Are You a Settler?

If someone asks what you do, have you ever described yourself as a settler?

In the Pioneer days, settlers took a stand and created a habitat often where there were few other people but we don’t talk much about people being settlers today.

But you might well be a settler.

The type of settler who is not going make history but is going to make excuses.

You know this type of settler.The person who wants to lose weight but never starts a diet or exercise program.The one who really wants to reconcile with members of his own family but fails to ever pick up the phone and make the first call.Have you been telling yourself someone should do something about a particular situation that moves your heart, but you have not taken the first step to be that someone? Do you dislike the work you are doing but have no plan for how to change that?

What have you settled for that you are not proud of?

There are as many reasons for settling as there are things we settle for.

Maybe we don’t think we have the resources to do anything but settle.

Perhaps we want to create change but don’t know how to start.

Maybe we think refusing to settle makes us look selfish.

Often we are simply too lazy to do what it takes to stop being a settler.

I know because I was guilty of settling for things I wasn’t happy with too.

Not settling for something often requires us to get out of our comfort zone and stop taking the easy way out and that can be scary, require energy and be time consuming (It takes time to do a work-out at the gym or volunteer for a cause and a lot of energy to look for different work).

But, when we stop settling for what we most likely never really wanted in the first place,we create a kind of new normal that gives us the power to impact our own lives and the lives of others.

What would it be like if today was the last day you settled for the way you looked or felt, the money you made or the circumstances you are in?

What would it be like to stop settling for what you don’t really want?

Settling is not giving up. You give up when you at least try something. Settling is worse.

Settling is giving in and never trying in the first place.

Settling is allowing defeat to become a comfortable companion.

The only way to stop settling is to stop the madness of doing the same thing over and over. To stop saying “Yes” when you want to say, “No”. To quit the things that don’t resonate with you and to seize the opportunity to take advantage of every opportunity to move in the direction you want to go.

It won’t be easy or occur overnight, because we don’t learn to settle in just an instance but develop this behavior over time.

No one but you can decide today is the day you stop settling and start going after what matters to you.

If you are done settling for a career you don’t enjoy. let’s talk. I can show you how to stop being a settler. Schedule a complimentary consult or settle for missing out again.

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