The most amazing woman I know is a 41 year old mom of three who works everyday just to help her family pay the bills and get ahead. She is a loyal wife, a giving mother and asks little for herself except maybe a chance to put her feet up at the end of the day.

The most amazing woman I know is a young single mom who has sacrificed her own opportunities to take responsibility for the children she has. She may have missed out on her college degree, her own social opportunities and enjoying a carefree life, but she wants her child to have a better life and works to make that so.playing with kidsThe most amazing woman I know is a divorced mom with one almost in college, one in puberty and one who still needs tucked in at night. She has weathered most events in her family from colicky babies to downsizing the home she once had before the person who promised her he would be her knight in shining armor forever, thought cheating was something all men did. She may not know when the next alimony check is coming or if her ex will really show up for his son’s important father/son day, but she knows she has to be the rock her children depend on and that is all that matters to her.
getting chemo The most important woman I know is juggling motherhood with a side of chemotherapy.She never knows how she might feel in the next  week or next month, but she just wants to get this disease abated and be whole again. She is trying hard to make life feel normal  for everyone else while the world is crumbling for her. She might not earn a purple heart but she is a true warrior nonetheless.


The most amazing woman I know is spending her final years in a nursing home. Few people there know about her 40 year corporate career, her extended travels or her wonderful life with her husband before he passed many years back. Her family is scattered across the country and visit sporadically. She will spend this Mother’s Day with the other residents but feeling very much alone and waiting to be called home.

I love you Grandma

I love you Grandma (Photo credit: J. Star)


The most amazing woman I know tucks two small little ones in every night and waits for the calls that come via SKYPE from her soldier husband. She hasn’t seen him for months and worries night and day if she ever will see him again. She has learned how to fix a leaky faucet, change her tires and even repair the lawn mower because she is stretching every dollar he sends home so they can buy their dream house when his tour is over.091228-A-3108M-001You know some or all of these woman too, don’t you? Mother’s Day isn’t just about mothers, it’s about anyone who helps nuture another human being.  When I meet some women, I often wondered how they still manage to smile, keep their chin up and move on. I wonder how they could take a situation which might be truly unbearable for many people and simply roll with the punches. I am often humbled by their insight, perspective and willingness to help someone they believe is even less fortunate than they are.

This Mother’s Day, don’t just honor your mother, but honor all the mothers who fade into the background and get up every day and do whatever it takes to get through the day.

Maybe pay in forward this Mother’s Day. If you have had a great mom, or even if you wish you could have had a better relationship with her, grab a gift card or some flowers, a restaurant certificate or a gas card and look around…Who are some of the most amazing women you see? Then hand her the certificate or card and tell her “thank-you” because nothing means more to an amazing woman than realizing someone else thinks she is worth it.

To all my wonderful woman friends, colleagues and clients…YOU ROCK, LADIES!

Who is the most amazing woman you know?


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