Crazy? Wonderful? Stressful? Depressing? Magical?

What One Word do you think of whenever you think of this time of the year?

I have discovered that like anything else with too much hype and too little time, we often see Christmas as the year-end event instead of the amazing holiday it was when we were younger.

In fact, as we get older, we tend to miss the magic in a lot of life. WHY?
Because we don’t DECIDE.

We talk about what we will change, what will be different, what we want to stop or start, but often we just talk.We don’t DECIDE how to do what we want to do.

Recently, a good friend was telling me she was online trying to decide which seats were the most appealing for an event she wanted to attend when she received a notice that there were no longer any tickets available. WHY?

She was thinking too much about it and didn’t DECIDE in time.

Last week at dinner with friends,someone debated about whether to have the Special or order his usual. He suggested the waitress take everyone’s order before placing his.Right before he finally placed his order, the waitress was alerted that they were all out of the “Special” (His indecision meant he was going to eat his usual whether he now wanted to or not.)

How many times have you missed out on an opportunity because you couldn’t DECIDE?

It’s one thing to miss the special, miss the event, miss the sale, but quite another to miss an opportunity you may never get back.

Did you miss the chance to do life differently?

Did your indecision cost you more than a little bump in the road?

Did failing to decide mean someone else took your place?

This year if you do nothing else. DECIDE! 
When you DECIDE you commit to something.
When you DECIDE you permit yourself the peace of knowing you will go or stay.
When you DECIDE you get clarity.

Wavering is so old school. Wavering says you lack confidence.
Wavering is immature and impractical.

So, this season.  Grab onto that one word and start a new trend.


Once you DECIDE you can start working on the way you want the rest to look like.

Until you DECIDE, there will always be missed opportunities, unmet expectations, increased frustration and internal turmoil.

One Word this coming year can change your life: DECIDE and see if it makes a difference.

Now, what do you want your 2018 to look like? 


Want to create more income in 2018 without looking for a better job? You hold the potential for earning income just by sharing what you already know. Think it’s hard? Look at what some of my clients had to say who committed to growing what they knew in the past year:

” I should have done this ages ago. I never realized something I did as a hobby had so much income potential. Kathy was the bomb helping me turn my little passion into a real revenue maker.”  JULIE NAHEEB

“I needed to make money quickly when I was laid off in the Spring. A friend told me about Kathy and promised me she could teach me how to make a living teaching others what I love to do. I started teaching cooking classes this summer and never looked back. I was offered a full time job in September, but chose to work only part-time because my income continues to grow from my new found money making hobby!” JOAN MARGARET SOLOMON

“I’ve been tinkering around the house all my life. Kathy showed me how to teach what I know so that I can have additional income.One week after I reached out to some people, I had several customers. I didn’t think it was possible, but Kathy’s techniques really worked and even an old guy like me can grow an income without working for the man!”  MIKE ABBOTT


Everyone has a skill, talent, passion, interest, gift that someone else wants. Isn’t it time for you to use yours to create YOUR income stream?


But don’t wait. Like everything else, it will cost you if you can’t DECIDE soon!


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How to Create Your Income Moveable Feast

Paris was Hemingway’s moveable feast; a place that once you go stays with you the rest of your life.

It’s the time of year everyone seems to hold off on making any major decisions until “next year”.I hear so many people talking about “next year” you would think some magical moment in time is coming that will change everything.

It is but it’s not coming next year. It’s coming now!

Imagine that you could create an income stream that could stay with you wherever you go?

This seems to be the time of year most people, businesses and even educational facilities go into auto-pilot mode.They just exist. No one talks about starting a new research project, hiring new personnel or even beginning a new habit.December is a month of celebrations and also a month of excuses. Why jump into a new lifestyle, a new career, a new goal now, when it seems more appropriate to begin at the beginning of a year?

 Statistics indicate as many of 80% of new resolutions fail by February.Why?I think it is because we have just come off of a month of giving ourselves permission to slack off, be less mindful, stay stagnant, and just enjoy.There’s nothing wrong with that at times, it’s just that after a whole month of “inertia” it’s harder to head into a new year with the energy and enthusiasm to make something work.

When the holidays are over, the tinsel down and the long cold winter just waiting to chill our hearts and souls things can look bleaker than they may be right now.You can plan to start out with resolve but soon find that the trivia of everyday life often creates barriers to success.Before you know it, you don’t have the time, energy or resources for creating a better way to earn your money because next year is starting to look like last year.

But, you can do something now to change that forever.You can start today. You can create your own career “moveable feast” and start making a second income on the side or even develop the business that lets you do what you love from this point on.

Do you love working on cars, painting, writing or cooking? Are you good teaching children, with carpentry or computers? Do you get mesmerized by art, finances, travel or remodeling? Have a passion for health issues, animals, parenting or politics?

Whatever your love, there is someone out there earning money doing it. Why not you?

Why aren’t you creating a career that brings you the income you deserve and gives you the satisfaction you dream of?

Maybe you have decided you will do that “next year”.

Don’t! It’s time to GROW WHAT YOU KNOW and learn how to take a skill, passion, talent or gift and make it your new career moveable feast.When you can create income on your terms, you can stop depending on other people to create the life you want.You can stop worrying about the next downsizing or the after-effects of another merger.

Whether residual or your main income, when you learn to GROW WHAT YOU KNOW, you can develop an income stream as a coach, consultant or instructor regardless of the product or service you offer.

For the holidays, I am offering a deep discount on the course that will change how you earn your income. Why?

Because everyone should have the opportunity to create an income doing what they love if they want to do that.

No gimmicks, false promises or hype. GROW WHAT YOU KNOW, is a career life changer. If you have been waiting to start your dream job. Stop waiting and start creating.

So, tell your “Santa” what you really want this year and let this season start you on the adventure of the “rest of the best of your life.”

And just in case you’re one of those,“ Wait until next year people,” you’ll be paying full price if you wait until after Christmas is over.

Give yourself the gift you always wanted this Christmas…a new way to make a living. (Deep Discounts only through December 25).

CHECK OUT GROW WHAT YOU KNOW…the gift you need to give yourself for 2018

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What to Do About Those Recycled Goals

Do you have a recycled goal? A goal that you have never reached but one you keep planning to achieve?

Many people have one or two goals that continue to resurface in some form regularly.

But Why?

Here are 4 reasons why we permit some goals to just get recycled rather than achieved.

  1. You really don’t want to achieve the goal as much as you think you do.
  2. You are waiting for permission to move forward with the goal
  3. The goal feels unreachable even though desired
  4. You feel inadequate, unprepared or unworthy of truly achieving the goal.

How to End the Cycle

If you really aren’t as committed as you need to be to reach the goal, perhaps it’s continually recycled because it is not meant for you. Maybe someone keeps pushing you in that direction but you really aren’t keen on going that way.At some point, you have to decide to let go of what is really not meant to be.

If you are waiting for permission from others or other aspects of your life to move towards achieving the goal, you might have to ask yourself why you even think you need permission to go after something you really want? Lack of confidence in your choices often keeps goals from being achieved.

If you are overwhelmed with whatever aspects need to be in place to get you started, you need to ask for assistance.If it’s a physical goal, you may need to consult a specialist who can put the pieces in place to help you move in the right direction.

If it is an emotional goal, you may need to discuss how you feel and what steps to take with someone you trust will be objective giving you guidance.

If it is a career goal, you may need to work with someone who can map out step by step strategies so you will be successful for what you want in your future.

Certainly, your mindset can prevent you from ever achieving the desired goal. If you find yourself second-guessing your own ability to go after something you really want, you need to work with a coach or counselor who can effectively help you get into the right frame of mind to stop recycling the goals you want to reach.

Continuing to hang on to a goal without ever achieving it is not noble.

Often recycled goals result from fear, inadequacy and even disillusionment.

We tell ourselves we can master something but have no plan in place to make it so.

When will you get tired of saying, “Next year will be different”, only to discover at the year’s end nothing has really changed?

In a few weeks, this year will be winding down. Are you ready to really accomplish a goal in the next year or will you continue to recycle the goals you have never previously achieved?

Next year can be different but only if you commit to stop recycling goals.

If you want to make 2018 the year you finally work at doing something you love, then start now. SCHEDULE a Complimentary Consult and let’s make that goal happen!
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What are You Looking at?

Pretty isn’t it? It’s the view I get to see when I am at work. It’s close to some of my favorite places to eat,people I love and even great spots to nap. Since I do quite a bit of work from home, I get to enjoy the changes in the scenery all the time.

This time of year, the scenery changes almost daily. It is a huge perk to enjoy since my office can be anywhere I want it to be.

So, what are you looking at? I don’t just mean the scenery but what are you seeing when you look at your future, your role, your growth, your satisfaction, your potential?

Maybe you have a picture of just how you hope your career plays out but perhaps it hasn’t lived up to what is in your mind’s eye. Sometimes what we are looking at is far from what we’d like to see.

Not everyone can work from home but everyone should pursue earning a living in a way that makes them feel they are closer to the vision they see for their life.

Being your own boss is hard work. It takes discipline, determination and resilience, but the perks are not just in the scenery.

Here are FIVE advantages to earning your income as an entrepreneur:

  1. You get to choose where and how you will work
  2. You have unlimited earning potential. 
  3. You can create your own schedule.
  4. You can delegate the aspects of your job that you are not as skilled or interested in doing
  5. You can often choose who you serve.

What is it that you want to turn into an income stream?

What do you wish you could be doing instead of what you do to earn a living now?

Are you stuck trying to change the scenery of your life?

The reason I am so passionate about helping people earn income from a passion is because I know first hand the difference it can make for what you see.

It can make the difference between boredom and enjoyment; between being controlled and having control, between just going through the motions and moving in a planned direction and cetainly between earning a paycheck and securing a future.

Right under your eyes, the colors are changing daily but is that view of your future changing as well?

Do you like what you see or are you worried and frustrated when you look at your future?

Everyone’s career goes through periods of peaks and valleys similar to the changing seasons, but if you have stayed in one season too long and can’t seem to visualize how to create the changes you want to see, it’s time to take some serious action.

Sometimes you only need a different perspective; sometimes you need a totally different view. Either way, you can decide what you are looking at.


Kathy would love to help you see a different vision for your life. Sign up for a 45 minute complimentary consult and make your vision a reality.





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Finding Your Founder Story

In the movie, The Founder, Michael Keaton plays Ray Kroc the entrepreneur who created the chain of McDonald’s restaurant.Kroc was an ordinary salesman who had a vision of how to take a single McDonald’s and automate it for expansion.

Some see Kroc as ruthless, self-serving and conniving, but if you look closer what you will see is a man with a laser focused vision of what could be something bigger.

Think back over a time you saw an opportunity for something to move forward but decided you weren’t the one to do that.I have had my own can honestly say there is  a moment of reckoning in sitting back and waiting for someone to take the lead that will drive clarity into your soul.

Once you have missed the opportunity, you seldom will let another pass you by.

Now, I am not suggesting you become ruthless and develop a renegade attitude when it comes to growing a business, but I tell many of my clients that most new businesses are offsprings of some other person’s failure to expand or move into a new arena.

Think about some of these:

Car Washes

Beauty Salons



Many have all evolved into:

Car Care Centers

Beauty Spas,

Academic Coaching Centers

Specific Child Care and Educational Settings

People saw an opportunity and grew it.

That’s what Finding Your Founder story is all about.

We don’t just take our dogs to a kennel anymore. Now there are doggie daycares!

We don’t go to the local market just to buy food, but can learn how to prepare recipes and take classes in eating more nutritionally!

We don’t just put an advertisement into the newspaper and hope to get customers, we become a social media machine!

Ever wish you could start a business or even grow a side income but feel like you have no great ideas?


Your Founder Story is closer than you think.

Here are 5 tips to finding your Founder Story.

  1. Get a notebook and look at all the businesses you visit within a week. What do you really wish they could provide?
  2. List what’s wrong with some of the businesses you patronize and how you would “fix” those drawbacks.
  3. Identify 3-5 ways you could build on an exisiting business theme. ( E.g. Know someone who owns a vet practice? Do they also offer pet training or adoptions?)
  4. What idea have you heard someone mention they wish would come to fruition that you think you could make possible?
  5. What can you do quicker, more skillfully and with more intention than others who actually earn a living doing the same?

While I’m not suggesting stealing a colleague’s idea or creating a conglomerate competition, I know many people miss the obvious when it comes to finding their Founder Story; they simply don’t look at what’s right under their nose and make it better!

More new businesses are created around businesses that already exist but were taken a step or two further.

You know you have had ideas you never followed through with and perhaps if you had you would be sitting on a nice stash of case today.

Ray Kroc might be seen as callous and manipulative to those who aren’t really business saavy but to an entrepreneur, Ray was a game changer.

Everyone has a bit of game changer in their soul as well. What will you do with yours? 

The worst thing you can do is let the idea in you become the game changer someone else does.


Be like Ray. Take an idea to the next level. Start your Founder story before someone else tells it as theirs.


Kathy Brunner is a certified career and business coach. Schedule your 45 Minute Complimentary Call with her today and see if she can help you launch your Founder Story.

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Man Overboard! Is it Time to Jump Ship?


The term, “jump ship” once referred to a crew member who chose to leave the rest of the ship’s crew without permission. Today it often refers to someone leaving one job for a different career.

Remember the beginning of 2017? Sure, that year is almost in the mirror. I bet you had all kinds of plans and dreams about what you would do to make 2017 different than the previous year.

Maybe one of those goals was to improve your career or even begin your own business.

You might even have been thinking about that way before 2017 rolled around but if you are like many people, those goals might still be dreams unrealized.

Even with the best of intentions, making big changes in the way we earn our income can be scary, unsettling, disruptive and confusing. Maybe you even wonder if jumping ship is right for you.

As much as you want to do something different, perhaps the reason you haven’t made the move is because you really don’t know if it’s the right time.

Here are 6 Ways to Know that it’s Time to Jump Ship

  1. Doing your job requires a compromise to your ethics or belief system(that’s a huge clue).
  2. You go through the motions to earn an income but really don’t feel any commitment to your job.
  3. The culture of where you work is toxic and makes you uncomfortable.
  4. You are no longer passionate or interested in learning new techniques to help you become better at your job.
  5. You feel miserable, unhappy or often just sad when you are working.
  6. Your skills and talents are not really being challenged or used effectively.

If you often experience any of these at your job, you really need to reconsider how to earn an income

Sure, you have bills to pay and commitments and responsibilities but to continue to work in a position that really goes against everything you believe is a recipe for disaster.

Work should be a part of our lives that contributes to our success and affords us opportunities to improve our lifestyle. Work should never be something we settle for that adds to our stress and impacts our health.

If you have been talking about and waiting to jump ship for longer than you care to admit, ask yourself how much more of your life you are going to waste straddling the fence of happiness because of fear, lack of confidence or because you haven’t created your jump ship plan?

It’s not too late to make 2017 the year you move ahead and never looked back. Sure, you can’t just walk away from income you need but you can begin to plan your exit so that you are ready to jump without worry of drowning.

The best things you can do while working in a job you really dislike are 

  • Identify what you would rather be doing to earn an income
  • Create a concrete plan to bring your goal to fruition by working with a coach who can offer you strategies and options towards reaching your goals quicker and with fewer obstacles
  • Spend a dedicated amount of time daily working towards your jump ship date
  • See your curent career/job as a catapult that can help you move in the direction you want.

If it’s time to jump ship, don’t wait until you drown or it sinks.

Be proactive. Take the leap.


I’ve helped many people “jump ship” and move from their day job to a earning their living doing something they love to do. I’d love to help you take the leap as well. Start by scheduling a no obligation complimentary 45 minute consult and let’s see how we can plan your exit.
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Honestly, Me Too!

Have you had an experience similar to someone else and as they share their story, you reply, “Me Too!”?

Recently there has been a campaign on a social media site for anyone who has been sexually harassed or assaulted to share their experience by using the hashtag # MeToo.

We can have exclusive relationships but seldom totally exclusive experiences.

In fact I think many people feel victimized by experiences at work that are not even based on harassment or assault.

Do You Feel LIke A Victim At You Job?

A victim feels exploited,powerless,intimidated and often at the mercy of the circumstance.

I see this often with my clients.

Whether working in Corporate, Education, Health Care or even in blue collar work,many have had successful careers that hit a bump.

Some are frustrated with their lack of moving forward, some are burned out,some have become commodities, shuffled around and discarded as a company experiences change, some simply dread doing what they do but have to pay the bills.

Being a victim of your career is like going to work each day with a noose around your neck.

Although perhaps not a crime, many people suffer consequences of work experiences which actually change their lives.

One of my clients uprooted her family and moved four different times in 11 years in order to hang on to a position she enjoyed.After the fourth move, a new CEO arrived and made her life miserable,not the #MeToo kind of assault but one that scarred her nevertheless.Gradually she found herself in a position which constantly felt volatile.She was asked to work on assignments she was not qualified to do, handle situations she did not have experience with and take the fall for mistakes she hadn’t made. She was miserable and a trip to H.R. didn’t really do more than put a bad taste in the CEO’s mouth.

She was let go after a buy out by a larger organization. It was both a blessing and a curse as she works to start her own company now.

Another client I am working with has been miserably cornered into a position with no advancement in sight because of a change in policy at the top.

I know what it is like to be in a “me too” career experience.I left a job I enjoyed because a strong union presence supported a position rather than their members.When I wanted to move into a part time position and a fellow untenured colleague wanted my full time position, we were not permitted to switch even though we were both qualified,simply based on the premise that the union did not support non-tenured individuals in a permanent position.

It should have worked out for both of us, but it didn’t.

Looking back it was a stepping stone for me as I began to work as an entrepreneur.So,yes I can honestly say, “Me too” when I talk about being frustrated at work, but also as an entrepreneur.

I understand the struggles of a start up.I honestly can identify with trying to raise a family, figure out how to make ends meet and wonder where your next client will come from.I have definitely experienced the “me too” even to the point of taking a big financial hit when one of my contracts ended.

I know you are scared about starting something new.I also know you are desperate to move into work that is meaningful and interesting to you.

How do I know? It would be easy to say I have been there and done that, but if you:

  • Have ever wondered if you can move into work you love while staying in a job you don’t 
  • Worry you will ruin yourself financially
  • Keep telling yourself things are going to get better at work
  • Dread Monday mornings
  • Would leave in a heartbeat if you knew things would work out

Well, guess what? “Me Too!”

I have experienced all those feelings.That’s why I can relate to my clients. I HAVE been where you are and I KNOW those feelings well.

I know you wonder how to possibly create a side income stream while trying to juggle all your responsibilities and a job.

I know you are afraid you will tip your family’s finances.

I know you feel overwhelmed and can’t figure out what to do first.

I know you are anxious about what will happen to you at your job while you try to create your business.

I know. “Me Too”.

The best place to start is with someone who HAS had that experience. I can relate because I have been there as well. I also have had an opportunity to work with exceptional coaches, mentors and advocates who have helped me reach the success I have had, so I know the value of having that kind of support.

Don’t think you are alone.More than 57% of American workers are dissatisfied at their jobs and more than 68% want to create their income as an entrepreneur. I would say that’s a lot of “Me Too’s!”

Being an entrepreneur did change my life and I know it can change yours as well.

I’d love to show you how to grow a side business that could become your main source of income. I know that can happen. It did to me too!

Learn how to Be Your Own Bo$$ (Hurry best offer ever ends in a few days)


I offer a 45 minute COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT. What are you waiting for? Just CONTACT ME and I will offer some available times for us to get to know each other better in our “me too” journey!

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You’re Too Old To Do That!

Over 40? You’re probably too old to be a Prima Ballerina or pitch for the MLB.

You won’t be invited to try out for the Rockettes and unless you are a Veteran you are most likely too old to work for the CIA or FBI.

There’s a good possibility that you are too old to start to train for the Olympic Gymnastics team unless you’re planning for the senior team and still ordering the kid’s meal because it’s cheaper and you can justify eating fewer fries, well you’re just TOO OLD TO DO THAT!

But, you are not too old to change careers, start a business, learn a new trade, start a new hobby or create a plan for making the rest of your life the best of your life.

Clients often ask me if they are too old to start a business.

John Pemberton developed the recipe for Coca- Cola at age 55, Colonel Sanders created his recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken at 63 and at age 71, Lucille Green became Visiting Angels oldest Franchisee.

 Think You Are Too Old To Do That?

Being successful is a combination of mindset, determination and good planning. People with experience often have the best chance of having those three criteria.

Being over 40 generally means you have a clearer perspective about what you really want in life.You have most likely faced enough disappointment to have a better sense of what’s important and what really is just another bump in the road.

I think the biggest drawback for people over 40 is thinking too much time has already been wasted.

Are You Too Old To Move On?

Coming out of college in debt, maybe you thought that money would be a great incentive towards enjoying your work.

But, money doesn’t buy happiness and that career you trained for can become a landmine of disillusionment in just a few years.More than 1 in 3 graduates regret the major they chose and  Over 50% of Americans are disengaged at their job. 

But you stay. Because you have responsibilities, bills, dependents and a fear you are too old to do anything else.

You stay at a job you dislike because you believe someday it will be better; when you get promoted,when you make more money, when your boss retires, when the company lands that big client.

In your heart, you know you want to do something else.You have a vision for how you want to earn your living.You know where and how you want to work.You just need it to be the right time and then you will leave.

But the right time never comes. There is always another excuse to stay.

You are afraid you won’t find the time to create the work you love while you work at the job you don’t.You are afraid your idea doesn’t have merit.You are worried you will be taking too big of a risk, worried no one will take you seriously, worried you are too old.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: you get older every minute whether you start now or later.

You’re only too old for something if you wait until you’re too old to discover it, pursue it and enjoy it.(Okay, maybe enjoying the kid’s meal fries is not something anyone is too old for).

Age is a number.Waiting is a decision.

Let me show you how to grow your dream job while still working at your day job.Schedule a complimentary 45 minute consult today. You’re not too old to do that!

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The Most Dangerous Word in the World

You might think of words like love, hate, betrayal, when you think of dangerous words but I have seen first hand how the word, “Someday” can truly the be the most dangerous word in the world.

We have all heard that saying,”Someday is not a day of the week.” but more importantly, someday connotes that there is a wish, a dream, a desire,waiting like an invitation you can’t or won’t open.

What someday really means is that you are “Making a date to wait”.

What are some dates to wait are on your “someday” list?

Maybe it is:

  • Finishing school
  • Trying out a new idea
  • Getting some medical testing
  • Ending a relationship or starting a new one
  • Cleaning out that basement
  • Looking for a better job
  • Getting treatment for an addiction

“Someday” has no beginning it just hangs out there like an unreachable opportunity, waiting and waiting but not really getting you anywhere closer.

“Someday” is dangerous because we don’t have forever and so often we wait until that “someday” when we think the stars will align…and we wait and wait, maybe until we finish a degree, the kids get older, we finally settle down, we move into our own place. Maybe you are waiting until you feel you have more money, more time, more resources,when perfect rolls around.

Here are some BIg Problems with “Someday.”

It is Too Indefinite to be the right time

Too Ambiguous to be the right place

Too Impractical to be the right opportunity

I know everyone has a “someday”. It’s wonderful to dream for the future but when there is no plan to really make that “someday” take place, that dream is futile and the future is not really going to change anything.

I talk with people all the time who are restless, unsatisfied, disappointed, fearful, reluctant and stressed and do you know WHY?

Quite often it is because they have made a date to wait. They sense a need to move forward and DO something but they continue to sabotage themselves by designating their goals to “someday.”

They are not on purpose, about purpose or for a purpose but rather stuck in the oblivion of sensing a need but deciding to address it “someday.”

The only absolute someday we will ALL know is death. That’s a pretty lousy date to be waiting for.

Your “someday” may seem safe but maybe it’s really just another excuse.

Haven’t you really been dating waiting too long?

Stop making a date for wait and Start making a date for GREAT.


If you have always wanted to do more with your life and sense a bigger purpose and future. Please join me for a FREE TELESEMINAR on Thursday September 28 to learn how to create  A Bigger, Bolder, Brighter Purpose NOW instead of “Someday.”

I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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Your Someday Needs to Start NOW

In the 1989 blockbuster, Field of Dreams, Archie Graham says, “We just don’t recognize life’s most significant moments while they’re happening. Back then I thought, “Well, there’ll be other days”. I didn’t realize that that was the only day.”

Certainly we have all had moments when we tell ourselves, “Someday I am going to_____,” or “ Someday there will be time for___.”

For many people, someday is as elusive as holding time in a jar. Just when we think our someday has arrived, we discover we missed the moment.

You know the drill. You have goals and dreams, aspirations and intentions. A circumstance pulls at your heartstrings, an experience inspires new direction, you hear, see or take part in something that rattles a nerve and more than ever you want to roll up your sleeves and get started.

You want to start that project, compose that music, write that book, teach that course. You’ve heard the voices and believe you can really make a difference. You want more than ever to “build it” so they will come, BUT…

You realize you have a job, a mortgage, a family and a couple hundred of other commitments. NOW does not look like the time to commit to anything more. You curb your passion but not without telling yourself that “Someday” you will be there to take up the ownership of building it again.

Field of Dreams was fictitious and yet touched the hearts of anyone who has ever had a dream. It’s second nature to want your life to matter, your actions to create change, your behavior to have purpose.

When we don’t create that change, realize that purpose or sense that we matter, we make excuses,all types of excuses, from telling ourselves we are not smart enough,old enough,young enough to convincing ourselves the time was off, we need to wait until the children are grown,we save enough money, we finish school,retire,get healthy, relocate or take more time to think it through.

Ray tells his wife Annie in the movie, that his father never did anything spontaneous in his entire life and that he is afraid he is becoming his father.

We do much the same. We see dreams die around us daily, but for some reason we continue to exchange our NOW for Someday.

It’s as though we are cursed with a clock that will never be suitable for growing our purpose.

We resign ourselves to what might have been and continue to wait for the next NOW to become a Someday again.

Our purpose can change at different times of our life but to continue to defer a purpose often results in living in monotony, wondering if that truly is all there is.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard people say, “ I just wish I would have done this sooner,” when they talk about finding the purpose they were meant to live out.

Missing a chance to fulfill a purpose often sets up a pattern of delayed joy, peace and satisfaction. Life becomes a treadmill of more of the same and we realize we have shelved dreams, plans,goals and hopes for a someday that really never gets any closer.

Archie is right. Sometimes today is the only day. Your purpose is calling, but you may have turned a blind eye so many times that you can’t even discern what it is.

Have you been waiting on a someday that has no intention of arriving?

Are you stuck between excuses and a lack of direction about what you are really being called to accomplish?

Did you once want to “build it” but never did and now you hardly know how to put anything together again?

How different would life be if you could harness that purpose and “build it”, “grow it”,“share it”,“live it”?

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This post was first published on MEDIUM on September 19, 2017

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