From DAY JOB to DREAM JOB in 100 Days


                                  BE YOUR OWN BO$$

                       Day Job to Dream Job in 100 days!
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                     I’ve created not ONE but TWO 6+ Figure Businesses

                     Going from Day Job to Dream Job is My Speciality

 Being Your Own Bo$$ =  Financial Freedom, Freedom to Create Your Own Schedule, Work from the Place You Want to Work From and Work With the People You Want to Work With.

 Here’s what you’ll learn during the BE YOUR OWN BO$$ 100 Day Program

  •  How to Determine if You Have a Lucrative Idea or Passion
  • How to Start WHERE you are, even if You are No Where Near Where You Want To Be!
  • How to Identify Your Specific Obstacles (How You Trap Yourself from Being Successful) 
  •  How to Unleash Your Big Dream and tap the Potential You Don’t Even Know You Have!
  •  How to Minimize The Biggest Anxieties New Business Owner’s Have
  •  How to Build Your Audience (starting with a solid foundation for success)
  • How To Get Others to Realize the Expert in You!
  • The Three “D” approach to earning income (the step by step plan to creating a second income…The Program is worth this little gem alone!)
  • Time Management (how to start a business when you already have a JOB!)
  • How to Get Ones Who Matter on Board (unconditional support from your spouse, family and loved ones.)
  • How to Locate Your Ideal Client and Define Your Niche Market
  • How to Create “On-Line” Products for Profit (Even if you are a service provider)
  • Creating a Referral Funnel
  • Tool Box for Success:10 How-To’s  Every Entrepreneur Should Know (from how to write a press release, how to reach people out of your league to how to get free PR, and much much more)
  • How to Grow Your List (list building strategies that really work)
  • The VFO You Must Have
  •  Smarter Killer Marketing ( Marketing in Your Sleep)
  • How to Create Services/Products People Really Want
  • How to Get Past the Objections People Have about Purchasing From You
  • Selling Without Yelling (Talking about money in a way people want to hear it)
  • How to Set Up the Systems that Make Your Business Rock
  • How to Brand Your Business for Top of Mind Recognition
  •  The Why of Accountability Circles
  •  How to Price Your Products
  • How to Sustain Long Term Growth and Success (what makes a business last)

You will receive a combination of weekly modules, audio and/or video presentations and worksheets and by the end of 100 days you will have created the steps to  Be Your Own Bo$$ (B.Y.O.B) and a business ready to go!!

You Will Also Receive:




It would take you two semesters in business school and you still would not know the essentials you will  learn in this program And the materials are yours to go back and review as much as you like

Whether you are a stuck in a job you hate, between jobs, or already a business owner, this program will take your DREAMS to the next level and help you create a plan that will change how you earn your living forever!

I have helped many others leave their DAY JOB and start earning income doing WHAT THEY REALLY WANT TO DO and I will be there for YOU TOO!

I don’t let my clients fail. THEIR SUCCESS is MY GOAL!

Yes, You can keep waiting for SOMEDAY, hoping for the PERFECT TIME or wishing for a DIFFERENT CAREER or you can START today to go from DAY JOB to DREAM JOB and BE YOUR OWN BO$$ in 100 DAYS

The value of this program is over $1900.00


Still not convince this is THE PROGRAM for finally creating the Business You’ve Always Dreamed of?


money back guarantee

If you don’t believe you have learned valuable skills to help you start a successful business by the end of 30 days, your money will be refunded…NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I do ask that you commit to doing the work,  (watch the videos, listen to the audios and seminars, complete the activities however before you determine B.Y.O.B is not working for you).


So Let’s Get You Started on Being Your Own Bo$$   BUY NOW!


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