Remember when you were younger and something was broken? One of the first things you wanted was for someone to fix it and make it work again.

As you got older you realized that you couldn’t fix everything and often had to turn to specialists to repair or replace what was broken.


Things just don’t flow well whenever something you expect to be working correctly stops doing what it is suppossed to do. Whether it is our vehicles, our appliances or our lives, when something is broken we want it to get “FIXED”.

fix it.

The same is absolutely true when you feel that your job is no longer “working” for you. You might be getting up and going to work everyday but really getting far less in return emotionally, financially and even physically. Your job or career might simply be “broken” by the standards you need to make your life work.

What do I mean by that? Well, maybe you don’t find your work making your life better. Like a broken appliance, if the way you work actually makes things more difficult for you, it might need fixed. Trying to prepare dinner without a working appliance can be frustrating and downright impossible after a few days. Eating out can get very expensive and in a relatively short time, you realize you HAVE to spring for repairs or a replacement. 

Continuing to work at a job that taxes you physically, emotionally drains you and leaves you little time or energy for things you really want to do with your life can create chaos in your days, making it difficult to really live life the way you wanted it to be. You spend over 1/3 of your day trying to make things work in a “broken” job or career and realize there is little possibility that anything will get better unless you repair or replace your current work.

Wanting things to work to make our life easier is not an unrealistic, wanting the way we earn a living to make our life better is not impractical or unrealistic.

Most people however settle for something that feels broken, eats up all their time and energy and fails to make their life much better.

Not my clients, though. My clients got tired of a job that wasn’t working for them, a lifestyle compromised by a “broken” career that needed to be fixed. They decided to call in a specialist to help them get things working again and everyday I get to see the amazing results of finally getting things back into the proper perspective and being able to see everything working the way it should again.

For some clients, it means a change in venue, a new workplace, a new job description or a change in career path.

For others, it means finally seeing a dream they have had become a business they always wanted to own. Either way, together we “fixed” what was broken and “replaced” what was no longer working.

We are all good at something but that something is not always fixing the thing that is broken. Sometimes we have to ask the specialist for help so we can get the things we need in life working again.

Having a vehicle that doesn’t run is frustrating an inconvenient. Having a job that doesn’t work is soul killing and depressing.

You’d repair or replace your vehicle to make your life better, why not what you do for a living if it’s killing your spirit and stealing your soul?

Unsure whether you need to repair or replace? Then let’s talk. I offer a FREE CLARITY CALL to see if I can get you to where you want to be.


It’s up to you but realize that everyday that something isn’t working, life feels a bit broken and not much will change until you ask someone,

“Can you fix it and make it work?”

Yes, I know I can.

Kathy Brunner is a career designer and certified career coach who has helps people move from day job to Dream Job finding new careers or beginning a business. Check out what she can do for you. And sign up for the FREE BLUEPRINT on moving from day job to DREAM JOB.