild imagination?

You know what you want.It’s not up to others to chart your path for you.You don’t need approval from the gods to use a skill or talent you have to create a life you want.

What you need is your own permission to say,”Yes”, because dreaming about the “show” and performing in it are two entirely different things.

Maybe you have been dreaming for a long time. Isn’t it finally time to work with a coach and start your journey to that stage?

Every person who has ever been to the “show” will tell you it was worth everything they did. See what some of my “players” had to say.

So, maybe it’s time to step up to the plate and give it a shot.

Life is short. Don’t miss your chance to play in your own game! The best performance of your life could be just around the corner.


Kathy is a certified career coach that works with people looking to switch careers or start their own business.She offers a Complimentary Consult Call to anyone looking to get to the “show”
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You Had me at Merlot, I Know, So Let’s Go

(This is one of my favorite posts. Updated from two published several years ago…ENJOY!)


Yes, I know, that’s not what SHE SAID.

She also never said, “You had me at “Van Gogh” or at “Bordeaux”.  But I bet the headline caught your eye and you just had to take a look and now you’re thinking, “Wait, this is not going to be about wine and good times at all.”

Wait…Stop! It is!! Well, it is going to be about whiners which agreed, is nothing like fine wine, but if you leave you’ll miss the part where the party begins and everyone likes a good party, so stick with me and I’ll finish the story.

Because maybe this story is really YOUR story.

Maybe you ARE looking for some good times; maybe even some great times and maybe you really want to begin to see the sparkles back in your life, the joy, the pleasures, the moments when you jump out of bed excited to begin another day.

Maybe you have a lot of ideas about what would make things different but you are just stuck trying to get any started. Well. I know how to help you find those good times and get to that joy. I’d love to take you to that party, but as long as you’re in the middle of your own Unhappy Hour having your favorite Whine, I don’t stand much of a chance tearing you away.

You know that pity party where you feel overwhelmed with your life, disappointed in nearly every aspect of where you are or where you are headed and full of regret and sorrow over the mistakes and errors of your ways, the time you wasted, the dreams you never pursued?

When you are so invested in that soiree’ you can’t see what you are cheating yourself out of experiencing and little will make you stop pouring another glass of “poor me” while you sob yourself into a state of “nothing ever works out for me.”

It’s hard to compete with a Whine and Unhappy Hour Affair, but if I could get your attention long enough to invite you to try a different kind of get together, you might discover a way to reinvent those good times, reimagine that dream or purpose and recreate the life you really want. I want you to try a different type of Happy Hour with me.

No, It’s not too late. Whether you are 30, 50, or 70 we can have that talk. Don’t get hung up on how much time or money, resources or talent you have. That’s just more Whine.

Life is too short for unhappy hours, whether they are at the bar, in your relationships, in your career or in your life.

Unhappy hours waste precious time we never get back. I know.

Often people think I have always had the job of my dreams or the career to die for. This is far from the truth. I have experienced much of what you may be dealing with now.

If you have ever been unhappy at your job and wishing you could spend more time at home…So have I!

If you have ever felt like you job was not going in a direction you had hoped and you just wanted to do something different…So have I!

If you have felt like your life lacked purpose or a plan…I know that feeling as well.

Even if you have had a great job but just feel like it doesn’t do anything for you anymore…I certainly have felt that as well.

I know what it is like to feel burned out, disillusioned, bored and frustrated even in careers where the pay was excellent and the perks were many.

I also know what it is like to have a fire in my belly and an idea I just wanted to run with.

If you have wished you could just do something you love, something you race to get involved with each day, something that speaks to your soul, I so hear you, because that was once me as well.

There is little you probably feel that I have not already felt.

If you are worried about having enough money to pursue your dreams or if you are trying to figure out how to squeeze some “me” time into an already overfull 24 hours, I have totally been in those shoes.

That’s why I know how to get you to where you want to be with less frustration and as quickly as possibly.

What do you NOT want to regret at the end of your life?

What would you do differently if you knew how much time you had left?

What do you just wish you could wake up tomorrow and start doing?

Because. I asked those questions too and the answers finally made me realize I had to do something about my dream, my passion, my direction and I can help you do the same. WHY?

Because I know…just how you feel. You had me at “I know” .

And I’ll be happy to join you in your Jerry Maguire moment

and Yes, I CAN Show You the Money.

Kathy Brunner is an encorepreneur coach who helps people create a second or third career from their passion. Want the fastest way for her to show you the money you can make from your passion? Learn about her Specialized Programs and sign up for a Free Consultation. 

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Are You an Entrepreneur Having a Fling or a Commitment?


After giving a presentation to a group of business owners last week, I was not surprised to find that some entrepreneurs attending had thriving, prosperous businesses while others were struggling just to make ends meet.

There are a few obvious red flags that separate the successes from the ones struggling and if you are an entrepreneur, it might be helpful to know what those are.


  1. You are all talk and no action. You talk about what you want your business to be rather than taking the steps to get it there.
  2. You are not committed to a  distinct plan to moving your business beyond today or tomorrow
  3. You are leaning  how to grow your business via you-tube videos, webinars, and Google searches (whenever you want to learn something, you head to one of the countless “How To____” podcasts, webinars or online training).
  4. You have no idea where your next client is coming from and can’t reliably predict what type of income you will earn in any given month. (You get excited if someone even visits your website or signs up for a Consultation).
  5. You believe you can be successful at your business without anyone’s help (You avoid spending money on virtual assistants, coaches, technical specialists and/or high end training)

When you are trying to build a business, one of the best pieces of advice I can offer is to make a definite commitment to invest in yourself and build your business with the best tools possible.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with getting some information from a few webinars or free trainings, but it is unrealistic to think you can build a successful business without some specific authority based instruction. That would be like saying it would be possible to build a beautiful home with little to no expertise or professional advice.

If you wouldn’t build a house without specific knowledge in structural engineering, architecture and construction, why would you even imagine you can build a business without the right skills?

Businesses handled like a fling, often don’t know where or when their next client will be coming. Like a fling that has no definite plans or expectations for the future, hoping and wishing for more clients is just like spinning a roulette wheel wishing for some luck.

Great businesses aren’t lucky, they are vehicles that have developed plans and strategies to move in the right direction.

When people tell me they will get a coach when they are more successful, what I really hear is, “When I reach the pinnacle of my success, I will be able to afford it”. But, many people don’t reach that pinnacle ever, because they never sought the services of experts who could help them reduce that learning curve significantly and get there with far fewer scars.

Waiting until you are more successful to get a coach is like waiting until you are terminal to call a doctor.

Great businesses know where their clients are coming from, have successful marketing strategies and consequently have the ability to predict income. Great business owners seek help from those who are experts in their field and continue to grow with the help of coaches who keep them accountable and offer strategies and suggestions which go far beyond a Google search or free webinar.

Owning a business is a huge commitment. Treating it like anything less diminishes its worth and sabotages its growth.

If the business you started has become more like a fling than a true commitment,if it feels like you are stuck in an expensive hobby instead of a growing financial enterprise, if you feel like you are not taking your business as seriously as you should be, then it’s time.

It’s time to decide if you want a fling that offers no assurance that it will be around tomorrow or the next day or if you really want to be a business owner and are committed to doing whatever it takes to make that business work.

Flings can be fun, tempting and whimsical. They require little thought, planning or follow-up. They are temporary and often costly in the long run.

Commitments require responsibility, hard word and strategy. They are based on dedication and the desire to move into the future.

You just have to ask:
” Do I want to do what I love and make it last, or simply do what I do and see what happens?”

If you are ready to work with a coach who can help you move your dreams into a business that grows, lasts and works forever, you can sign up for the COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT and yes, that 30 minutes might seem like a Fling, and maybe like many other successful entrepreneurs, you’ll choose a more committed model.

Either way, A Fling or a Commitment is up to you!

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How Hungry are You?


Have you ever sat down to a meal and said, ” I’m so hungry I could eat a _____?”  When you are that hungry, you often will eat whatever is available. If you are eating in a restaurant, you may order more than typical because you just want some food. Sometimes you will choose something that may not be exceptionally appealing but will satisfy the hunger you are experiencing.

When I am coaching clients, I often discover many are very hungry for whatever they can grab onto to help them make a career leap. They are often desperate for information and tactics which will help them achieve their goal of becoming their own boss.

Now, Don’t get me wrong. Hungry clients are great, but I often caution them to take the time to discern if what they are hearing and learning is really pertinent to them. While I want clients who are ready, willing and excited to make the leap from employee to business owner, I don’t ever want to take advantage of that hunger and coach people who are satisfied with any information they receive.

The problem with being hungry to start a business can mean you permit less than exceptional guidance to satiate you. You might hear countless pieces of information from how to use social media in your business, to how to craft an offer, how to set up your business website to where to locate your ideal client.

While all that information can be vital, your head can be swimming with bits and pieces of anything you grab onto to fill your empty need. By itself each piece of info has its merits but whenever you are simply non descriminate about what you will swallow, you often find that an immediate need was met but a long term need is still present.

In other words, you gain a lot of information but the practicality of what is specific for you is often lost.



  1. Do You Trust the Person You are Getting the Info From?( Everyone can tell you they are an “expert” but are you getting your information from someone who has been there and done what you want to do?)
  2. Are You Getting Strategies Which Make Sense to You? ( Swallowing a lot of information tends to confuse even the most organized person). Make sure you are getting a step by step practical way to satsify the kinds of needs you have for growing your business.
  3. Have You Checked Out the Entire Menu Before Trying to Satsify Your Hunger? (Spend some time really determining what you want before you end up just settling for anything that sounds good.) Yes, You are hungry but would you eat something old, spoiled, or on its last legs?
  4.  Be Receptive to Trying a Few Options. ( There are a lot of coaches and advice out there. You need not settle for one. Schedule strategy calls with several.) Don’t limit satisfying your hunger with the next best thing. Try out a few morsels before you choose something that “tastes” right.  Remember every steak does not taste like every other steak. BE SMART and CHOOSY.
  5. Don’t Confuse Hunger with Panic. Sure some people eat when they are  anxious and some people start to download every piece of info and google every option available when they are up against the wall. If you are about to lose a job or already have, take a moment and just spend some time reflectively. Be proactive about what you will swallow and less reactive because you are scared, confused or anxious. Digest because you want to not because you have no choice.


Right now maybe you have been toying with the idea that you would like to start your own business. Maybe you’ve had an idea in the back of your head for some time now. Maybe you can see the writing on the wall and you know you are in a dead end career. Maybe you are so frustrated you feel hungry for any piece of advice you can get.

I get career hunger. I get career anxiety and career burnout and I totally get career frustration.

I also want clients to realize that I prefer to help them satisfy a long term need than an immediate hunger. What I mean is that I think it’s better to help someone create a plan and a path that will end up getting them where they want to be rather than letting them grab a map and hope they are good independent navigators.

This doesn’t mean I don’t tell clients when I am not a good coach for them. I absolutely tell hungry clients who will settle for any type of help that I may be the wrong coach for them. Yes, I want hungry clients, but I don’t want indiscriminate ones. In the long run, if I help a client change the entire direction of their life by helping them move into successful entrepreneurship, I know I have succeeded in satisfying their hunger the right way.

So How Hungry Are You? Are you hungry enough to want something to satisfy your need but not so hungry you will settle for just anything to fill it?

Are you ready to work with a coach who cares about filling you up for life rather than the next few hours?

Do you want to work with a coach who has your best interests in mind instead of with someone who wants to control your thoughts,opinions and your pocketbook for the next several months?

Do you want a coach who customizes a “diet” for you to succeed in your business rather than who lets you eat everything everyone else has?

Are you hungry enough to try something you never did to get something you never had?

Then…Let’s Do This. Contact me for a FREE STRATEGY SESSION.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have and before you decide you are so hungry you could eat a ________, let’s see if there is anything on my menu that sounds like perfect food for your heart, soul and business.

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