Are you Really Ready to Yell, “Put Me In Coach”?

When you feel you’re ready, you are fired up and all you want is your turn at bat. The problem with the “Put me in Coach,” mentality is often we think we are ready when we are simply enthusiastic about our potential.

Enthusiasm is great but it won’t make you a success. Success comes from skill, mindset and the ability to be open minded and take direction. It also requires resilience, focus and commitment. Enthusiasm is an emotion. Success is a outcome.

I owned a business for over 20 years. It grew to a 6 figure business affording me the chance to do what I loved with the flexibility to raise a growing family.

Nine years ago I knew I wanted to coach others how to earn their living doing what they loved to do. I was ready to “play the game” but I realized that being successful in one business is no guarantee you will be as successful in another.

I also knew I wanted to have the most successful business I could, so I decided to work with a coach who could help me take my business to the next level.

At first my friends were shocked that after 20 plus years as a successful business owner, I would seek out a coach to help me grow a new business, but it made perfect sense to me.

It was like being really good at ice skating but wanting to become really good at playing the piano. Although there were similar aspects, I was going to be doing something quite different from my first business. Seeking expertise seemed logical to me.

Yes, I was so ready to have my chance at bat but I realized after a few sessions what I still didn’t know. Working with a coach helped me to learn to grow the coaching business effectively, expediently and efficiently.

I am forever indebted for everything I have learned and am a far better coach now than I would have been had I just walked up to the plate, hung out a shingle and believed my former business would create a halo effect for my new one.

Everytime you aspire to learn something new, you will be far more effective if you spend some time honing your skills with someone who has walked in your shoes.

Whether you are considering growing a business or a second stream of income working with a coach can really improve your chances of being successful.


1.How to Find Your Ideal Client

2. The Best Way to Market Your Products/Services

3. How to Set Your Fees and Package Your Offering

4. Learning What Not to Do as You Begin Your Business

5. Focusing on What Will Really Help You Grow Your Business

A good coach will keep you accountable, on task and committed to your goal.

A good coach will help you navigate the obstacles in your path and teach you strategies to help you move your business forward long after you are no longer working together.

If you have even thought of starting a business, I encourage you to work with someone who will help you become the best at what you do. The most successful people in all walks of life often work with coaches to develop the polish that sets them apart from everyone else.

A good coach can help you be extraordinary rather than ordinary and honestly, that is the game changer for a business owner.

Maybe you are ready to yell, “Put me in coach” but when you step up to bat are you sure you will hit the homerun you are dreaming about? Imagine how you will feel if you end up scoreless (making little or no money at your dream job) and are moved back to the farm team or traded (Ouch…maybe having to work as an employee forever to bring in your income!)

Someone once asked me why I thought every business owner should have a coach. I realized it was no different that why olympic athletes work with a coach, a great musician works with a virtuoso, people serious about becoming more fit get a trainer or even why apprentices are mentored by experienced workers in the trades.

Because, if you learn how to do what you want to do from someone who already has learned what you don’t even know you don’t know, you effect the outcome in your favor.


Yes, anyone can play the game, but not everyone can be a star.

You can decide to just participate or be in it for the victory.

What you end up doing makes all the difference on the scoreboard!

Before you are in the line-up, make sure you know your Game Plan!

Got an idea and think it might be time to make some money with it? Already a business owner but feeling like your business is not growing like it should? Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT and let’s see if you’re ready to play the game!

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Congratulations, You Have Just Won the Lottery!

Being a business coach, I experience a thrill with every success my clients achieve, Some of them are just trying to create a second income stream and it’s exciting to be able to add a few thousand dollars monthly to their purse.

Others are hoping to build a strong business in order to leave their current working position. When they realize they can replace their salary and walk away from a job they did not enjoy, as one client shared with me, ” I feel like I have just one the lottery!”

Regardless of what their income goals are, my goal is to help them achieve it. I want nothing more than to help them create the kind of income they crave.

I learned a long time ago, that millionaires are inherently made before they are financially made. I remember attending a workshop where the speaker asked if anyone would be willing to sell their limbs for a million dollars.

He didn’t have any takers. He also asked if anyone would be willing to give up a cherished relationship for a million bucks. Again, there were some murmurs but no takers.

Finally he asked if anyone would exchange their ability to talk, see or hear for a million dollars and although a person or two shot their hands up, they soon put it down when he continued, “…so if someone gives you a million dollars you have to be willing to never hear your loved one’s voice, or take part in any verbal communication or see the seasons again.”

That experience reminded me that no matter how much money we make, we can never have enough to replace our priceless senses, our most endearing relationships, our health, our security or our ability to talk, walk or think.

So what I meant by millionaires are inherently made before they are financially made means, if you don’t realize many things in your life as priceless, you will never really feel wealthy no matter how much money you make

Unless you see the intangibles and non-negotiables you have in your life as priceless, you will never really appreciate what you make financially. Our perception of wealth changes radically when we realize what our money could not replace.

Money is a commodity, but your eyesight, ability to talk, loving relationship with someone and good health is not. Our lives can change on a dime if a loved one is no longer in our lives, if our health deteriorates or if we lose our sight or any of our other senses.

Money buys freedom to make choices but it never buys guarantees.

A man who has millions in the bank is no more immune to a life threatening disease than a homeless man. Someone with a financially secure future has no guarantee they will live long enough to enjoy it.

While I love to watch the lifestyle clients change when they change how they earn their income, I also remind them what they have created helps them choose who they work with and when and how they work. It gives them freedom to have flexibility.

In early 2018, respondents to a census bureau poll indicated most people think true wealth is somewhere around $2.4 million or about 30 times what the average net worth of U.S. households were then.

If you make $10/hr, someone making $60/hr. seems to be far wealthier, but that is purely a perception. A million dollars is different when comparing it to $100, $1000 or a 5 million.

Good health, solid thriving relationships, and being at peace with oneself cannot be measured by dollars in a trust fund, a bank account or even in a wallet.

Most of us have already won a lottery without truly realizing it.
We may not have won it financially but if you live in the United States, you live in one of the most affluent countries in the world.

If you have a car to drive and a home to call your own, you are doing far better than a large portion of the globe. In 2011, Pew Research revealed that more than half of those classified as poor in the United States would actually be seen as middle class when compared with the rest of the world.

This doesn’t mean there are no struggles or setbacks, inequality or undesired circumstances. Being satisfied is also a perception. We are programmed to want more, better, faster and want it now.

There is nothing wrong with that. But, I think every entrepreneur must realize if they sacrifice something money could not buy to make more money, they hardly feel rich.

You may want to make more money to have more things, but I encourage my clients to make the money they need to have more freedom, have more options and be able to make more choices.

When they can do that, they realize they truly have become wealthy because they are not exchanging what they are invested in for what they invested.

Congratulations, if you realize what you have money can’t replace. You have just won the lottery! Now, if you’d like to match that kind of wealth with some money, let’s connect.

Schedule a Complimentary Consult. You’ll feel like you just won the lottery!

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How to Create Your Mic Drop Life

We all want to be remembered fondly or even with deep regards. Most people want to leave a legacy that others want to emulate or at least strive to pattern.

But, what makes some lives triumphant while others simply are here and then gone?

I think it is as much about who you are invested in as what you are invested in.

I think it is as much about being deep as being transparent and I think it also is a great deal about seeing yourself through another’s eyes.

Yes, we might think those with a Mic Drop life are the ones who are selfless, unassuming, and dedicated to helping other’s while changing the world. But, let’s face it, few people really feel called to model a life of Mother Theresa.

I know several people who have lived a Mic Drop life without question. Some didn’t necessarily choose it but accepted circumstances and rose above to live a life of great accomplishment.

For example, I know a woman who put her own career on hold when her stepson developed a very serious disease. She has spent decades carrying for this child-adult with patience, kindness and even joy. She changes his diapers, reads him stories, takes him out on various excursions. It wasn’t the life she planned but it became the life she accepted without reservation and she makes sure her stepson’s life is as fulfilled as it can be despite his circumstance.

Another family I know has survived a horrendous crime to become advocates for reform and support for others facing similar circumstances. They truly did create a message from their mess.

But, I also know people I admire who are simply living their best life by choice.

They are not necessarily volunteering 40 hours weekly, opening their home to strangers, demonstrating for civil rights or anonymously paying bills for those less fortunate.

NO! These are people who can be counted on to have your back or be there for you when needed. These are individuals who think about how to make life better for others simply by sending a sweet note in the mail, delivering a great meal when you are swamped with work or just kindly looking out for you because they genuinely care about the well being of friends and neighbors.

You can lead a Mic Drop life without much sacrifice by simply being the kind of person you admire. It’s simple things that make the difference. Mow your neighbor’s lawn while they are at work, pay for someone’s meal or fill a gas tank, rescue an animal, transport someone to treatment, even pray for someone’s circumstance.

A Mic Drop life simply means your life was well lived, well rounded and well played.

You don’t need to be rich, famous or sell all your possessions and join a missionary group. You don’t need to rally to every cause or volunteer for every noble circumstance. You just need to discern when YOU would be the best person to take action, however small it may be.

As a coach, I often tell clients that what makes a Mic Drop business is often the same as what makes a Mic Drop life: integrity, compassion, generosity and gratefulness.

Yes, there are companies everyone knows of that give millions to charity. There are companies that give some of their products away each time one is purchased. but I have recently had experience with two that demonstrate the difference between a Mic Drop company and just another business.

Several months ago, I purchased a rug from a well know online home product store. After three months, I noticed it was snagged in many places, and the threads were starting to unravel. Thinking it must be defective, I called the company. The person I spoke with indicated that I may have been using a vacuum that was too agressive for the carpet but immediately offered to replace it with a new one and told me the other was mine to do whatever I chose with as there was no need to return it!

Turns out, it most likely was the vacuum and not the carpet as switching vacuums seems to have abated the problem even with the first carpet. However, how delightful it was to get a brand new carpet without even paying shipping costs because the company thought I was valuable to keep as a customer. MIC-DROP!

Two weeks ago, an LED light component went out in my refrigerator. I have a home warranty company so I called them and before they would even send a service technician out when I explained the light was out, they immediately said. “Lights are not covered” and that was that. The refrigerator is less than 3 years old.

We contacted another service technician on our own and paid for his visit. He informed us that although the LED lights were out, the cause was a control panel that actually needed replacing. We talked to a supervisor at the home warranty company who assured us, they did indeed cover control panels.

However, when they sent a service technician out, we were told they would not cover the product. Again, another phone call, another supervisor and now the tune was they didn’t cover anything that had to do with lights. Home warranty has now been cancelled as this company was so far from a Mic Drop company they don’t even manage a 2-star rating online!

So, the tale of two companies. One with performance above expectations and another that could not even keep a commitment once they said they would.

Doesn’t take much to Mic Drop your life or your business.

The easiest thing to do is remember to treat others exactly like you want to be treated if you were in their shoes. Then all the rest will come easier and you will have lived a life and/or run a business like the best of them!

Give the best of you in all your circumstances. No one can ask for more.

Mic Drop!

Want to learn how to Mic Drop your business? Sign up for a Complimentary Call today.

This post was originally published on MEDIUM.

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Why You Suck at Living Your Purpose

Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash

Ever wonder why you suck at really living your purpose?

A great many people suck at living their purpose,so you are in good company.

There are many reasons living your purpose escapes you. Here are just a few reasons why you might spend your life pursuing something you view as elusive.

1. You Don’t Think You Are Worth a Unique Purpose (You spend your life second guessing your dream so instead of developing practical applications you develop intentional excuses.)

2. You Give Others Permission to Live Your Life (If you feel like your choices will “rock the boat”, you defer what you want and resign yourself to accepting what others want for you.)

3. You Fear if You Fail at Your Purpose You Won’t Get Another Chance (You set the bar to perfect but resign yourself to inertia rather than taking a chance and making a mistake)

4. You Are Overwhelmed by Your Own Ideas (You have convinced yourself your “Ah HAH moment should be “Oh No!”)

5. The Idea of Having a Unique Purpose Feels Selfish (Spending time cultivating your true purpose feels too indulgent and self serving)

6. You Have Allowed Life To Give You What It Wants Rather Than What You Need(It’s easier to just go with the flow than make waves, even if you are settling for a destination you really aren’t thrilled about achieving.)

The list goes on and on.

We suck at living our purpose because we think doing so is contradictory to what we are supposed to be doing.

We suck at living our purpose because we put self imposed constraints and parameters on how far and wide we allow ourselves to create ripples, especially if those ripples rock stable expectations.

We confuse purpose with the role we are currently in.We tell ourselves our purpose  is to be a good mother, father or friend and have trouble seeing beyond that.

We train ourselves to believe our purpose should arise from our life’s work.

Often we believe we only have a single purpose rather than realizing our purpose can change at different stages of our lives.

And the real tragedy is often we think our purpose is to change the world, when really it may be meant just to change us.

Purpose comes in many sizes and shapes. A purpose can affect a nation or a single person.Our purposes are not defined by one specific skill or talent as much as by a driven passion.

Having talked with many people who discovered their purpose,I know once you realize your purpose, you will never go back to a life that omits or minimizes it again.

Some people seach all their lives for a purpose right under their nose.

What about you? Are you committed to a purpose or still trying to run it down?

Did you have a purpose you let slip through your fingers or give up a purpose to appease someone?

Are you stifling your purpose because you imagine it would be monumental to really live it?

You can’t play a bigger game if you don’t know how the stakes and how to position yourself and you’ll never be able to win if you don’t even try to play.

Kathy Brunner is a coach for those looking to move from a day job to dream work. Sign up for a Complimentary Consult and see how she can help you earn your living doing what you love to do!

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Most people don’t have the luxury of spending money without much thought. The reality is that you probably ask yourself
“What does this cost?” several times daily.

Being frugal is smart, but being cheap can be brutal. We live in a society that sometimes has a strange perception about how we should spend or invest our money.

Few people would argue that self diagnosing and trying to treat a chronic disorder is wise. People seek medical help to target issues and find answers so they can address them efficiently and prevent further medical issues.

Divorce is messy. Going through a divorce can be both emotionally and financially draining. Without good legal guidance you can be left with a settlement that is detrimental to your entire future.

Ever have a car problem that stumped you? Maybe you asked around and tried a little of this and a little of that but it didn’t help. Finally you realize unless you take it to a trusted mechanic nothing is going to change.


Often we don’t seek assistance because we are really trying to save a few bucks. There is nothing wrong with that but frequently we waste more money trying to save some.


Imagine the the time and energy you would spend trying to settle your own divorce especially if you really have no legal background. Think of what it may cost in terms of safety and reliability trying a variety of interventions on your vehicle? I can’t even imagine having a serious illness and trying to improve without the knowledge or expertise of specialists who can guide my care.

Sure, it costs to have insurance, costs to have professional help and costs to have an expert help us make the right choices.


When you elect to go through a major event without assistance, you can suffer loses that can never be recovered.

Trying to wing something on your own because it is cheaper can cost you peace of mind, future earnings, your health, your stability and even your life.


There are times when choosing assistance is the best way to go.

Starting your own business is one of those times.

Sure, if you make soap and sell a few bars at craft fairs, you might be able to handle it without much help or if you tutor a few kids after school and have no desire to do more, you’re probably fine.

But, if you want to scale a business to replace your current income or make some significant side money, getting some expert advice and working with a professional who can help you is smart.

Businesses can be fickle. There is no guarantee that a great idea can become a booming business. Just because someone thinks you can make a fortune doesn’t mean you will. Often even the best efforts produce minimal returns.

Like any other life event, there needs to be someone working with you to help you maximize the best results you can achieve, to help you develop the right action plan to avoid obstacles that cause setbacks and regression. Getting smart assistance can prevent a crisis down the road.

That’s why you have to ask?


There is a true difference between spending money and investing money.

But investing does not always mean saving money. It can often mean saving time, saving errors, saving disappointments, frustration and panic.


If you are a business owner who is not seeing the results you want from your business maybe it’s time to INVEST WISELY.

If you are thinking of starting a side income but feel stuck in a hobby that is sucking you dry, it’s probably time to INVEST IN YOURSELF.

If you have been wanting to create more time and freedom from a career that doesn’t work for you anymore, you might need to stop running around in circles and INVEST FOR TRUE GROWTH.

Be a smart investor not a cost crusader

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The Best Advice You Didn’t Take

There seems to be no shortage of advice when you are undertaking a new adventure. Whether purchasing a car or getting married, everyone seems to have something to offer to persuade you one way or the other.

This is especially true if you have an idea and want to run with it. It seems even people who seldom offer an opinion, have one when it comes to your idea.

It’s often practical to hear someone out and get a feel for what others think but imagine how it would be if your son wanted to drop out of college and pursue building something in your garage (like Steve Jobs, maybe?)

How would you react if your husband who owns a car dealership wants to sell one car and give one away or your wife thinks she can change the world with a trinket? (Think Tom’s Shoes or Pencils of Promise)

We live in a culture that often deters, detracts and discourages innovation simply by saying words like;

“That doesn’t sound responsible.”

“ I don’t think you can earn a living doing that!”

“Don’t waste your time on something that is a long shot.”

“ Who’s going to buy that?”

Sometimes the words stop us before we even start. We really don’t know what would have happened to our idea because someone’s advice crushed it.

Advice is a two edge sword. Learned too late by some and given too early to others.

There was advice I am glad I never took as well as advice I took that I am sorry I did.

Here is what I learned from both.

  1. Make Mistakes That Make You Proud.

You are going to make many mistakes in your lifetime. Learn from them and turn your errors into efforts. Practice does make perfect. The art of practice comes via mistakes.

2) Success is Subjective.

Regardless of how much fame or fortune you have, you will be remembered and admired more for your integrity, keeping your promises and being transparent.

3) Potential and Opportunity Often Hang Out in Different Places.

Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to really expand your potential. Missing out on a chance to do that can cost you more than you know.

4) Be Indebted to People Rather Than Things

It’s not your degree, your money or even your talent that will make you exceptional. Invest in good people skills and learn from those who you admire, they will teach you far more than books or lectures.

5) Never Confuse Cocky with Confidence or Tasteless with Tactful.

Know the difference between standing up and protesting. Adhere to your values before you support something that only partially agrees with them.

6)Be Brave Enough to Know What You Want but Humble Enough To Tolerate What You Have Until You Earn It

Accepting where you are while working towards where you want to be is far wiser than permitting yourself a pity party everytime you don’t like a situation.

7) Take Yourself Seriously Enough to Have Others Take You Seriously

Mindset begins with you not in what everyone else thinks about you.

8) Live in the Moment but not for the Moment

Constantly putting something off to have something more is defeating. Enjoy the now for whatever it is. You will never get it back and the next moment will never be just the same.

9) A Narrow Mind Can’t See the Bigger Picture

Clarity comes from adjusting your focus. Be aware of both sides of the equation. Live life with perspective not with perception.

10) Get Fired Up Not Burned Out.

Disclaimer, okay this is a subtitle of one of my books, but what I have learned is that it is far wiser to get fired up about what matters than to burn out because of something that doesn’t. Learn what to give your attention to.

11. A Sense of Humor Never Grows Old

When every other sense will fail you, your sense of humor will serve you well.

Seeking advice is a discerning way to operate, but sometimes you have to know what advice NOT to take!

What’s the best advice you never took and what did you learn because of it?



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The Entrepreneur’s Halloween


It’s Halloween and let’s face it, if you wear a mask today, most likely nobody is going to call you out on it

We’ve all worn some masks, but I think it’s time to call a moratorium on using them as a permanent fixture

Entrepreneurs often wear masks without realizing they have them on.

When you are first beginning a new venture everything may feel “foreign” to you so you may initially put on the CONFIDENCE mask because you want to appear to be knowledgeable and capable. Yet, sometimes the best way to develop trusting relationships is to be honest and share what you DON’T know.

People don’t want a “know-it-all”. They want a sincere and honest individual to trust with their issues. They want someone who might have even experienced what they are now dealing with.

Another mask easily donned is the IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? mask. This mask changes what we really are into becoming what we think others want us to be. Maybe, this mask has you appearing to be the life of the party or the consummate extrovert when you are really a more introverted leader.

The problem with attempting to function with this mask on is that what we do is not natural or even enjoyable. We attempt to deliver a different persona because we think it’s what is expected. Wearing this mask causes constant stress.

Transparency builds trusting relationships. Don’t work hard trying to be something you don’t even want to be.

Most of us have slipped the I CAN HANDLE THIS mask on and sometimes much more often than we should. You might recognize this mask as one that attempts to cover up any overwhelming issues, nagging at your progress. Instead of seeking out help, asking for someone’s assistance or even admitting we can’t take on anymore, the mask says, “Everything is fine and there’s no problem, just carry-on.”

The best thing you can do for your business, your career or your life is to learn to delegate what you can’t handle alone and to ask for help when you need it.

HELP is not a dirty 4 letter word.

And finally there is the EXCUSE mask which we wear to conceal our real fear of change or moving out of our box. When we have this mask on, we can more easily blame our circumstances, our resources, even our friends and family for being the reasons we are stuck in a rut.

This mask is the one we turn to when we need an excuse for not simply pointing the finger back at ourselves, after all, it is easier to let others take responsibility for our condition, then we don’t have to expect more from ourselves.

Nothing will change until you take the excuse mask off and see what you need to do to turn things around. As long as you are wearing the excuse mask, everything remains status quo.

The problem with masks is not only do they cover up ourselves to others, but they are also limiting of own clarity and perception.

Maybe we can fool some people sometime with our mask, but we can never fool ourselves and that is a critical point to remember, especially when we fear ever taking our mask off. In the long run, we can’t wear our mask forever and the only truly genuine moments we know will occur after removing them.

We have little to fear from others when we realize the mask did little more than disguise what most people already knew.

What are you afraid of showing or telling someone? Pretending that you are someone else or that you really are what the mask personifies is great for a few hours but becomes an obstacle to getting on with your life if it turns into a permanent facade.

You can do something else and yet don’t necessarily need to become someone else. Think about that, especially if you’re trying to start a new venture.


Kathy Brunner is a business coach who helps people develop thriving businesses. Ready to take off your mask and start living the life you always dreamed? Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT today.

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Like Alice and the proverbial rabbit hole, it’s easy to get caught up in the How To Vortex.

Several weeks ago, I was coaching a client (she permitted me to share this info!!) when she shared that she hates to open her inbox.
Knowing a lack of response to clients can kill a business, I wondered why she was so reluctant to tackle her emails.

She then shared that she had over 2300 emails in her inbox, some from as far back as 2016!!

At first I was appalled that she had not responded to mail until I asked her what the problem was.

” I’m a serial signer-upper,” she shared. ” I see something that looks interesting or something I think can help my business and I sign up to get more info, take the course, listen to the podcast, whatever!”

She signs up but then gets distracted with something else and ends up ignoring the email, missing the podcast or bowing out of the course.

Like many people, she has become a victim of a culture and media constantly making us feel inadequate,desperately searching for the magic potion that will make us ALL BETTER!

Better at what? Often the only thing you learn when you sign up for something is  HOW TO BE A SERIAL SIGNER-UPPER.














. She had fofllowed through on a few of them but then fell behind and realized she had been sucked into the HOW TO vortex.

I think it’s great to take advantage of good content to learn new techniques and discover unique ways of doing something.

I’ve taught some HOW TO classes myself, so don’t get me wrong, I am not oppossed to acquiring new information this way. But honestly, over 63 emails just on HOW TO do something seems a bit of overkill.

I often find clients who try so hard to grow a business they become over zealous in trying to learn it all at once, and like this client, end up often with an inbox stuffed with what might have been excellent material but with little to no time to really access it.

Maybe that is you. Your heart is in the right place but you are already so far behind trying to learn everything you can, that your mind just becomes a huge dumping ground for information you really don’t have the time or energy totruly access.

STOP! There is a better way. Here’s my suggestion.

Set aside a topic each month that you want to learn more about.

ONLY PARTICIPATE in programs, seminars, activities, facebook groups etc. that dwell on that ONE particular topic.

If you want to become a better blogger, then go for it but don’t try and learn SEO, Affiliate Marketing, How to Get Speaking Gigs, How to use Snapchat and How to Bake the World’s Best Pineapple Upside Down Cake as well. ( Devote another month to the pineapple cake or whatever)

In a month, you should be able to set enough time aside daily/weekly to listen to some podcasts, take some online courses, participate in some group discussions and/or weed through some information to learn at least the basics.

Once you have learned the basics, you can decide whether you need to expand your knowledge or move on to another area.

Signing up for everything that comes along because you have some interest in it is lame and a useless foundation for much of anything.

It takes some devoted time to learn a specific skill, even if you have a knack for it.

Imagine if you chose your mechanic, dentist or financial planner based on how many online podcasts, webinars or social media groups they participated in.

What you really care about is how well they really know their field, their expertise, their business.

And they didn’t learn that signing up for a HOW TO course.

You can improve in many areas when you participate in some of these activities but you can’t improve in any if you are trying to learn them all at once.


Decide what you need to get more information about and then devote at minimum a month on JUST THAT AREA.

You’ll become more of an expert when you can concentrate on one topic whether it’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake or Building Your List.

In a Week, I am launching a new GROW WHAT YOU KNOW course.

SIX WEEKS, SELF PACED (learn now or later) focused on teaching you how to use your skills, talents or interests to GROW an INCOME STREAM.

YES, it is a HOW TO Course, but intensive enough to focus on ONE THING: HOW TO EARN MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO!


If You’re serious about making more income and perhaps even starting a business that can replace your job, this is the ONE course you should focus on.

I’ve taught people who never dreamed they could earn an income doing what they love to do to be successful entrepreneurs.

What are you REALLY trying to learn to be better at?

Stop being a serial signer-upper and start committing to that ONE THING that matters.

GROW WHAT YOU KNOW...TheLast How To Course You Will Ever Need if You Want to Grow a Business


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Living The Dream or Dying Trying?

Are you living the dream or killing yourself trying to?

Recent studies have reported that over half of America’s  single homeless are over age 50!

In March 2018, Bankrate reported that 65% of Americans save NOTHING and are living paycheck to paycheck and many studies reveal that less than 40% of the population have saved enough to even retire at 70!.

Sorry to have burst your bubble if you were hoping this was going to be a light piece about your best days being in front of you!

Truslow Adams in 1931, defined the Great American Dream as, “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.

But for many, the dream has become a nightmare.

While American ranks among the richest countries in the world, skyrocketing costs for healthcare, housing, education and transportation suck many Americans dry.

As one of my clients shared with me, ” When I was 42, I thought, in 20 years I will have a great nest egg saved.”

But a health setback, financial crisis due to a long layoff and rising costs to educate her two daughters have left her with less than half of what she was hoping to retire on in just 5 years.

It is possible to cut out expenses and downsize but for many, the reality is that their savings still won’t be that exceptional in the long run unless they really live much more meagerly than planned.

It is a dilemma.

Thirty somethings are trying to save a down payment for a house while paying off huge college debt and still trying to eke something out for retirement

Sixty somethings are trying to recoup from a market crash, wage discrimination and often still paying down their own refinanced debt.

That stress is significant when you read the statistics I just shared, but there is another way to guarantee income.


Seriously, Most people have skills, passions, interests and insights that could be earning them income but they are so busy working they never think about how to earn income when they are not.

I work with all types of people looking to increase their income.

Some want to remain employed full time and just grow some side income.

Some want their business to replace their job and become their sole avenue for earning money.

Some just want to be able to pay off significant debt.

Some honestly just want to see if they can really make money doing what they enjoy doing anyway!

The reasons someone becomes an entrepreneur are  varied but one factor remains.

One of my clients was 61 when she began her little side business making homemade jams, jellies and ice cream toppings. Nine years later she is making more money than when she retired at 58, fulfilling orders for specialty gift baskets across the country. Now 70, she could stop anytime she wants to but as she told me, “Why would I? I’m going to do this anyway and it gives me something to do with my time until my grandchildren visit!”

It’s a win/win for her!

You can NEVER be too old to earn more money!!

Many entrepreneurs can earn residual income without really investing much. Yes, there is a strategy regarding how to get your business to the level that it really makes money for you, but learn that strategy and you can keep yourself from having that nightmare over and over.

Most people don’t know how to grow their talents and passions into revenue generating vehicles.

They have an idea but really don’t know the fastest and most strategic way to position it for ongoing growth.

They talk a good talk and think a good dream but they get stuck on  delivering their product or service in a way that will generate  the kind of income they dream about.

That’s why I created GROW WHAT YOU KNOW.  It’s a course for people who either are trying to generate income now as well as for those who want a plan in place for when they need more income later.

GROW WHAT YOU KNOW can keep you from becoming a statistic. Start in your 20’s or in your 60’s, either way you can set the rest of your life on a path of better stability.

Maybe it is impossible to save for retirement much less a rainy day from what you are earning at your job, but it won’t be if you are earning that extra income doing what you love to do.

I can show you how to start earning income so you can retire some of your debts, stash away some extra cash and/or leave your current work situation before this year’s end.


It’s a choice. Keep on hoping your rainy day won’t arrive or invest in an umbrella and be prepared. Everyone thinks, ” It’s just rain until they have been soaked to the bone, get pneumonia and die”

GROW WHAT YOU KNOW...Living the Dream.

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Conversations Between the Experienced and the Newer Entrepreneur


You’ve heard of writing a letter to your younger self, what about hearing a conversation between a younger and older entrepreneur.

Many who have growing businesses have  a different perspective than they did when they were first launching their business.

I think it may go something like this: For an easier read, let’s just call the more Seasoned Entrepreneur the S.E. and the newbie the N.E.


N. E. “This has got to be the best idea ever, but what if it isn’t?”

S.E. ” It doesn’t have to be the best idea, it has to be the right idea at the right time, and if it isn’t, you’ll know!”

N.E.  “There’s so much to learn and all I want to do is just get this business to make money!”

S.E. “That’s the purpose of having a business, but if you learn the essentials well enough, you will make more money.”

N.E. “I’m so overwhelmed, I can’t even decide what is essential.”

S.E. ” I felt the same way. I thought I would just take it one step at a time, but there were so many steps it was hard to know in what order to do them.”

N.E. ” I’ve read a  ton of books, listened to a million podcasts and am so pumped being an entrepreneur.”

S.E. ” I did much the same. The feeling is great except there are always those areas the books and podcasts don’t seem to cover?”

N.E. ” Well, I am pretty sure I left no stone unturned. I learned how to market, advertise, connect with my customers, set competitive prices, make my product stand out in a crowd.”

S.E. “So how are things going? Making the money you hoped to? Still excited about your decision to make this your full time job?”

N.E. “Well, there is nothing I want more to do.”

S.E. “Commitment is critical but you didn’t answer my questions.”

N.E.  “Well, things are going a bit slower than I was hoping. I thought I would have customers waiting in line. Everybody I talked to seemed so excited about what I had to offer. I probably just need to give it more time.”

S.E. “Customers are attracted by value not prices and they most definitely will never be waiting in line. There is a lot of competition and giving it more time will hardly guarantee success.”

N.E. ” But, I did everything I was told to do. I should be rockin’ this!”

S.E. ” Doing everything you were told to do is admirable, but what if you weren’t told the most important things? Do you know why customers are hesitant to purchase, or what to do when they can’t make a decision? What about when to make changes to your product or services or if  you should offer a specific service or a package? Do you know why your customers are not choosing what you have or how to make them loyal to your brand?”

N.E. ” I thought I did!”

S.E. “It’s easy to feel like you have a handle on it only to discover you’re working really hard and not getting the benefit you deserve.”

N.E. ” I put so much time and energy into my business. I just need someone to buy my stuff!!”

S.E. “You will be. You just need the right kind of direction, support and strategies.”

N.E. ” More podcasts, books and conferences? ”

S.E. ” Nope, I found something that works much better, quicker and more effectively…Get a coach!”

N.E. “Why would a coach make a difference? I need to make money not spend more!”

S.E. “Precisely!  A coach adds a personal element into your training. A good coach knows how to create a good path to success from all those confusing steps and although you might be a marketing ninja, if you’re not getting enough customers, your marketing is not working. A good coach can offer a insights into what specific marketing techniques and strategies will work for your particular business.

N.E. “Getting a coach to help my business sounds lame. I’m a smart person. I should be able to do this by myself. It’s not rocket science!”

S.E. “No, It’s business science and you should find someone who has the skills, experience and talent to help you learn the same.”

N.E. “Why, What difference will it really make?”

S.E. “Well, everyone who wants to be at the top of the game, learns from the experts; athletes have coaches, creatives have coaches, even coaches have coaches.

N.E. “Makes sense!”

S.E. “And will make you money!”


I have run a business without having a coach and run one with the help of a coach. Comparing the two is like running a marathon without much training and running one after working with a team of dedicated experts.

You might get to the finish line either way, but certainly the team of experts will help you reach your goals faster, more efficiently and with better rewards,

Take it from a coach who learned from a coach…There’s a big difference.

So, if you are a Y.E. whose business is not really growing or even a S. E. who is not satisfied with how your business is growing, Let’s chat.

Schedule your 45 minute COMPLIMENTARY CALL .

Your business can be AVERAGE or your business can be EXCEPTIONAL. One call can make that difference.


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