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Hi Thanks so much for dropping by.

So, You want to get to know me a little better, right?

Well, I was always the girl everyone would come to when they had an idea and it needed development.

BUT…I didn’t always take my own ideas and do the same.  I spent a lot of time wishing and hoping circumstances would change and I would be passionate about what I did…a LONG TIME!

You see,  I really do understand what it is like to feel stuck in a job you don’t like helping to make someone else’s dream come true.

I know the dreaded cycle of having an idea but never feeling like you have enough time, money or other resources to get it off the ground.

And, I know what it’s like to tell yourself, “If I was the boss…”

SO… I became the boss and created a  6 Figure Business and I know YOU CAN TOO!

But it wasn’t easy for me. When I created that business I was “green” and lacked business saavy even though I had a degree and experience in that field.


It took me far longer than it should have to recognize success and stop feeling overwhelmed and over-extended.

I wore all the hats, juggled all the balls and when all was said and done, I knew I had learned a lot.

I knew if I would have known WHERE, HOW OR WHEN to get help, I could have reduced my learning curve and minimized the time it took to become successful. 

I also knew that no matter what your career or job, at some point many people lose the passion or purpose they have for it.

When that happened to me, I realized it was time to do something else and  I knew I WAS passionate about helping people create their ideal jobs from their passions. I knew I was dedicated to showing someone how they could work at not just a day job but really at a DREAM JOB. I had created mine and I really believed everyone deserves to work at something they love to do.

So, I am a certified career coach and  the owner of LAST BRAND STANDING©,  a company dedicated to helping people develop their dream career as an entrepreneur or  an “encorepreneur”( people leaving one career and looking to start a new career as a business owner).

My mission is to inspire, encourage and equip individuals to discover and develop their passion and to create a viable career from it.

BUT…That’s a mouthful so it’s easier to say, “I help people find their passion and make it happen by taking an idea and designing their dream job.”

Oh, and I am the author of two books, ONE MORE SERVING about amazing people who had a defining moment hijack their lives and their incredible responses to that moment and  FINDING YOUR FIRE, the book that encourages you to “Find the Match” and create unbelievable success in your life.

But while it sounds like I may be good at many things, I can assure you I am  NOT the person you want helping you on a ladder( I only go up to the third step), I can’t make a homemade pie crust that looks like anything you might want to eat ( My husband can shame me in that category!), I am a total failure at picking up bugs ( any types, even dead ones. “Call for Help” is my motto when I see one) and no one wants to bowl with me anymore since I sent not one but TWO people to an emergency room while bowling ( yes, bowling, not lacrosse!!)

But I know there are some areas I AM REALLY GOOD AT, like helping people:

  • Identify a passion and purpose
  •  Develop a business from a passion
  • Get from idea stage to opening a business in 100 DAYS or less.
  • Identify a niche market and ideal client
  • Develop the best marketing strategies 
  • Stage  products/services appropriately to sell
  • Develop a platform to help a business become the GO TO BRAND
  • Create sustainable branding for a business.
  • Find a career where they love working
  • Create a plan to move from just a job to a DREAM JOB

But maybe what you REALLY want to know is that I am just an ordinary girl who married my soulmate, have three amazing children and two quirky( to say the least) dogs and several grand dogs and that at any given time the animals often outnumber the people in our home!

I love traveling, dancing, anything Nora Roberts wrote and re-purposing furniture. I host spontaneous wine and cheese nights in our neighborhood, am passionate about eliminating human trafficking and will follow anyone who has chocolate covered pecans! Okay, you’re most likely going to hear about this anyway, so yes, I “misplace” my cell phone quite a bit. It has been located in the trash, freezer and even has shown up in the dog food (what?)

So, Maybe you are wondering  if I’m the right person to work with. Well, let’s see:

  • Are you burned out in your current job, desperately needing some change?
  • Do you need to create another revenue stream?
  • Have you been thinking about starting your own business?
  •  Have a great idea but don’t know if you can really make money from it?
  • Do you want more control of your time and the money you make?
  • Do you have a hobby that you would love to be able to turn into a successful career?
  • Do you own a business but realize it’s not as successful as you know  it can be?
  • Are you stuck trying to find clients or developing your product or services in the right market?

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions, we would be a great match!

Contact me at  and I will be happy to offer you a Complimentary 45 Minute Consult to ask any questions you have about what you want to do or about working with me.

Oh, and yes, I remember that feeling, every Sunday night, when the thought of going back to a job you had no passion for sucked all the joy out of your soul.



I hope you signed up to get the BLUEPRINT for moving from your day job to your DREAM JOB  and that I get to know you better through the NEWSLETTER and BLOG, but mostly I hope I can show you how to do what I did and help you, Ditch your day job for your dream job.

And yes, I will share those bowling experiences when we get to know one another better!


Haven’t you been waiting for your SOMEDAY long enough?