When my youngest son was playing ice hockey, a father who coached his team once told me, ” I think your boy has the ability to play at the next level if he gets some individual coaching.” He did not say he should be that coach or that my son wouldn’t be successful without the coach, only that moving to the next level might need more intervention than he was able to give my son.

Today as a career coach, I can appreciate his insight and realize giving my son access to a coach who worked individually with him on developing his skills for ice hockey opened up many more doors for him.

Coaching people to help them land a dream job or begin their own business is my passion. I’m as excited as they are when they see a dream come to pass. There is nothing as rewarding as hearing from a client several months or even years after coaching has terminated about how happy they are that they followed through and got the results they wanted.

Recently I sent out a survey to some of my former coaching clients just to get their opinions about what really made coaching significant for them. After getting all the responses back, I realize now as I had when I began a career in coaching, 5 essential things every good coach does that make the greatest impact on a client’s success.

I thought I would share those especially with anyone looking to work with a coach

5 Things All Good Coaches Do:

  • They Listen to What YOU Want . It’s not a coaches job to tell you what they want for you although even I have worked with coaches whose own agendas superseded my own. A good coach pays attention to the direction YOU want to go and coaches you towards that goal. A good coach is like a road map for getting you to your destination safely and efficiently however WHERE you want to go should be up to you.
  •  They Give You Options. What works for one client may really be ineffective for another. A good coach has a variety of techniques and strategies to help you get to your destination. They offer alternative ways to achieve a goal rather than a strict “my way or the highway” approach and they respect that the final decision is up to you.
  • They Help You Find Your Sweet Spot. Whether they are helping you learn to be a better athlete or helping you start your dream business, a good coach works relentlessly to help you find the dynamics that bring out your best performance. It’s not enough to give a person tools unless you can work with them to determine which ones are going to enhance their best shot at delivering success. Some of my clients are obsessive about building their dream while others can barely squeeze in a few extra hours a week to move in that direction. A good coach will assist you in knowing how to develop an action plan that plays to your strengths.
  • They Hold You Accountable. My clients are paying good money. Sure, I could let them sabotage their success with excuses, poor follow through and lack of commitment and continue coaching them, but I know how easy it is to get back into the same patterns which blocked success previously. I am committed to helping them achieve their best career or business possible and I expect it to be a two way street to maximize the results they expect. They have to “show up” at “practice” and “do the work” to play the game effectively.
  • They Know When They Can No Longer Help You.  Some coaches hang on to clients indefinitely. A good coach knows when they have taught you everything they can and it’s time to be on your own or seek another professional’s help. I want my clients to be coached by the best person for what they are going through. That might be me, but sometimes a client needs a different aspect or is really ready to fly solo and I believe a good coach will know when they are no longer necessary. Just like the father who coached my son’s team shared what ingredient was necessary to move on, good coaches know their limitations and respect their client’s time and money.

If you are in a coaching field or have worked with a coach, I’d love you to share your thoughts about what it takes to be a good coach

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