Creating the Work YOU Want for the Rest of Your Life

I know. I really do. You were once very enthusiastic about the work you do, but hey, what you are really doing now is looking for a way to earn some decent money without having to work for someone else the rest of your life.

You are ready to have your own business and what you REALLY want is to get all your ducks in line to make it the most successful business ever.

I work with many clients just like you.They are creative, energetic, contributing and dedicated members of society who are just ready to STOP working for the “man” and start working for themselves.These are the new “encore-preneurs.”

DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU?  Are you over 40 and ready to start a business, create a second stream of income or finally launch that dream you always had?

Or, maybe you already have started a business but it really isn’t growing and generating the profit you want to see.




  1. Because starting your business after you have been at a career for many years can be daunting and require skills you may not have used for awhile or possibly ever.
  2. Because you will have to convince people you are an expert in a field you may never have worked in.
  3. Because the competition is different when you are marketing yourself and your business.
  4. Because without developing the most appropriate way to locate YOUR clients you can waste valuable time and miss opportunities for creating profit faster.
  5. Because just trying to wing it yourself can leave you frustrated, confused and earning little to no income for your efforts.
  6. Because being an ENCORE ENTREPRENEUR can be a ticket to your future but only if you know how to write that ticket in a way that makes your business successful.
  7. Because after years of working a specific job you will have to prioritize how to wear many non-specific hats.
  8. Because starting a business in the second half of your life is far different than owning a business in your 20’s or early 30’s.
  9. Because if you already own a business and it’s not making the money it should you HAVE to change what you are doing.

I know. I started one business in my late 20’s and this coaching business nearly a decade ago.

So…Whether you are ready to take an idea and become a business owner or whether you already have a business that is not as successful as you would like it to be. THE ENCORE ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM will teach you how to make your business A BIG SUCCESS


Here’s What You Will Learn

  1. What You ABSOLUTELY Must Assess About Your Business to succeed.
  2. How to Be the Expert You Want Others To Trust.
  3. How to Grow Your Business Without Giving Up Your Family, Current Job or Sanity
  4. How To Craft Your Specific Sales Message to get the Sales You Want.
  5. Where Your Ideal Client Really is and How to Reach Them
  6. What Your Clients REALLY WANT and How to Deliver That to Them
  7. Diversifying One Idea to Create Many Streams of Income
  8. How to Create Products and Services that Sell
  9. How to Create a Living in Good Company (taking your company from start-up to grown-up).
  10.  The Best Practices for Staying a Successful Business for Years to Come

PLUS, Each Participant will get two 45  Minute phone calls with me to discuss an particular issues you have specific to your business.


6 MODULES SELF PACED. You complete one at your pace and let me know when you are ready for the next one!!

You Get All The Lessons, Handouts and Audio/Videos and Two  Individual 45 minute phone consults.

COMPLETE it in 6 weeks or 6 months, whatever works best for you.

If YOU Want an ENCORE, There’s no time like now to get started.