Ever think you are or want to be INVISIBLE?

Although I may not look invisible,I really feel like I have been swimming underwater lately. If you follow me on MEDIUM.com, you will know why.

Short summary: Rescue dog I got a year ago developed a very rare cancer tumor on his skull. After two weeks of a needle aspiration which identified cancer, then a bone biopsy which identified which kind and a C.T. scan which determined it was inoperable, we ended up putting him down on a beautiful May afternoon,(a year to the day we rescued him) outside on the porch where I often do much of my work. (I’m there right now!)

The past two weeks I have felt disconnected and semi-responsive. I know I wasn’t myself as my daily routines seemed to have melted away.

In the midst of it all, I celebrated a birthday and rescued a new pup.

It’s easy to feel less than comfortable when a crisis hits. If you are like most people you like routines and predictability.

I do too.

But, routines and predictability are only good when they don’t cause you to spin your wheels further into the mud and much of inaction and disconnect.

Routines that help us thrive are successful.

Routines that cause us to drown are not.


I had my time of grieving and feeling displaced and not quite there but little by little, I knew what would help me be able to tread water again.

So that’s why I rescued a new put. Having two dogs is a routine that’s good for me.

It’s not even like the two dogs are best friends or I think they ever will be.

For now, I’m just in it for me.

Sometimes that is what you have to do to get started on the right track. You need to be a bit selfish, a bit self centered and a bit bold.

Selfish to help yourself do what is best for you.

Self-centered to help you take good care of yourself so you can return to the person you really are meant to be.

Bold so you can push beyond the desire to just melt away or sink deeper into the water and move on to where you know you want to go.

It isn’t easy but staying invisible means losing touch and neither I nor you want to do that.


Maybe you have been through the “wringer” lately. Maybe you have not been yourself and you have been distracted by the obstacles life has thrown in your path.

It’s okay. It happens to everyone.

But you can’t stay underwater forever. You can’t run and hide until all is right with the world.

People need you and you need to reconnect with them.

This week, it’s back to coaching and teaching, writing and being a lot more visible.

You know why? You miss a lot when you are invisible. You miss the chaos and the scary but you also miss the joy and the a beauty.

[Tweet “Swim underwater if you must to heal and refresh but come up for air and life once you have.”]

Life is balance.

Flowers and mosquitoes. Birds and snakes. Medicine and Margaritas. Work and Play. Tears and Laughter. Confidence and Fear.

Take time this summer to rise to the surface and take a big breath of something new you want to try.

RELAX, REFRESH, RESURFACE, and REMEMBER…you will never experience everything life has to offer while INVISIBLE.


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