Everyone at some point has a dream. For many that dream is to start their own business. But, statistics show that less than 36% of people with that dream actually go through the steps to earn their living as an entrepreneur.

Seems like a lot of people talk about their dream but that talk really is CHEAP because Business Talk (talking about starting a business) will never make you any money.

Sharing your thoughts about starting a business is not a bad idea but simply sharing your thoughts will not add any income into your pockets.

Telling yourself someday you will be a business owner can be a future goal but a goal without an action plan won’t be worth much.

Yeah, you’re not making any money no matter HOW much you talk about it.



When all you do is talk about what you really want to do your words become redundant and your lack of action becomes expected. Sooner or later not only do others start to turn a deaf ear but you have difficulty even convincing yourself you will do the very thing you always wanted.

Yes, starting your business can be both scary and exhilarating simultaneously.

Starting a business can be both risky and smart.

Beginning a business can be time consuming as well as the best thing you ever did.

But if all you do is talk you are taking a cheap shot with your dream.

So, I think it’s time to look at WHY you need to stop talking and start moving.

Here are 5 reasons why you should stop talking about your ideas or passions and start putting them into action.                                         
1) If You Aren’t Living Your Own Dream You Are Probably Living Someone Else’s
Are you helping your employer reach a dream instead of giving yourself the chance to reach yours? Are you instrumental in helping others achieve success but still thinking you don’t have what it takes? Helping someone achieve their dream is a rewarding experience but if you never help yourself achieve yours you are doing yourself a great injustice.

2) True Passion Is Resilient
Maybe you have had the same idea in a different form for years. But if you continue to wonder what will happen if you step out of your box and give it your best shot, then maybe it’s time to start the wheels turning. Even if you don’t have all the resources, today’s technology can help you get started quickly and more successfully. You are only cheating yourself out of what could be the best opportunity you ever take by telling yourself, ” Someday…”

3) There Is Never A Bad Time For An Idea To Start
There can be bad ideas and you will learn that as you experiment with yours but there never is a bad time for a new idea. Ideas, Dreams, Passions, know no age.The world is full of children and adults who have committed to following a passion or idea and made their world and the world of others a better place because of it. And of course the world is also full of people living with regrets about what they failed to do. You choose what group you will end up in.
4) Regret Is Far Worse Than Learning From A Mistake.
Nothing smacks below the belt as much as the regret we have because we didn’t act on something.
Far better to make a mistake, regard it as a learning opportunity and move on than take your idea or dream to the grave with you. We create regrets; they don’t just happen.


5) What You Don’t Claim As Your Own Has The Right To Be Taken By Another.
You probably aren’t the only person thinking about how to get an idea going. Nothing is worse than seeing something develop you had an idea for but never acted upon. If you don’t open up that restaurant or tutoring service, develop your idea for a screenplay, begin that blog or start that service, someone else probably will…and then you will participate by THEIR rules!

Talk IS Cheap if that is all you do. Actions not only SPEAK LOUDER than words but also create bigger DIVIDENDS.

It’s YOUR Dream YOUR Idea, YOUR Passion . You can decide to keep talking OR get moving.

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