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I love to help clients launch their ideas and brand their business but sometimes all people need is some consultative time to talk through some issues whether about discovering their passion, growing a business developing a great brand or just when they feel their journey from day job to dream job is static.

Maybe all you want is to address a particular need your idea or business has. That’s great. 

I call this the “pay me by the minute” approach and for some people an hour or two is ALL THEY NEED!

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Most people choose to have access to coaching that can take them to the next level for a period of time.

That support is invaluable when looking to launch a new business, revamp a business that isn’t thriving or looking to change the direction they are currently going.

kathy5Whenever you choose the Individualized COACHING PLAN, you can work 

It’s a great way to get some consultative help without committing to a program.


REMEMBER your FIRST CONSULT (1/2 hr. call) is FREE just by signing up.


All INDIVIDUAL COACHING consults are via phone only.



Includes 2 individual coaching calls/monthly to help you in specific areas of need.

TOTAL COST $ 625.00 ( or 3 monthly payments of $250.00)

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Or, pay in full:

Includes 2 individualized coaching calls/month to help you in specific areas of need.
TOTAL COST $1000.00 (or 4 monthly payments of $300)
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OR by the hour.

How many hours?


I often get asked if I will work with several people  looking to launch a dream together or already part of a business team so everyone can learn the strategies and get hands on help.


Just Some Nice Things About  Coaching Sessions People Had To Say:


“This was perfect for me! Without breaking my budget, I was able to tap into Kathy’s expertise to run my ideas about what I wanted to do by her.”– Clare Scarano

“Loved Pay Me By The Minute. It didn’t break the bank but I got great advice in the areas where I really needed it.”Ginger Green

” I tease Kathy that she is on “retainer” until I am ready to launch my ideas full scale, but Pay Me By The Minute is honestly like having her at my fingertips.”  – Mary Ellen Snyder

” I overspent for advice that got me nowhere with some other people. I had two sessions with Kathy with  Pay Me By The Minute and was able to create steps necessary to create a product launch.” – Paul Golis

“Worth every penny because you only spend what you need to in order to get assistance or support. I will continue to seek Kathy’s expertise as I grow my business.”- Sharon Lewis

“Kathy Brunner’s expertise in business building and goal setting is a powerful combination.  The interactive and personalized format was engaging and gave me tools I can use and actions I can take right away.”  –Erin Shaw

My girlfriend and I have been toying over an idea for some time. We signed up with Kathy to learn the best way to position and package our products. She got us thinking about ways we could approach our clients and how to best serve their needs. Our coaching sessions really ramped up our business game and helped us to create a better income stream- Joyce Levine and Stacey Olinski 

“I had a free 1/2 hr with Kathy and she actually referred me to someone she felt would be a better match for what I needed. She was very honest and I was amazed at how ethical she was keeping my best interests in mind.”– Lee Carisini

” I had a business that was just not growing clientele. After several sessions with Kathy, we were ready to rock.” –  Paula Abraham

” I worked with Kathy for the past 6 months. Not only was I able to take an idea and create a second income stream, but I actually was able to go from working full time to part time as a result. Without Kathy’s help, I might never have been able to see a way to leave full time employment.” – Barbara Allwine

” I am in a healthcare field and wanting to go into my own consulting business. I use the individual coaching sessions to help me be ready to “hang out my shingle” when I complete my degree.-Robyn Howe

“What’s not to like when you only need to pay for exactly what you want or need? Kathy is so dedicated to helping you resolve issues, she will direct you to the most appropriate resources.”– Theresa Lopez

” Hands down, consulting with Kathy was the best thing I did for my business. After my first 2 consults I was able to grow my list significantly.” – Marsha Rittenour

” Kathy helped me finally earn the money I knew my business idea could. Within a few months, I increased my revenue significantly. She also helped me develop a secondary product, I hadn’t even thought of. I would recommend anyone who is even thinking about developing a business to tap into Kathy’s expertise.” – Martin Kellogg