When you feel you’re ready, you are fired up and all you want is your turn at bat. The problem with the “Put me in Coach,” mentality is often we think we are ready when we are simply enthusiastic about our potential.

Enthusiasm is great but it won’t make you a success. Success comes from skill, mindset and the ability to be open minded and take direction. It also requires resilience, focus and commitment. Enthusiasm is an emotion. Success is a outcome.

I owned a business for over 20 years. It grew to a 6 figure business affording me the chance to do what I loved with the flexibility to raise a growing family.

Nine years ago I knew I wanted to coach others how to earn their living doing what they loved to do. I was ready to “play the game” but I realized that being successful in one business is no guarantee you will be as successful in another.

I also knew I wanted to have the most successful business I could, so I decided to work with a coach who could help me take my business to the next level.

At first my friends were shocked that after 20 plus years as a successful business owner, I would seek out a coach to help me grow a new business, but it made perfect sense to me.

It was like being really good at ice skating but wanting to become really good at playing the piano. Although there were similar aspects, I was going to be doing something quite different from my first business. Seeking expertise seemed logical to me.

Yes, I was so ready to have my chance at bat but I realized after a few sessions what I still didn’t know. Working with a coach helped me to learn to grow the coaching business effectively, expediently and efficiently.

I am forever indebted for everything I have learned and am a far better coach now than I would have been had I just walked up to the plate, hung out a shingle and believed my former business would create a halo effect for my new one.

Everytime you aspire to learn something new, you will be far more effective if you spend some time honing your skills with someone who has walked in your shoes.

Whether you are considering growing a business or a second stream of income working with a coach can really improve your chances of being successful.


1.How to Find Your Ideal Client

2. The Best Way to Market Your Products/Services

3. How to Set Your Fees and Package Your Offering

4. Learning What Not to Do as You Begin Your Business

5. Focusing on What Will Really Help You Grow Your Business

A good coach will keep you accountable, on task and committed to your goal.

A good coach will help you navigate the obstacles in your path and teach you strategies to help you move your business forward long after you are no longer working together.

If you have even thought of starting a business, I encourage you to work with someone who will help you become the best at what you do. The most successful people in all walks of life often work with coaches to develop the polish that sets them apart from everyone else.

A good coach can help you be extraordinary rather than ordinary and honestly, that is the game changer for a business owner.

Maybe you are ready to yell, “Put me in coach” but when you step up to bat are you sure you will hit the homerun you are dreaming about? Imagine how you will feel if you end up scoreless (making little or no money at your dream job) and are moved back to the farm team or traded (Ouch…maybe having to work as an employee forever to bring in your income!)

Someone once asked me why I thought every business owner should have a coach. I realized it was no different that why olympic athletes work with a coach, a great musician works with a virtuoso, people serious about becoming more fit get a trainer or even why apprentices are mentored by experienced workers in the trades.

Because, if you learn how to do what you want to do from someone who already has learned what you don’t even know you don’t know, you effect the outcome in your favor.


Yes, anyone can play the game, but not everyone can be a star.

You can decide to just participate or be in it for the victory.

What you end up doing makes all the difference on the scoreboard!

Before you are in the line-up, make sure you know your Game Plan!

Got an idea and think it might be time to make some money with it? Already a business owner but feeling like your business is not growing like it should? Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT and let’s see if you’re ready to play the game!